Key & Peele
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Season 1
Ep 1 - Series Premiere Toggle seen
Two married men carefully speak about their wives behind their backs, Lil Wayne releases music videos from jail and President Obama hires an anger translator.
Ep 2 - Black Hawk Up Toggle seen
Obama wins a rap battle, a doctor and a patient's son trade "Yo Momma" jokes, a dangerous ride for a substitute helicopter traffic reporter, two women are never happy with their photos and a play about civil-rights leaders gets out of hand.
Ep 3 - Das Negros Toggle seen
A man attempts to show off for his date, getting picked last at a slave auction, and two men hide from soldiers during WWII in Germany.
Ep 4 - The Branding Toggle seen
A really detailedbank robbery plan, fraternity branding gone wrong, a ridiculous neighborhood sighting news report, tabletop roleplaying gets real, and more from Obama's anger translator.
Ep 5 - Gay Marriage Legalized Toggle seen
A man mistakes a zombie bite as a raccoon bite, old men fight for their right to tell young people what to do, a passenger tests if his driver is listening, Jaden Smith has problems understanding his new script and President Obama tries out reverse psychology on the Republicans.
Ep 6 - Flash Mob Toggle seen
A racially tense flash mob, a feud between co-workers that gets out of hand, a DJ having issues finding music that is "old-school" enough and one fighter goes overboard with the smack talk during a MMA promo.
Ep 7 - Bobby McFerrin vs. Michael Winslow Toggle seen
An awkward dap farewell, two customers compete to order the most authentic soul food, two female friends argue about how to treat a puppy, the Tea Party selects their new spokesman and the ARMY sends recruiters to a new location.
Ep 8 - Season Finale Toggle seen
The President wants everyone to treat him and his daughter like regular people, the truth about a neighborhood is revealed during an apartment tour, a gangster shooting that may or may not be funny, and a look at Forest Whitaker's babysitter.
Season 2
Ep 1 - Obama College Years Toggle seen
Sketches include: a look back at President Obama in college; a Civil War reenactment; and Jesus' encounter with a pimp.
Ep 2 - Dubstep Toggle seen
Sketches include: President Obama and his anger translator speaking to Mitt Romney; the man who had to follow Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech; two friends discuss their theories on what happens to their poop after they flush.
Ep 3 - Puppy Dog Ice-T Toggle seen
Sketches include: Ice-T as a misbehaving puppy; Steve Jobs' successor; and a Rihanna-Chris Brown reconciliation.
Ep 4 - I'm Retired Toggle seen
Sketches include: a bachelor party that gets weird, and a black kid with a white penis.
Ep 5 - Bone, Thugs, & Homeless Toggle seen
Sketches include: a dog terrorizing a news reporter, and Harriet Tubman free running.
Ep 6 - Michael Jackson Halloween Toggle seen
Jordan and Keegan celebrate Halloween by fleeing racist zombies; the stars of "Human Centipede" have a frightening reunion; a struggling public wizard school.
Ep 7 - Victory Toggle seen
Sketches include: a guy chasing his girlfriend to the ends of the Earth; LMFAO literally cannot stop partying.
Ep 8 - Manly Tears Toggle seen
Sketches include a drug deal gone bad, a cry baby monster; Darius Rucker dealing with his Hootie past.
Ep 9 - Gangsta Standoff Toggle seen
Sketches include gangsters sharing a passion for the movie "Twilight"; a visit to a world where names are farts; racist superheroes.
Ep 10 - Dueling Hats Toggle seen
Skethces include an alien learning about the female anatomy; the guys one-upping each other with their fresh hatz; meeting the last two men on Earth.
Season 3
Ep 1 - Les Mis Toggle seen
The villain of an epic musical can't get a word in, and a rapper takes all Steinbeck on his hype man.
Ep 2 - East/West Bowl Rap Toggle seen
The East/West bowl players make their own rap videos, a mobster is suspicious about a dinner party, and Metta World Peace ponders a difficult dilemma.
Ep 3 - Slap-Ass Toggle seen
A meeting of the Black Republicans demands to be taken seriously, and a baseball player is addicted to slapping asses.
Ep 4 - LA Vice Toggle seen
Threats at a boxing match press conference get a little strange, and a cop can't understand why everything around him is blowing up.
Ep 5 - Obama Shutdown Toggle seen
Keegan gets too high, a soccer player gets grievously injured, and an unwitting party guest wanders into an orgy.
Ep 6 - Cunnilingus Class Toggle seen
An insult comedian struggles to roast a deformed audience member, and two men teach a class on going down on bitches right.
Ep 7 - Sexy Vampires Toggle seen
A new vampire confronts his cohorts on their fashion choices, roommates have a meeting about paranormal pranks, and a hotel guest goes apes**t over the continental breakfast.
Ep 8 - High on Potenuse Toggle seen
Hingle MCCringleberry gets a flag for excessive celebration, and a geometry student steals a joke.
Ep 9 - Tackle & Grapple Toggle seen
Meegan gets Andre in trouble; a funk band goes overboard with nonsensical lyrics; sensei Doug Duggart teaches self-defense for the ladies.
Ep 10 - Black Ice Toggle seen
A police detective meets his new partner; Samuel and Lashawn celebrate their marriage; Lando Calrissian is followed by a "Star Wars" fan.
Ep 11 - The Power of Wings Toggle seen
Keegan and Jordan eavesdrop on white women who love black men; Wendell makes a music video; Kareem and Jahar go to the gym; a pawn shop owner deals with a suspicious customer; an actor in a gangster movie takes issue with his director's opinion.
Ep 12 - East West Bowl 2 Toggle seen
More college-football all-stars from the East/West bowl; Jordan's landlord searches his apartment; a man is taken aback by a coworker's sex appeal.
Ep 13 - Pussy On The Chainwax Toggle seen
Some friends argue over whether a new slang phrase is a "thing," a man learns the truth about his father's Hollywood past, and the valets come to Anne Hathaway's defense.
Season 4
Ep 1 - Alien Imposters Toggle seen
The survivors of an alien invasion find out whom they can trust, a family comes to terms with a relative's gay wedding, a couple of racists express some surprising views, a drill sergeant sings an unconventional marching song, and a pop sensation answers questions from her fans.
Ep 2 - Little Homie Toggle seen
A parole officer uses a puppet to connect with convicts, a man in a neck brace attempts to party down, a Nazi officer tells the story of the time he saw Hitler, and Levi goes steampunk.
Ep 3 - Georgina and Esther and Satan Toggle seen
Two old women battle with Satan, things go awry when a man goes mattress shopping, and dance club patrons are forced to face the truth about themselves.
Ep 4 - Slap-Ass: In Recovery Toggle seen
A mobster seeking vengeance on someone who wronged him, a baseball player fighting an addiction to unwanted bodily contact, and Family Matters' Steve Urkel driving a man insane.
Ep 5 - Quarterback Concussion Toggle seen
A concussed football player cheering his team on, a man accusing his wife of being unfaithful, and a restaurateur scaring away his customers.
Ep 6 - Scariest Movie Ever Toggle seen
Sketches include a vampire revealing himself, the thwarting of a serial killer, and a child getting his wish.
Ep 7 - Sex Detective Toggle seen
A detective puts himself in the mind of a perpetrator, a retro action hero infiltrates a villain's compound, and President Obama addresses the critics within his party.
Ep 8 - Terrible Henchman Toggle seen
A henchman keeps interrupting his boss's torture session, a speaker at a school assembly discusses his colorful life, and a man tries to prove he's all grown up.
Ep 9 - Aerobics Meltdown Toggle seen
Sketches include Stan Lee pitching new superheroes, a man losing his street cred, and a man creating a mnemonic device to remember a parking spot.
Ep 10 - Sex Addict Wendell Toggle seen
Wendell attends a support group for sex addicts, a teacher has trouble calming down a class clown, and two jazz musicians have a scat battle.
Ep 11 - Terrorist Meeting Toggle seen
Sketches include a gangster desperately tries to prove he's crazy; terrorists meet up to plan their next move; a jealous older brother makes a family dinner awkward.
Season 5
Ep 1 - Y'all Ready for This? Toggle seen
Season 5 premiere sketches include a football team getting psyched up before a game; President Obama and Luther meeting Hillary Clinton; two men discussing potential threats on a flight; a band of pirates singing a chantey. Also: a trigger-happy cop.
Ep 2 - Airplane Showdown Toggle seen
Sketches include British explorers discussing their travels; a prayer group receiving divine intervention; a flight attendant dealing with a passenger who won't fasten his seatbelt; and two couples trying to avoid spoilers on a double date.
Ep 3 - A Cappella Club Toggle seen
Sketches include a terror outfit operating a food truck; a college a cappella group getting a new member; Meegan and André going on their first date; a PSA that helps prevent child soldiers in Africa; and two old men discussing popular music.
Ep 4 - Severed Head Showcase Toggle seen
A gospel group must practice without its coach; a group of warriors celebrate a beheading; a prisoner tries to trick his guard; a young man is confronted for only speaking in catchphrases.
Ep 5 - Killer Concept Album Toggle seen
A politician denies sending lewd photos; a detective interrogates a rapper; Cedric and Levi find lightning in a bottle; two Southern gentlemen compliment women; Jordan runs into an old friend; a cop takes things literally.
Ep 6 - The Job Interview Toggle seen
Judge Jessie has a new show; a man waits for his job interview; two ladies catch up over drinks; the valets discuss Val Kilmer; a retired military specialist is briefed on a new project; a woman introduces her fiancé to her parents.
Ep 7 - MC Mom Toggle seen
A gangster participates in a drive-by; a mom writes a song for her son; two scam artists compete with each other; an “Undercover Boss” reveals himself; Big Boi runs into André 3000; two guys get into a car accident.
Ep 8 - Hollywood Sequel Doctor Toggle seen
A tickle game between two friends gets a little strange; brainstorming for “Gremlins 2”; a man deals with an unruly office janitor; two thugs suspect their friend snitched; Keegan and Jordan discuss Africa at a party.
Ep 9 - The 420 Special Toggle seen
Neil deGrasse Tyson relaxes at home; Keegan endures a job interview; a tailor has a gassy client; the valets discuss “Game of Thrones”; a new strategy for telemarketing.
Ep 10 - Meegan & Andre Break Up Toggle seen
Andre and Meegan have a serious talk, a rapper runs into trouble while trying to storm out of an interview, and an airline passenger adapts to life in economy plus.
Ep 11 - The End Toggle seen
"Ghostbusters" singer Ray Parker Jr. unveils his lesser-known songs, a young man is transported to a magical land, and Jordan and Keegan reach their final destination.
Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele present "Key & Peele," an original sketch-comedy show coming to Comedy Central in 2012. In this new series these fresh, relevant comedic actor-writers, used to being on the outside looking in, will examine life in a provocative and irreverent way, through a combination of filmed sketches and live stage segments. Whether it's satirizing the President, spoofing Nazis, or ordering up some soul food, "Key & Peele" will showcase their chemistry, camaraderie and unique point of view, born from their shared background and experiences growing up biracial in a not quite post-racial world.
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Andre and Meegan have a serious talk, a rapper runs into trouble while trying to storm out of an interview, and an airline passenger adapts to life in economy plus.
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