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Season 1
Ep 1 - You Don't Miss Your Water Toggle seen
Sullied Vietnam vet Mac Conway is tempted by criminal elements after returning home to Memphis in 1972.
Ep 2 - Figure Four Toggle seen
Mac looks to pay down a debt; Joni is queried by detectives following the death of a co-worker.
Ep 3 - A Mouthful of Splinters Toggle seen
Mac is forced to turn to The Broker for help; Moses gets a new assignment.
Ep 4 - Seldom Realized Toggle seen
With Suggs at large, Mac and Joni are forced to seek temporary refuge in a remote hotel.
Ep 5 - Coffee Blues Toggle seen
An unspeakable act of racial violence rocks Memphis and the Solomon family.
Ep 6 - His Deeds Were Scattered Toggle seen
Mac gets a high-profile assignment from The Broker; a curfew is ordered in the wake of racial unrest.
Ep 7 - Carnival of Souls Toggle seen
The Broker enlists Mac to take down a top drug dealer; Olsen follows up on his suspicions.
Ep 8 - Nuoc Cha Da Mon Toggle seen
Mac confronts his war demons and settles a score with an old adversary.
Based loosely on a series of books by Max Allen Collins, the project centers on a Marine marksman who, upon returning home from Vietnam in 1973, finds himself shunned by those he loves and demonized by the public. The disillusioned vet is quickly recruited into a network of contract killers and corruption spanning the Mississippi River.
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Current episode: Nuoc Cha Da Mon 1x08 (2016-10-28)
Mac confronts his war demons and settles a score with an old adversary.
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