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Season 1
Ep 1 - Don't Wanna Die Anonymous Toggle seen
Watching a sold out Afghan Whigs reunion show leads Johnny to try and get his old band back together.
Ep 2 - Clean Rockin' Daddy Toggle seen
Gigi and the band want Johnny to write songs without using drugs or alcohol.
Ep 3 - Lust for Life Toggle seen
Johnny dies. On the internet. And decides to stay dead for financial reasons. Which leads to a big break for Gigi.
Ep 4 - What You Like Is In The Limo Toggle seen
Gigi’s success on the NYC scene leads to The Heathens finding out they are somehow still big in Belgium.
Ep 5 - Doctor Doctor Toggle seen
Gigi insists the entire band see a noted music therapist.
Ep 6 - Tattoo You Toggle seen
Gigi asks Johnny to get a tattoo of her name as a sign of true fatherly commitment.
Ep 7 - Supercalifragilisticjuliefriggingandrews Toggle seen
Gigi meets Johnny’s mom and finds out why Mary Poppins ruined her career in show business. And Johnny’s childhood.
Ep 8 - Hard Out Here For A Pimp Toggle seen
Johnny sets Gigi up with a boy her own age. Bam and Rehab come up with a new music genre.
Ep 9 - Take My Picture By The Pool Toggle seen
Gigi gets a huge record deal. Bam and Rehab quit the band to become uber-hip EDM DJs.
Ep 10 - Because We're Legion Toggle seen
Greg Dulli sets Gigi up with a well-respected producer from the west coast, which Johnny loves because Flash doesn’t.
Season 2
Ep 1 - All That Glitters is Gold Toggle seen
The sudden death of an old friend forces the band to question where they’re at and where they’re going.
Ep 2 - Rebel Rebel Toggle seen
Ava wants to mix things up while urging Gigi to experience anything and everything while she’s still young. Rehab gets approached by a big time Broadway producer.
Ep 3 - Cool For the Summer Toggle seen
Gigi’s recent experience forces Flash to step up his game. Noah and Bam try to convince Rehab to get on board with “Feast”.
Ep 4 - Bad Blood Toggle seen
Flash gets mixed signals from Gigi; Ava plans her solo debut; and Bam and Rehab meet with Campbell Scott.
Ep 5 - And She Was Toggle seen
Ava prepares for her debut and gets help from Gigi while Johnny becomes surprisingly supportive. Also: Flash makes a big decision and Bam creates a professional persona.
Ep 6 - Rock This Bitch Till the Wheels Fall Off Toggle seen
The band meet an inspiring young fan, which leads Johnny to discover a new talent of his own. Also: Ava gets rave reviews and Bam and Rehab see a new side of Campbell
Ep 7 - Tramps Like Us Toggle seen
Gigi tries being a manager while Johnny's charity anthem gains momentum. Also: Flash makes a big decision and Rehab becomes upset about his contribution to "Feast" as rehearsals begin.
Ep 8 - Ghosts of Skibbereen Toggle seen
Opening night begins at "Feast" and Bam and Rehab struggle with Campbell's dedicated manner.
Ep 9 - Rolling in the Deep Toggle seen
Someone from the band’s past shows up as tension reaches an all time high.
Ep 10 - Bang Bang Toggle seen
Gigi decides to go in a different direction with the band. Johnny pursues a new solo project.
The series centers on Johnny Rock, the aging lead singer of NYC's legendary early-'90s band The Heathens, who is trying to get both his band and his life back together.
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Current episode: Bang Bang 2x10 (2016-09-01)
Gigi decides to go in a different direction with the band. Johnny pursues a new solo project.
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