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Season 1
Ep 1 - Piss & Shit Toggle seen
When the guys have to pass a drug test at work, they only have one choice: bribe middle school kids for clean urine.
Ep 2 - We Be Ballin' Toggle seen
The guys will stop at nothing to get tickets to a sold-out basketball game, even if it means being dunked in a horchata tank and seeing a grown man's penis.
Ep 3 - Office Campout Toggle seen
The guys camp out at the office while their house is fumigated, but the giddiness of their drug-fueled slumber party turns into paranoia when they think the company is being burglarized.
Ep 4 - The Promotion Toggle seen
The guys' loyalties to each other are put to the test when they compete for a rumored promotion at work.
Ep 5 - Checkpoint Gnarly Toggle seen
Things go badly when the guys hit a DUI checkpoint after drinking with the boss's brother.
Ep 6 - The Strike Toggle seen
The guys go on strike for better benefits when Alice doesn't buy their observance of a phony holiday called Half-Christmas.
Ep 7 - Straight Up Juggahos Toggle seen
The guys try to keep Jillian from a business function by setting her up on a blind date, but their plan goes awry when she has to be rescued from an Insane Clown Posse concert.
Ep 8 - To Friend a Predator Toggle seen
When the guys try "To Catch a Predator", a local child molester, he turns out to be the coolest guy they ever met.
Ep 9 - Muscle I'd Like to Flex Toggle seen
Blake and Anders' world turns upside down when they lose Adam to a super-rich MILF.
Ep 10 - In the Line of Getting Fired Toggle seen
When the CEO of TelAmeriCorp arrives to liquidate the company, it's up to the guys to change his mind and save the day.
Season 2
Ep 1 - Heist School Toggle seen
The loss of something valuable sends the guys on an undercover mission at a high school to investigate.
Ep 2 - Dry Guys Toggle seen
The guys try to quit drinking for a week after a particularly rough night of imbibing.
Ep 3 - Temp-Tress Toggle seen
An attractive temp at TelAmeriCorp tests the guys' limits of self-control.
Ep 4 - Model Kombat Toggle seen
A rift develops between the guys when Adam contemplates finding work as a model.
Ep 5 - Old Man Ders Toggle seen
Ders wrestles with his impending mortality when he turns 25.
Ep 6 - Stop! Pajama Time Toggle seen
When Jillian gets put in charge at work, all hell breaks loose.
Ep 7 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Roommates Toggle seen
The guys are chased by a security guard in Montez Walker's gated community.
Ep 8 - Karl's Wedding Toggle seen
Karl Hevacheck, aka the Human Genius, gets married.
Ep 9 - Man Up Toggle seen
The guys take a "man trip" to get their macho mojo back.
Ep 10 - 6 Hours Till Hedonism II Toggle seen
In the second-season finale, the guys’ Thanksgiving trip to a resort known for debauchery is in jeopardy unless they can get Blake a passport in six hours.
Season 3
Ep 1 - The Business Trip Toggle seen
The guys drop acid while on a business trip and soon find themselves dealing with bizarre situations while trying to remain in control.
Ep 2 - True Dromance Toggle seen
The guys go behind Karl's back when they find a new drug dealer.
Ep 3 - Fat Cuz Toggle seen
The guys enlist Adam's obese cousin to get a handicapped parking pass.
Ep 4 - To Kill a Chupacabraj Toggle seen
The guys battle Montez in Small Claims Court.
Ep 5 - Good Mourning Toggle seen
The guys face the death of a beloved co-worker.
Ep 6 - The Meat Jerking Beef Boys Toggle seen
The guys' friendship is tested when Ders's dad comes to visit.
Ep 7 - The Lord's Force Toggle seen
The guys welcome two members of their favorite faith-based strong man group into their home.
Ep 8 - Real Time Toggle seen
The guys have to beat Alice to work or risk being fired.
Ep 9 - Ders Comes In Handy Toggle seen
Montez thinks his wife is being unfaithful, so the guys help with the search for her paramour.
Ep 10 - Flashback in the Day Toggle seen
A look back in time to explain how Adam, Blake and Ders met for the first time.
Ep 11 - Booger Nights Toggle seen
The guys set out to prove they're the funniest people in the office at an employee's roast.
Ep 12 - A TelAmerican Horror Story Toggle seen
Things get spooky when the guys discover a former employee may be haunting the office
Ep 13 - Alice Quits Toggle seen
The guys meet their new boss when Alice quits being their old boss.
Ep 14 - Fourth and Inches Toggle seen
The guys get hooked on betting on high-school sports.
Ep 15 - Webcam Girl Toggle seen
The guys look for romance on the Web when they're alone on Valentine's Day.
Ep 16 - High Art Toggle seen
Adam and Ders try to get rich by becoming inventors; Blake joins an artist collective for teens.
Ep 17 - The Worst Generation Toggle seen
The guys meet Adam's grandfather during a visit to a rest home.
Ep 18 - Hungry Like the Wolf Dog Toggle seen
The guys take a road trip late at night in search of a legendary breakfast burrito.
Ep 19 - In Line Toggle seen
The guys are anxious to acquire a new video game, but each wants his own copy.
Ep 20 - The Future is Gnar Toggle seen
In the Season 3 finale, Blake worries about the future and the supremacy of machines when Alice unveils an automated phone system at the office.
Season 4
Ep 1 - Orgazmo Birth Toggle seen
The guys work out a deal with Montez to get tickets to an electronic music show, but plans change and they're forced to attend his wife's baby shower. Things quickly spin out of control as the guys try to distract the ladies at the shower.
Ep 2 - Fry Guys Toggle seen
The guys want a fish fry at the office, but first they have to find Alice a sex partner.
Ep 3 - Snackers Toggle seen
The office holds an election to decide who’s in charge of breakroom snacks.
Ep 4 - Miss BS Toggle seen
A local consumer reporter becomes the object of the guys' affections.
Ep 5 - Three and a Half Men Toggle seen
The guys film a documentary about Karl's medical procedure.
Ep 6 - Brociopath Toggle seen
The guys party with the ultimate frat bro, Stan Halen.
Ep 7 - We Be Clownin' Toggle seen
To pay for a pool slide, the guys become children party clowns.
Ep 8 - Beer Heist Toggle seen
The guys go to any length to impress college girls.
Ep 9 - Best Buds Toggle seen
The guys quit TAC to start their own taco and weed shop.
Ep 10 - Timechair Toggle seen
The guys race each other to get a free massage chair.
Ep 11 - The One Where the Guys Play Basketball and Do the Toggle seen
The guys play in an office basketball tournament for a trip to Reno.
Ep 12 - DeputyDong Toggle seen
The guys confront an online gamer who's been terrorizing them.
Ep 13 - Friendship Anniversary Toggle seen
The guys celebrate their common law marriage.
Season 5
Ep 1 - Dorm Daze Toggle seen
In the Season 5 premiere, the guys go to a job fair at North Rancho College, where Ders clashes with Coast Guard officers, while Adam and Blake pursue their dreams elsewhere on campus.
Ep 2 - Front Yard Wrestling Toggle seen
In order to raise enough money for their rent, the guys create a public access wrestling show.
Ep 3 - Speedo Racer Toggle seen
The guys help Ders get even with an old high school swim team rival.
Ep 4 - Menergy Crisis Toggle seen
After Adam and Ders kick Blake out of their new band, Blake declares all-out war.
Ep 5 - Gayborhood Toggle seen
A wild night at a neighbor's house leads the guys to question the nature of their relationship.
Ep 6 - Ditch Day Toggle seen
The guys agree to hand off a mysterious package for Karl and, in turn, stage an officewide ditch day so they can stay home and make the deal.
Ep 7 - Gramps DeMamp is Dead Toggle seen
Adam and his father risk it all to give Gramps a proper DeMamp funeral.
Ep 8 - Blood Drive Toggle seen
Adam, Blake, and Ders try to get the most amount of blood for a drive.
Ep 9 - Wedding Thrashers Toggle seen
Adam says goodbye to the single life with Ders and Blake.
Ep 10 - Trivia Pursuits Toggle seen
Ders gets upset with Adam and Blake when their trivia party interrupts his career ambitions.
Ep 11 - The Slump Toggle seen
Adam goes into a sales slump, and Ders and Blake hire an actor to snap him out of it.
Ep 12 - Peyote It Forward Toggle seen
After taking peyote, Adam, Blake and Ders must do some babysitting.
Ep 13 - TAC in the Day Toggle seen
The guys look back at their first day of work at TelAmeriCorp.
Season 6
Ep 1 - Wolves of Rancho Toggle seen
In the Season 6 premiere, the guys move to another branch of TelAmeriCorp to work for a dynamic boss.
Ep 2 - Meth Head Actor Toggle seen
Adam, Blake and Ders decide to attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.
Ep 3 - Save the Cat Toggle seen
Blake and Jillian adopt a cat but things take an unexpected turn.
Ep 4 - Death of a Salesdude Toggle seen
TelAmeriCorp starts to sell female-friendly products and the women of the office take over.
Ep 5 - Gone Catfishing Toggle seen
Adam and Ders plan a 4/20 party, but Blake’s new girlfriend harshes their buzz.
Ep 6 - Going Viral Toggle seen
The guys go on a quest for social-media stardom.
Ep 7 - Night at the Dudeseum Toggle seen
The guys go to a museum and wreak havoc on Ders Day.
Ep 8 - The Fabulous Murphy Sisters Toggle seen
A visit from Alice's sister shakes up the TelAmeriCorp office.
Ep 9 - Always Bet on Blake Toggle seen
Adam, Blake and Ders open a casino in their house.
Ep 10 - The Nuttin' Professor Toggle seen
A quest for epic porn is the guys' latest obsession.
Season 7
Ep 1 - Trainees' Day Toggle seen
The guys battle a group of trainees for the title of "best office pranksters."
Ep 2 - Weed the People Toggle seen
The guys help Alice’s father sell a new product by throwing in a little something extra.
Ep 3 - Monstalibooyah Toggle seen
The guys try to make the most of their stay at the TelAmeriCorp beachside timeshare.
Ep 4 - Bill & Tez's Sexcellent Sexventure Toggle seen
Bill becomes "The Transportationer" during a business trip through Chinatown.
Ep 5 - Faux Chella Toggle seen
In order to impress festival girls, the guys throw their own version of Coachella.
Ep 6 - The Most Dangerless Game Toggle seen
The guys see danger everywhere while on a trip to a remote mountain cabin.
Ep 7 - Tactona 420 Toggle seen
The guys race their coworkers for the rights to sell a line of remote control cars.
Ep 8 - Termidate Toggle seen
The guys watch an old episode of the TV dating show "Termidate" to remember what happens when they compete for a woman's affections.
Ep 9 - Bianca Toro Toggle seen
The guys try to get rid of a motivational speaker when she begins interfering with a beloved office awards show.
Ep 10 - Party Gawds Toggle seen
In the series finale, the guys become party gods after an energy drink company starts paying them to throw ragers.
A single-camera comedy that features three friends who work together from 9 to 5, live together from 5 to 9 and party together 24/7. Dress codes, deadlines and waking up before noon are not things these guys are used to. They work as telemarketers and sometimes they even do their jobs well, but they show up late, leave drunk and always live for the day…even if they don’t know what day it is. Whether they're hanging out at their house in Rancho Cucamonga or getting ready to rage at a Renaissance Faire, the guys find trouble wherever they go.
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In the series finale, the guys become party gods after an energy drink company starts paying them to throw ragers.
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