The Walking Dead
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Season 1
Ep 1 - Days Gone Bye Toggle seen
Rick searches for his family after emerging from a coma into a world terrorized by the walking dead. Morgan and Duane, whom he meets along the way, help teach Rick the new rules for survival.
Ep 2 - Guts Toggle seen
Rick unknowingly causes a group of survivors to be trapped by walkers. The group dynamic devolves from accusations to violence, as Rick must confront an enemy far more dangerous than the undead.
Ep 3 - Tell It to the Frogs Toggle seen
After returning to the camp with the department store survivors and an emotional reunion with his wife and son, Rick decides to go against Shane's advice and go back to Atlanta for Merle Dixon and his dropped bag of guns accompanied by Merle's younger brother, Darryl Dixon, as well as Glenn and T-Dog.
Ep 4 - Vatos Toggle seen
While still in search of Merle, the group tries to retrieve the bag of guns but are attacked by several living men who are also after the weapons. The group manages to grab the injured attacker; however, several of the attackers escape and take Glenn hostage. Back at camp a large group of walkers venture up the hill and take the survivors by surprise.
Ep 5 - Wildfire Toggle seen
Rick leads the group to the CDC after the attack on the camp. Jim must make a terrible life and death decision.
Ep 6 - TS-19 Toggle seen
Rick and the group are allowed into the CDC by a strange doctor, but all is not what it seems in their newfound haven.
Season 2
Ep 1 - What Lies Ahead Toggle seen
Rick and the group leave Atlanta and encounter a threat on the highway the likes of which they've never seen. Elsewhere, the group search for a missing person.
Ep 2 - Bloodletting Toggle seen
Rick discovers a possible safe haven. Shane must go on a dangerous mission to get needed medical supplies.
Ep 3 - Save the Last One Toggle seen
The group desperately awaits Shane's return. Shane finds himself trapped in a school, surrounded by the undead. Daryl and Andrea search for someone in the woods.
Ep 4 - Cherokee Rose Toggle seen
Shane makes a deadly sacrifice which leads to unusual behavior and self-distancing. The rest of the group tries to hang on somewhere between living to die and dying to live.
Ep 5 - Chupacabra Toggle seen
Concerned for their safety, the group makes a plan – one that Hershel disagrees with adamantly. He makes it clear the group is fine to stay for now, but not indefinitely.
Ep 6 - Secrets Toggle seen
Secrets are told and secrets are revealed. Hershel refuses to acknowledge the world’s new reality. Andrea comes out of her shell. Everyone is becoming more and more aware that “everything is food for something.”
Ep 7 - Pretty Much Dead Already Toggle seen
Hershel sets a deadline. All secrets are out in the open. Glenn stands up for himself and Shane takes charge.
Ep 8 - Nebraska Toggle seen
Rick and the others try to restore order in the aftermath of a terrible discovery. Hershel takes up an old habit and disappears, Rick and Glenn must follow him into town.
Ep 9 - Triggerfinger Toggle seen
Rick, Hershel and Glen are trapped and fight to survive; Shane finds Lori in danger.
Ep 10 - 18 Miles Out Toggle seen
Rick and Shane are in conflict over the fate of an outsider; Andrea helps Hershel's daughter face a crucial decision.
Ep 11 - Judge, Jury, Executioner Toggle seen
Rick sides with Shane causing Dale to worry that the group is losing its humanity; Carl's actions have unintended consequences.
Ep 12 - Better Angels Toggle seen
Someone dangerous may be loose near the farm; Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn keep the group safe.
Ep 13 - Beside the Dying Fire Toggle seen
Rick and Carl find the farm in jeopardy; the group is split up in the chaos; Rick's leadership is questioned.
Season 3
Ep 1 - Seed Toggle seen
As the world grows more dangerous and Lori's pregnancy advances, Rick locates a potentially safe haven.
Ep 2 - Sick Toggle seen
A life hangs in the balance; the group deals with a threat to their new surroundings.
Ep 3 - Walk with Me Toggle seen
After witnessing an accident, Andrea and Michonne are introduced to a new community of survivors. As conflicts arise with their new acquaintances, a decision must be made.
Ep 4 - Killer Within Toggle seen
The group is severed, placing lives in jeopardy. Merle has a request for the Governor. Meanwhile the prison doesn't seem to be a place as secure as they thought.
Ep 5 - Say the Word Toggle seen
Rick struggles after another loss. Michonne is suspicious of the Governor.
Ep 6 - Hounded Toggle seen
Michonne makes a decision about Woodbury; Glenn and Maggie go on a run; Rick struggles.
Ep 7 - When the Dead Come Knocking Toggle seen
The Governor presses for information. A new guest arrives at the prison, forcing Rick's hand.
Ep 8 - Made to Suffer Toggle seen
Andrea steps up when the people of Woodbury are thrown into uncharted territory. A new threat arises at the prison.
Ep 9 - The Suicide King Toggle seen
After the invasion of Woodbury by Rick’s group, Daryl and Merle are captured by The Governor. Rick decides the fate of Tyreese’s group.
Ep 10 - Home Toggle seen
As the group debates their next course of action, Rick wanders after a lost friend. After helping another group of survivors flee a group of walkers, Daryl and Merle begin to have second thoughts about leaving the prison. The Governor cedes leadership of Woodbury to Andrea and makes plans to punish those responsible for the chaos.
Ep 11 - I Ain't a Judas Toggle seen
Rick and the group are forced to make a decision now that their safety is no longer guaranteed. Andrea feels uncomfortable now that Woodbury has become a police state.
Ep 12 - Clear Toggle seen
Since they are outgunned against the Governor's forces, Rick undertakes a mission to get more weapons.
Ep 13 - Arrow on the Doorpost Toggle seen
Rick and the Governor contemplate a peace treaty.
Ep 14 - Prey Toggle seen
The Governor chases a fleeing dissenter; while the Governor is gone, a traitor tries to sabotage his plans.
Ep 15 - This Sorrowful Life Toggle seen
Rick and the group are faced with a serious problem. If they want a truce with the Governor, they will have to make a huge sacrifice.
Ep 16 - Welcome to the Tombs Toggle seen
Rick and the others consider the defense of the prison as the Governor's impending attack looms.
Season 4
Ep 1 - 30 Days Without an Accident Toggle seen
Rick and the group are as close to an ideal life as possible at the prison. Will they be able to hold on to humanity in the face of a new evil?
Ep 2 - Infected Toggle seen
As the group faces a brand new enemy, Rick and the others must fight to protect the livelihood they worked so hard to create at the prison.
Ep 3 - Isolation Toggle seen
As one group leaves the prison in search for supplies at a local college, those who stay must deal with recent losses while preserving what remains.
Ep 4 - Indifference Toggle seen
While on a supplies mission to a local college, members of the group run into multiple hurdles. Things at the prison are getting worse.
Ep 5 - Internment Toggle seen
Multiple enemies put pressure on Rick and the group. Could this finally be the breaking point for the survivors and the prison?
Ep 6 - Live Bait Toggle seen
A familiar face returns as each member of the group struggles to find his or her humanity in a world of constant threats.
Ep 7 - Dead Weight Toggle seen
A new and scary chapter is unfolding at a camp outside the prison. Will peace be attainable with the addition of new members?
Ep 8 - Too Far Gone Toggle seen
Just when everything started to calm down at the prison, Rick and his group now face imminent danger and destruction. This time, they might not win.
Ep 9 - After Toggle seen
As Rick deals with old wounds, members of the prison have to come to terms with their new environment and ask themselves if survival alone is enough.
Ep 10 - Inmates Toggle seen
The group encounters many obstacles in their quest to find stability and safety, but sometimes all they have to guide them is hope.
Ep 11 - Claimed Toggle seen
Just when Rick thinks he's going to be able to relax, he's faced with multiple immediate threats. Other members of the group deal with their past.
Ep 12 - Still Toggle seen
Faced with the day-to-day survival of life outside shelter, a simple request by someone in the group leads to a bizarre but enlightening mission.
Ep 13 - Alone Toggle seen
As one group finds what may be an ideal shelter, another group comes to realize that the best protection comes from those around them.
Ep 14 - The Grove Toggle seen
After finding an idyllic place to establish a new shelter, the group starts to question whether it is possible to go back to the way things were.
Ep 15 - Us Toggle seen
However brutal some survivors believe they must be to stay alive, we get to see that faith can sometimes be the strongest survival tool.
Ep 16 - A Toggle seen
Many paths collide. Rick faces sheer brutality. The group struggles to survive.
Season 5
Ep 1 - No Sanctuary Toggle seen
We learn the true motives of the Terminans as Rick and the group find themselves in a vulnerable situation.
Ep 2 - Strangers Toggle seen
Rick leads a risky mission for a possible small reward when the supplies run low.
Ep 3 - Four Walls and a Roof Toggle seen
Rick and the others find themselves pitted against a group of nasty people.
Ep 4 - Slabtown Toggle seen
Beth awakes in a hospital in the middle of Atlanta controlled by what's left of the police force. Now she must find a way out while being harassed by both the officer in charge, Dawn Lerner, and one of her deputies.
Ep 5 - Self Help Toggle seen
A new set of issues confront the group while on a mission.
Ep 6 - Consumed Toggle seen
Stakes are high when members of the group must go on a rescue mission in a familiar location.
Ep 7 - Crossed Toggle seen
Some members hold down the church while the others are on a rescue mission.
Ep 8 - Coda Toggle seen
Rick wants to find a peaceful agreement, but the enemies seem to prefer a more violent resolution.
Ep 9 - What Happened and What's Going On Toggle seen
After all the recent trials the group has faced, a slight detour might prove to be the solution they've been looking for.
Ep 10 - Them Toggle seen
The group feels beaten after living life on the road, but must continue to trudge along in spite of the changes they have incurred.
Ep 11 - The Distance Toggle seen
After withstanding a spectacular storm, Rick and the others meet what appears to be a friendly person, but find themselves mistrustful.
Ep 12 - Remember Toggle seen
The group has a difficult time molding to a new lifestyle, forcing them to consider whether they can be the people they once were.
Ep 13 - Forget Toggle seen
As Rick and the others continue to acclimate to their new surroundings, they consider a return to normalcy.
Ep 14 - Spend Toggle seen
While trying to secure a new home, Rick and his group face challenges, and question the utopia they find themselves in.
Ep 15 - Try Toggle seen
When life within the walls begins to mimic life outside, the group realizes that sheltered life may not be possible.
Ep 16 - Conquer Toggle seen
Daryl finds trouble while on a run; Rick and the group feel like outsiders in Alexandria, where trouble approaches the gates.
Season 6
Ep 1 - First Time Again Toggle seen
Rick and the group continue to have trouble assimilating into Alexandria. Multiple threats lead the community to adopt a mindset of hardness, while Rick's group must take a step back from the violence they've come to embrace.
Ep 2 - JSS - Just Survive Somehow Toggle seen
When it appears that things are starting to normalize in the settlement, a new problem arises for the Alexandrians.
Ep 3 - Thank You Toggle seen
A return home doesn't go as expected.
Ep 4 - Here's Not Here Toggle seen
A new face appears; trust issues form.
Ep 5 - Now Toggle seen
Following a number of setbacks, the mood in Alexandria grows grim for the sheltered citizens.
Ep 6 - Always Accountable Toggle seen
Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha encounter many obstacles and a new threat while trying to return to Alexandria.
Ep 7 - Heads Up Toggle seen
Alexandria is finally able to begin pulling itself back together; peace is embraced between the two groups.
Ep 8 - Start to Finish Toggle seen
After a few moments of peace, trouble finds its way to Alexandria again with a threat that may be too big to defeat.
Ep 9 - No Way Out Toggle seen
While trying to escape Alexandria, Rick and his group meet trouble when sudden noise draws walkers towards them with what could be fatal consequences.
Ep 10 - The Next World Toggle seen
A simple scavenging run proves to be more tricky, when the survivors are not the only ones after a goldmine of supplies.
Ep 11 - Knots Untie Toggle seen
After Rick comes to the realization that Alexandria might not be as safe as he thought, decisions must be made about where to go from here.
Ep 12 - Not Tomorrow Yet Toggle seen
Rick and the group realize the only way to maintain the peace of Alexandria is to fight a new enemy. However, this time, the group might be outmatched.
Ep 13 - The Same Boat Toggle seen
After experiencing a minor success, there is a whole new set of issues when members of the group are taken and held hostage.
Ep 14 - Twice as Far Toggle seen
Two separate groups leave Alexandria for supplies, and while both worry over the future of the community, they will face immediate danger.
Ep 15 - East Toggle seen
Alexandria is alerted after realizing someone is missing. Several search parties will venture out, but what they find isn't what they're hoping for.
Ep 16 - Last Day on Earth Toggle seen
To save one of their own, Rick's group must venture outside the walls. Their experience there will change their lives forever.
Season 7
Ep 1 - The Day Will Come When You Won't Be Toggle seen
Having been brutally overpowered by Negan and his Saviors, Rick and the group kneel helplessly as they suffer heavy losses that will haunt them forever.
Ep 2 - The Well Toggle seen
For a number of familiar faces, a new, well-established community seems too good to be true.
Ep 3 - The Cell Toggle seen
A new group of survivors seem to have it all in their impressive community; however, there is a price.
Ep 4 - Service Toggle seen
The remaining members of the group try to keep it together in Alexandria; they receive a sobering visit.
Ep 5 - Go Getters Toggle seen
Saddled with grief and surrounded by enemies, members of the group try to find safety at the Hilltop before it's too late.
Ep 6 - Swear Toggle seen
Someone stumbles upon a new society unlike anything seen before.
Ep 7 - Sing Me a Song Toggle seen
A deeper look at the Sanctuary and the world of the Saviors; members of Alexandria look for supplies.
Ep 8 - Hearts Still Beating Toggle seen
Negan's unwelcome visit to Alexandria continues as other members scavenge for supplies; things quickly spin out of control.
Ep 9 - Rock in the Road Toggle seen
Rick and the group are led to a new community where they are introduced to its inhabitants and ruler. A familiar face resurfaces.
Ep 10 - New Best Friends Toggle seen
While searching for a missing Alexandrian, Rick and his group encounter a mysterious collective, its inhabitants unlike any they have come across.
Ep 11 - Hostiles and Calamities Toggle seen
An Alexandrian discovers they must navigate the mysterious, confusing and terrifying world within the Saviors' compound.
Ep 12 - Say Yes Toggle seen
The group scavenges for supplies. Back in Alexandria, someone must make a morally challenging decision.
Ep 13 - Bury Me Here Toggle seen
Things do not go as planned when a group of Kingdommers delivers goods to the Saviors during a routine supply drop-off.
Ep 14 - The Other Side Toggle seen
The Saviors visit the Hilltop unexpectedly, surprising everyone with plans of taking more than supplies.
Ep 15 - Something They Need Toggle seen
A group of Alexandrians embarks on a journey to a distant community and one member of the group must make a heartbreaking decision.
Ep 16 - The First Day of the Rest of Your Life Toggle seen
In the season finale, the stakes keep mounting higher and higher as different stories from the season clash while the group enacts an intricate plan.
Season 8
Ep 1 - Mercy Toggle seen
Rick's group, along with the Kingdom and Hilltop, band together to bring the fight to Negan and the Saviors.
Ep 2 - The Damned Toggle seen
The plan involving Alexandrians, Kingdommers and Hilltoppers unfolds; as Rick continues to fight, he encounters a familiar face.
Ep 3 - Monsters Toggle seen
Conflict with the Saviors leads to unintended consequences for the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Alexandria. Morality proves tricky in wartime.
Ep 4 - Some Guy Toggle seen
A new weapon in the Savior arsenal proves to be a giant hurdle as fighting continues between Rick's forces and those of the Saviors.
Ep 5 - The Big Scary U Toggle seen
With war raging all around him, we get a close look at Negan and the lives of the Saviors during the conflict through a familiar set of eyes.
Ep 6 - The King, The Widow and Rick Toggle seen
With things looking up for Rick and the group, an argument breaks out at the Hilltop, where the consequences of the decision are life versus death.
Ep 7 - Time for After Toggle seen
Negan has to enlist the help of his lieutenants in solving a huge issue facing the Sanctuary; Rick and the group continue to enact the plan.
Ep 8 - How It's Gotta Be Toggle seen
Every story and battle from the first half of the season comes crashing together in this action-packed, emotional mid-season finale.
Ep 9 - Honor Toggle seen
Rick faces new difficulties after a battle. Meanwhile, the fight continues in other communities as core members face hard decisions.
Ep 10 - The Lost and the Plunderers Toggle seen
Groups unite their forces and converge on the Hilltop; Aaron and Enid search for allies; Simon takes matters into his own hands.
Ep 11 - Dead or Alive Or Toggle seen
Daryl finds himself in bad company as his group heads to the Hilltop; Maggie makes difficult decisions at the Hilltop; Gabriel's faith becomes tested.
Ep 12 - The Key Toggle seen
Hilltop's leadership faces a difficult dilemma after the arrival of unexpected visitors; Rick comes face to face with an adversary.
Ep 13 - Do Not Send Us Astray Toggle seen
Trouble arises when unexpected visitors arrive at the Hilltop and the community is thrust into action; heartbreaking discoveries are made.
Ep 14 - Still Gotta Mean Something Toggle seen
A Heaps prisoner makes a discovery; Carol searches for someone in the nearby forest; Rick and Morgan find themselves in the company of strangers.
Ep 15 - Worth Toggle seen
With the threat of the Saviors still looming, Aaron continues searching for allies; Daryl and Rosita take action and confront an old friend.
Ep 16 - Wrath Toggle seen
The communities join forces in the last stand against the Saviors as all-out war unfolds.
Ep 17 - Toggle seen
Season 9
Ep 1 - A New Beginning Toggle seen
Rick and his group make a risky run into Washington, D.C. to search for artifacts they will need to build the civilization he and Carl envisioned.
Ep 2 - The Bridge Toggle seen
The communities join forces to restore a bridge that will facilitate communication and trade; someone is gravely injured at the construction site.
Ep 3 - Warning Signs Toggle seen
A mysterious disappearance from the work camp threatens Rick's vision for the future.
Ep 4 - The Obliged Toggle seen
Rick's vision of a civilized future is threatened by a sudden reckoning with past sins that remain unavenged and unforgiven.
Ep 5 - What Comes After Toggle seen
Rick is forced to face the past as he struggles to maintain the safety of the communities and protect the future he and Carl envisioned.
Ep 6 - Who Are You Now? Toggle seen
The Survivors encounter unfamiliar faces outside the safety of their community's walls and must decide whether or not this new group can be trusted.
Ep 7 - Stradivarius Toggle seen
Carol seeks out an old friend living alone in a wilderness teeming with walkers; survivors make the perilous trek to a new home.
Ep 8 - Evolution Toggle seen
A small rescue mission braves a dangerous herd in their hunt for a missing comrade, only to discover a surprising threat that could doom them all.
Ep 9 - Adaptation Toggle seen
The group unmasks a disturbing and dangerous new threat. An escaped captive revisits his past.
Ep 10 - Omega Toggle seen
A new arrival at the Hilltop opens up about the leader of a group of mask-wearing savages. A search party sets out on a daring mission to find two missing friends.
Ep 11 - Bounty Toggle seen
The savage group led by Alpha confronts the Hilltop in a harrowing attempt to retrieve her daughter. A supply run for the Kingdom turns into a dangerous quest.
Ep 12 - Guardians Toggle seen
While one community struggles to ease tensions that threaten to divide from within, the true nature of another group comes into focus; a mission to rescue a friend has deadly consequences.
Ep 13 - Chokepoint Toggle seen
Daryl's daring rescue mission forces Alpha to unleash a group of her own to retrieve what belongs to her, even if the price is paid in blood; the Kingdom's plans to reunite the communities are put in jeopardy.
Ep 14 - Scars Toggle seen
An outsider's arrival forces Alexandria to rehash devastating old wounds; eye-opening secrets from the past are revealed.
Ep 15 - The Calm Before Toggle seen
The fair at the Kingdom is underway, with all four communities coming together in celebration for the first time in years, while some pacts are renewed, other deals will come at a much steeper price.
Ep 16 - The Storm Toggle seen
In the aftermath of an overwhelming loss, the communities must brave a ferocious blizzard; as one group deals with an enemy from within, another is forced to make a life or death decision.
Season 10
Ep 1 - Lines We Cross Toggle seen
The group in Oceanside continues to train in case the Whisperers return. Tensions are high as the heroes struggle to hold onto their concept of civilization.
Ep 2 - We Are the End of the World Toggle seen
The origins of Alpha and Beta are revealed; Alpha attempts to toughen up Lydia as they prepare to walk with the dead. The Whisperers create their herds.
Ep 3 - Ghosts Toggle seen
The threat of the Whisperers return leads to paranoia sweeping over Alexandria. Carol battles with the need for revenge.
Ep 4 - Silence the Whisperers Toggle seen
Still paranoid Alexandrians get riled up over the Whisperers and take their fear out on Negan. The Hilltop group deals with an unexpected safety issue.
Ep 5 - What It Always Is Toggle seen
Supplies go missing from Hilltop. Negan is idolised by an Alexandrian. Ezekiel holds a secret.
Ep 6 - Bonds Toggle seen
Carol and Daryl go on a mission together while Siddiq struggles to solve a mystery.
Ep 7 - Open Your Eyes Toggle seen
Carol pushes boundaries that make Daryl uneasy. Alpha and Beta have reservations about someone.
Ep 8 - The World Before Toggle seen
A fight causes tensions in Oceanside while the Alexandrians set out on a high-stakes mission.
Ep 9 - Squeeze Toggle seen
The group must figure out how to get out of a precarious situation.
Ep 10 - Stalker Toggle seen
The group must defend Alexandria from a threatening outside force.
Ep 11 - Morning Star Toggle seen
Negan has a plan for how to deal with the survivors.
Ep 12 - Walk with Us Toggle seen
With Negan's help, Alpha and the Whisperers attack Hilltop.
Ep 13 - What We Become Toggle seen
Michonne takes Virgil back to his island to find his family. In exchange, Virgil offers weapons.
Ep 14 - Look at the Flowers Toggle seen
Heroes and villains reckon with the aftermath of the Hilltop fire. Eugene takes a group on a journey to meet Stephanie, with the hopes of befriending another civilization.
Ep 15 - The Tower Toggle seen
The communities prepare for the final battle of the Whisperer War. Eugene's group encounters Princess.
Ep 16 - A Certain Doom Toggle seen
With the Whisperer War upon them, the collective communities must come together and possibly sacrifice all they have to find a way to silence the Whisperers once and for all.
Ep 17 - Home Sweet Home Toggle seen
Maggie has returned with a story she is not ready to share, even when her past catches up to her. Negan’s safety is at stake again. Daryl and Maggie fight an unseen and unknown threat.
Ep 18 - Find Me Toggle seen
An adventure for Daryl and Carol turns sideways when they come across an old cabin. It takes Daryl back to the years when he left the group after Rick disappeared as he relives a time that only the apocalypse could manifest.
Ep 19 - One More Toggle seen
Gabriel and Aaron search for food and supplies to bring back to Alexandria. Small tragedies lead to bigger tragedies as faith is broken and optimism is fragmented when they are put to the ultimate test.
Ep 20 - Splinter Toggle seen
Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and Princess are captured and separated. Princess struggles with memories of her traumatic past and tries to escape one way or another with the help of Ezekiel.
Ep 21 - Diverged Toggle seen
Daryl and Carol come to a fork in the road and head their separate ways. Each going into their own type of survival mode, the easiest of challenges become much harder.
Ep 22 - Here's Negan Toggle seen
Carol takes Negan on a journey, hoping to minimize the increasing tension. Negan reflects on the events that led him to this point and comes to a conclusion about his future.
Season 11
Ep 1 - Acheron: Part I Toggle seen
Returning to Alexandria from a critical food mission, the group realizes it isn’t enough. Maggie proposes a new plan, potentially a suicide mission. What choice do they have? They must find more food for all their people in order to survive and efficiently rebuild Alexandria. If they don’t, Alexandria falls, taking them down with it. Once on the road, a violent storm erupts forcing them underground into a subway tunnel. As nerves fray and suspicions increase, chaos ensues. The terror is relentless as our people get a glimpse of what Maggie and her group endured prior to returning to Alexandria. Meanwhile, those captured by the strange soldiers are relocated to another undisclosed location.
Ep 2 - Acheron: Part II Toggle seen
The group discovers a member did not make it to safety inside the subway car. Surrounded by walkers, going back out into the tunnel to search is a guaranteed death wish. All eyes are on Negan as the rule of survival shifts. It is no longer No Man Left Behind. The motto now is We Keep Going. With very little ammo and energy remaining, the group must ready themselves as the walkers have found a way inside the subway train. Meanwhile, Daryl is in his own intense hellish situation trying to find Dog and finding more than he expected; and Yumiko challenges the process at the Commonwealth outpost, which threatens her future and that of Eugene, Ezekiel, and Princess.
Ep 3 - Hunted Toggle seen
Maggie's team gets hunted by Reapers. Carol, Rosita, Magna, and Kelly set off to catch horses.
Ep 4 - Rendition Toggle seen
Daryl and Dog get captured by the Reapers and reconnect with a familiar figure from their past.
Ep 5 - Out of the Ashes Toggle seen
Alexandrians encounter Hilltop squatters; Eugene’s group undergoes orientation at the Commonwealth.
Ep 6 - On the Inside Toggle seen
Connie and Virgil hide in a house; Pope tests Daryl’s loyalty; Kelly searches for Connie.
Ep 7 - Promises Broken Toggle seen
Maggie learns a survival tactic from Negan; Eugene’s group clears walkers; Daryl hunts with Leah.
Ep 8 - For Blood Toggle seen
The Reapers defend Meridian from a herd; Alexandrians protect themselves from walkers in a storm.
Ep 9 - No Other Way Toggle seen
Daryl, Maggie, Gabriel, Negan, and Elijah battle the Reapers for food. Meanwhile, Aaron and the Alexandrians must survive a storm.
Ep 10 - New Haunts Toggle seen
Our heroes experience Halloween in the Commonwealth. Daryl and Rosita undergo military training, led by Mercer. Carol investigates Ezekiel's medical condition.
Ep 11 - Rogue Element Toggle seen
Eugene looks for Stephanie; Connie investigates a story on Trooper Davis; Carol helps Hornsby.
Ep 12 - The Lucky Ones Toggle seen
Aaron and Maggie meet Governor Pamela Milton as she tours Alexandria, Oceanside and Hilltop. Ezekiel finds himself lucky during a routine checkup. Eugene processes Max's story.
Ep 13 - Warlords Toggle seen
Maggie, Lydia and Elijah help a stranger from another community.
Ep 14 - The Rotten Core Toggle seen
Maggie, Lydia and Elijah help Aaron and Gabriel on a mission; Daryl and Rosita pull a heist.
Ep 15 - Trust Toggle seen
Hornsby inspect the human carnage piled up at the Riverbend Apartment Complex. He knows it doesn't add up and he's determined to prove it one way or another. Taking things into their own hands, Daryl, Gabriel, Aaron, and Maggie try to stay one step ahead of him. As secret are revealed, boundaries are pushed and an unexpected new job is offered. Ezekiel, too, has a secret of his own; one he hopes to share with Carol
Ep 16 - Acts of God Toggle seen
Maggie prepares to defend Hilltop and the people of Riverbend against Hornsby.
Ep 17 - Lockdown Toggle seen
Daryl and Negan rush to the Commonwealth in order to stop Hornsby.
Ep 18 - A New Deal Toggle seen
The survivors make a deal with Pamela. the Commonwealth celebrates Founders Day.
Ep 19 - Variant Toggle seen
Eugene goes on the run, and Mercer is tasked to find him. Aaron's group faces a complication on the road.
Ep 20 - What's Been Lost Toggle seen
Daryl and Carol search for their disappeared friends.
Ep 21 - Outpost 22 Toggle seen
Separated from their children, Maggie, Gabriel, and Rosita track a military convoy to a mysterious destination. Ezekiel, Kelly, Negan, and Annie find themselves at a work site. Daryl and Carol follow a train that has taken Connie aboard.
Ep 22 - Faith Toggle seen
Ezekiel and Negan plot a labor revolution. Eugene is put on trial.
Ep 23 - Family Toggle seen
This family finishes the fight together. As Negan looks to the future Ezekiel can't forget the past.
Ep 24 - Rest in Peace Toggle seen
Daryl and Carol rush Judith to the hospital; Rosita, Eugene, and Gabriel search for Coco; Maggie and Negan take arms against Pamela; the heroes assemble for one last stand.
The world we knew is gone. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months society has crumbled. In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally start living.
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Current episode: Rest in Peace 11x24 (2022-11-20)
Daryl and Carol rush Judith to the hospital; Rosita, Eugene, and Gabriel search for Coco; Maggie and Negan take arms against Pamela; the heroes assemble for one last stand.
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