Black Jesus
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Season 1
Ep 1 - Smokin', Drinkin', and Chillin Toggle seen
Black Jesus and his gang fail at trying to score some good weed. To make matters worse Black Jesus gets detained by police and questioned.
Ep 2 - Fish and the Con Man Toggle seen
Black Jesus tells his gang that they must start a community garden. Standing in the way of progress is Vic, the Apartment Manager who threatens to bring all of them down.
Ep 3 - The Shit Heist Toggle seen
After being extorted by Mexican gangsters, they are left with no money for fertilizer for their garden, so they must execute a manure heist at the Compton Boarding Stables.
Ep 4 - I Gave at the Playground Toggle seen
The gang end up agreeing to help Boonie with a yard sale. His ex girlfriend shows up though to cause havoc.
Ep 5 - Fried Green Tomatoes Toggle seen
The gang is ready to quit the garden when they find the weed in the garden has failed, but they discover an abundance of "miracle" green tomatoes.
Ep 6 - Love Thy Enemy (1) Toggle seen
The gang bottle and sell their green tomato sauce and Ms. Tudi makes peace with the CCSWC.
Ep 7 - The Other Shoe Drops Toggle seen
Travyon forays into documentary filmmaking and discovers a saboteur pouring bleach in the garden.
Ep 8 - Love Thy Enemy (2) Toggle seen
The complex is in shambles thanks to Vic and Lloyd.
Ep 9 - Gangsta's Paradise Toggle seen
Jesus decides to reunite with his friends from the "hood"
Ep 10 - WTFWBJD Toggle seen
While Jesus is on the run, the gang is left to ponder what would Black Jesus do in their shoes.
Season 2
Ep 1 - No Room for Jesus Toggle seen
Jesus returns to Compton in search of a place to stay, but becomes concerned about Fish, who appears to be returning to a life of crime.
Ep 2 - Jesus Gonna Get His Toggle seen
Jesus and the gang take on the Church of Jesus Christ in Compton; they plan to teach its corrupt preacher a lesson.
Ep 3 - False Witness Toggle seen
When Vic misinterprets the gang's latest hustle as terrorist activity, he gears up to wage a one-man war against them.
Ep 4 - Hands of God Toggle seen
Jesus joins Ms. Tudi in her latest money-making scheme, a mobile spa van charging for Holy foot massages. The hustle puts Fish in an awkward position when Tudi soon decides it better to sell Fish's "gift of sexiness" instead.
Ep 5 - Tasty Tudi's Toggle seen
When Fish seduces a city worker into a no limit EBT card, he learns that free food can come at a high price
Ep 6 - Taco Sundays Toggle seen
Jesus loses his phone when the gang travel through Compton in a food truck.
Ep 7 - Thy Neighbor's Strife Toggle seen
Vic plunges into sin courtesy of Lloyd's estranged wife. Meanwhile, the gang shoots a music video for Boonie's latest track, "Side Bitches".
Ep 8 - Never Say When Toggle seen
Lloyd gets a lucrative job as a liquor salesman, which changes him in ways that worry Jesus.
Ep 9 - Janky Cable Toggle seen
Trayvon's dad gets him free cable, which causes problems with Vic.
Ep 10 - Lloyds Wife/Good for Nothing Toggle seen
Lloyds' wife resurfaces announcing she wants a divorce. Vic is overjoyed, until things get messy. After a visit to the probation office, Fish faces a test of faith.
Ep 11 - A Very Special Christmas In Compton Toggle seen
Jesus makes a Christmas wish after he grows upset with the commercialization of the holiday. But, his wish brings unintended consequences.
Season 3
A TV series finds Jesus living in present day Compton, CA on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers.
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Current episode: A Very Special Christmas In Compton 2x11 (2015-11-27)
Jesus makes a Christmas wish after he grows upset with the commercialization of the holiday. But, his wish brings unintended consequences.
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