The Baby-Sitters Club (2020)
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Season 1
Ep 1 - Kristy's Great Idea Toggle seen
An innovative concept begins to come to life when Kristy creates a club with her best friends and a new classmate. Are you ready to be the team leader?
Ep 2 - Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls Toggle seen
It's Halloween, and a creepy spirit takes over Stoneybrook. Meanwhile, Claudia is fixated on a boy and has disagreements with her parents.
Ep 3 - The Truth About Stacey Toggle seen
The friends' business faces new competition. Stacey tries to hide a personal secret and remembers a painful event from her past.
Ep 4 - Mary Anne Saves the Day Toggle seen
After talking to her father about an uncomfortable subject, Mary Anne befriends a very funny girl and takes care of a medical emergency.
Ep 5 - Dawn and the Impossible Three Toggle seen
To prove her worth as a babysitter to the other girls, Dawn agrees to take care of some very unruly children. Can she cope with so much mischief and chaos?
Ep 6 - Claudia and Mean Janine Toggle seen
A family emergency causes tension between Claudia and her older sister. Meanwhile, Mary Anne struggles to hide what she feels.
Ep 7 - Boy-Crazy Stacey Toggle seen
Mary Anne and Stacey have to take care of children on the beach. However, a very handsome boy complicates things between the two friends.
Ep 8 - Kristy's Big Day Toggle seen
Stoneybrook enjoys a glamorous day as Kristy's mother prepares for the wedding. Kristy lives a special moment that catches her by surprise.
Ep 9 - Hello, Camp Moosehead! (1) Toggle seen
The friends go to a camp in the middle of nature where they do a lot of activities and supernatural phenomena occur.
Ep 10 - Hello, Camp Moosehead! (2) Toggle seen
Stacey gets used to her new normal, Kristy leads a search, Dawn and Claudia start a revolution, and Mary Anne knows how to behave being the center of attention.
Season 2
Ep 1 - Kristy and the Snobs Toggle seen
After moving in with Watson, Kristy navigates a not-so-warm neighborly welcome. The BSC helps Mary Anne define her post-camp relationship status.
Ep 2 - Claudia and the New Girl Toggle seen
A slumber party quiz sparks intrigue, uncertainty and an awkward beginning for Claudia and Mallory. Elsewhere, Kristy learns to let go of control.
Ep 3 - Stacey’s Emergency Toggle seen
The BSC prepares to rule the runway as Stacey’s special guests for a gala fashion show. But a series of concerning symptoms challenge the glitz and glam.
Ep 4 - Jessi and the Superbrat Toggle seen
Passion meets persistence as Jessi struggles with a rough patch in her ballet career, all while signing on to babysit a pint-sized vlogging superstar.
Ep 5 - Mary Anne and the Great Romance Toggle seen
As Dawn and Mary Anne await big news from their mom and dad, Logan sweeps in with a Valentine’s Day surprise. But is it too much too soon?
Ep 6 - Dawn and the Wicked Stepsister Toggle seen
Worlds collide — and tension boils over — when Mary Anne and her dad move in with Dawn and her mom. The BSC plans a major party for Mallory’s sister.
Ep 7 - Claudia and the Sad Goodbye Toggle seen
A heartbreaking turn of events redefines Claudia’s life and — with loving support from her friends and family — pushes her out of her comfort zone.
Ep 8 - Kristy and the Baby Parade Toggle seen
The return of the Stoneybrook Baby Parade leads to a crafty (and chaotic) project for the BSC — and a bittersweet surprise for Kristy and her family.
A group of clever, entrepreneurial friends endeavor to launch their own baby-sitting business and learn to overcome challenging growing pains along the way.
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Current episode: Claudia and the New Girl 2x02 (2021-10-11)
A slumber party quiz sparks intrigue, uncertainty and an awkward beginning for Claudia and Mallory. Elsewhere, Kristy learns to let go of control.
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