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Season 1
Ep 1 - Elvis Toggle seen
Carmen's brother is having a gay wedding at the Tangiers; Carmen's date (who never flips a wrist or says a sweet word to the boys) is Andrew. Milkshake is Dice's BF and plus one. Dice and Shake go on a short gambling kick before the wedding, but Dice's luck is in the toilet due to ATM fees and jumpsuit Elvis. They change casinos. Andrew promised Carmen to behave, so he gets rid of Elvis for a third time. But, Dice gets a nice return: captive audience for Shakespeare with his famous "my kingdom for a cock" speech.
Ep 2 - Ego Toggle seen
A sex quiz reveals that Dice and Carmen merely “sizzle” in bed, so Dice makes it his mission to get her to “boil.” Meanwhile, actor Adrien Brody asks Dice if he can shadow him as part of his research for an upcoming role.
Ep 3 - Prestige Toggle seen
Dice gets upset when a plaster mold of his penis goes missing from an art show. Meanwhile, after Dice accidentally dings Criss Angel’s Lamborghini, the “Mindfreak” sets out to use his magic against him.
Ep 4 - Alimony Toggle seen
Dice tries to find work when he learns that Carmen is still receiving alimony payments and gets a meeting at the Tangiers Casino. But the meeting is for 7:30 in the morning, an impossible time to wake up for.
Ep 5 - Sal Maldonado Toggle seen
Milkshake uses a fake name at a steakhouse to sound “mobbed up.” Meanwhile, Dice gets fired as the manager of his sons’ heavy metal band and is replaced by a slick Hollywood agent.
Ep 6 - Six Grand Toggle seen
Season 1 ends with Dice’s place at the top of his crew being threatened when his old buddy Bobby the Mooch returns to town with newly acquired wealth. Dice’s jealous behavior causes him to lose his best friend, so he fights to win Milkshake back.
Season 2
Ep 1 - It's a Miserable Life Toggle seen
Season 2 begins with Dice cursed by his old Rabbi and forced to live his life as if "The Diceman" never existed. He struggles to grasp his new reality and tries to win over Carmen, who doesn't recognize him anymore.
Ep 2 - Big Fan Toggle seen
Dice gets suspicious when he finds out an old stalker is right around the corner.
Ep 3 - No Bullshit Toggle seen
Carmen gets arrested. leaving Dice to handle the arrival of her parents.
Ep 4 - The Twelve Toggle seen
Dice gets a new gig and finds out that politics in Vegas are intense.
Ep 5 - The Old Man Toggle seen
Dice takes up an unusual friendship after his family leaves him all alone.
Ep 6 - Fingerless Toggle seen
Dice gets cast in a film, but he soon finds out that not everything revolves around himself. An old friend visits Dice to discuss a promise made thirty years ago.
Ep 7 - The Trial Toggle seen
At an all-time low, Dice loses one more thing: his identity. Season finale.
Story of Andrew Dice Clay, as he deals with a demanding girlfriend, two kids, mounting gambling debt and all of life's obstacles that keep him from being a stand up guy.
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Current episode: The Trial 2x07 (2017-10-08)
At an all-time low, Dice loses one more thing: his identity. Season finale.
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