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Ep 1 - Jet Assisted Chevy Toggle seen
The story of the jet-assisted Chevy goes like this. The Arizona Highway Patrol stumbled across a blackened crater in the side of a mountain at the end of a long stretch of desert road. After an investigation, they learned that an Air Force sergeant from a nearby military base had attached a rocket-assisted takeoff unit to the roof of a 1967 Chevy Impala. He got up to about 80 mph, and then fired the things off. Within seconds the car was traveling at 350 mph. The crater was found in the mountainside 100 feet off the ground. Who do you think will be the "dummy" to test this myth? The Pop Rocks and soda legend concerns a boy known as little Mikey, who was featured in commercials for Life cereal. Some years later, Mikey was challenged by his friends to eat six packs of Pop Rocks candy with six cans of soda. According to the myth, the carbon dioxide in the candy combined with the carbon dioxide in the soda to create so much pressure that Mikey's stomach exploded and he died. Our MythBuste
Ep 2 - Biscuit Bazooka Toggle seen
In this episode, Jamie and Adam take on a few legends involving dubious behavior. First, they contemplate the one about an obese woman on a trans-Atlantic flight whose derriere is suctioned into the plane's toilet after flushing, forcing the plane to land before she can be removed. Will the bottom fall out of this myth? How about the one involving a friend of a friend who thought she was shot while sitting in her car in a supermarket parking lot on a very hot day? The story goes that when the paramedics arrived, they found her head splattered with a mass of raw biscuit dough. And then there's the leaping lawyer. Some guy (apparently a lawyer), kept bouncing off a plate-glass window on the 24th floor of a high-rise building. After one too many impacts, the window shattered and the guy fell 24 floors to the ground, where he promptly died. Another day, another deadly myth.
Ep 3 - Poppy-Seed Drug Test Toggle seen
So, this guy named Larry Walters attached something like 45 weather balloons to this lawn chair. One of the tethers broke on the unemployed truck driver's little invention, shooting him straight up into the air. Apparently he sailed to 16,000 feet, where he was spotted by airline pilots, eventually closing LAX airport. He was finally rescued by a helicopter after he floated out to sea. Is this popular Internet legend full of hot air? Will Jamie and Adam close LAX? In the 1964 James Bond classic, Goldfinger, the villain's secretary is murdered with the dreaded gold body paint, causing death by skin suffocation. Supposedly, leaving a small patch of skin unpainted at the base of the spine will save the victim. Unfortunately, the movie's producers didn't have this vital piece of information, dooming actress Shirley Eaton to death on set. Who will be the guinea pig in this experiment? On a tastier note, can eating a poppy-seed bagel produce a positive result for opiate use in a drug screen
Ep 4 - Exploding Toilet Toggle seen
Can a toilet be made to explode by pouring a flammable liquid into it and lighting a match? Does running in the rain rather than walking get you less wet? Can assassins really use bullets made out of ice so that they leave no trace?
Ep 5 - Cell Phone Destroys Gas Station Toggle seen
Can using a cell phone at a gas station cause the pump to explode? Can changes in air pressure at high altitude cause silicone breast implants to explode? Can spinning a CD-ROM at too high a speed cause it to shatter?
Ep 6 - Barrel of Bricks Toggle seen
Can urinating on the electrified third rail of a train track cause you to be electrocuted? Can a wallet made from the skin of an electric eel erase the magnetic information from your credit cards? Can a construction worker be killed by a barrel of bricks?
Ep 7 - Penny Drop Toggle seen
Can a pedestrian be killed by a penny dropped from the top of a skyscraper? The team finds out the terminal velocity of a penny and make a penny cannon, then shot it at a pigs scull. This showed if a penny being dropping at terminal velocity can kill someone. Can you be baked to death on a tanning bed? Can toothfillings transmit radio waves?
Ep 8 - Buried Alive Toggle seen
Can a person jumping off a bridge be saved from death by throwing a hammer into the water to break the rigidity of the surface? How long will the air last in a coffin if you are buried alive? Can cola clean rust, cook a steak, or remove bloodstains?
Ep 9 - Lightning Strikes / Tongue Piercing Toggle seen
Could a small town have built a working cannon out of a tree? Can a pierced tongue withstand the electric force of a bolt of lightning? The team takes a mold of Adam's head and pierced the heck out of it to see if they could get a lighting strike from an electric rod. Are there ways of beating a Breathalyzer? The team tries many myths to see if they could drink and make it not show up on a Breathalyzer.
Ep 10 - Stinky Car, Raccoon Rocket Toggle seen
Mythbusters, Jamie and Adam put their noses to the test to find out if that nasty smell in your car is there to stay. Is the myth of the stinky car true? Then follow the gasoline trail as they try to flush out the truth in the raccoon in the drain myth.
Ep 11 - Alcatraz Escape Toggle seen
Jamie and Adam retrace the steps of the infamous prisoners who escaped from Alcatraz without a trace in 1962. Although presumed drowned, they'll find out if it was possible to survive the tides of the San Francisco Bay in a homemade raft. As for other myth, Jamie and Adam test whether quacks from ducks echo. They examine the urban legend about whether a stud finder can tell whether you have something implanted in your body.
Season 2004
Ep 1 - Chicken Gun Toggle seen
Can a cooked and raw chicken flying toward an airplane interfere with its flight or will the jet engine just blow it away? The team makes a huge pressurized cannon and shoots a chicken at a jet's windshield. Did a woman give birth to an octopus after swallowing an octopus egg? Can your washing machine kill you?
Ep 2 - Explosive Decompression, Frog Giggin', Rear Axle Toggle seen
Can a bullet hole in the hull of an airplane cause explosive decompression that destroys the plane? Can a .22 caliber gun cartridge attached to a car ignition be used as a fuse? Can a car be ripped off its rear axle?
Ep 3 - Sinking Titanic, Goldfish Memory, Trombone Explosi Toggle seen
Will a sinking ship suck you down as it goes under? Can fish actually remember things? What happens when you throw a firecracker down the neck of a trombone?
Ep 4 - Breakstep Bridge Toggle seen
Can a marching band make a bridge collapse? Can bacteria from a toilet settle in a toothbrush? Can a person water ski behind a rowboat?
Ep 5 - Buried in Concrete Toggle seen
Is Jimmy Hoffa buried in the concrete under Giant's Stadium? Do Daddly-Long Leg Spiders have poison venom? Can a jet engine launch a taxi into the air?
Ep 6 - Best Animal Myths Toggle seen
At request of the fans, the best myths related to animals will be shown again in this episode.
Ep 7 - Best Electric Myths Toggle seen
Ep 8 - Myths Revisited Toggle seen
In this episode, Adam and Jamie re-test some myths hearing the publics suggestions and complaints. Myths tested: -"Peeing on the Third Rail" -"Goldfinger" -"Chicken Gun" (which gave problems and had to be re-tested twice) -"Ice Bullet" -"Cell Phone + Gas Station = Explosion" -"Aerosol (formally Biscuit) Bullet, part II" "Exploding Implants, part II"
Ep 9 - Best Explosions Toggle seen
The Best Booms and Bangs so far from the series!
Ep 10 - Scuba Diver, Car Capers Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie investigate the urban legend of a scuba diver who is dumped in the middle of a forest fire by a fire-fighting helicopter. Can a scuba diver get sucked up and spit out like this? They also investigate other legends: what happens when a banana is shoved into a car's tailpipe? What happens when you pour sugar in a car gas tank? What happens when you shoot a gun at a gas tank?
Ep 11 - Ancient Death Ray Toggle seen
Did the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes destroy a Roman fleet by building a heat ray that used only mirrors and sunlight? What is the best way of getting rid of a Skunk's odor? Can a bullet proofshield really stop a bullet?
Ep 12 - Elevator of Death, Levitation Machine Toggle seen
If you are in an elevator when it falls, can you save yourself by jumping up just before it hits the bottom? Is it possible to create a home-made levitation machine?
Ep 13 - Beat the Radar Detector Toggle seen
Did a construction worker survive a fall off a building by holding plywood? Can you beat the radar gun using different materials on your car LEGALLY?
Ep 14 - Quicksand, Bathtub Electrocution, MRI Rays and Tat Toggle seen
Can quicksand really pull you under? Is it really possible to kill someone by dropping an electrical appliance into a bathtub? Can an MRI explode a tattoo that has traces of metal within it?
Ep 15 - Exploding Jawbreaker Toggle seen
Is it possible to throw a regular playing card fast enough to inflict bodily harm? Jamie and Adam put the "killer card" myth under the microscope, then look into whether a heated jawbreaker can explode in your mouth. Finally, the guys invent their own static cannon to learn if an unfortunate construction worker really died from sandblasting a PVC pipe on the job.
Ep 16 - Pingpong Rescue Toggle seen
Can a sunken ship be lifted from the ocean floor using only ping-pong balls? How many balloons does it take to lift a three-year-old off the ground.
Ep 17 - Boom Lift Catapult Toggle seen
Buster lends a hand as the MythBusters explore the myth of the boom-lift catapult. Will Buster overcome the raw power of a 30,000-pound piece of machinery, or will the boom-lift turn into the ultimate medieval catapult? Then, worried about the price of gas? Tune in to Jamie and Adam's investigation into the most fuel-efficient way to keep cool in the car: turning on the air conditioning or opening the windows.
Ep 18 - Exploding House Toggle seen
Just how hard is it to find a needle in a haystack? Can you really blow up a house through misusing a bug bomb? Does talking to your plants actually help?
Ep 19 - Ming Dynasty Astronaut Toggle seen
Buster makes the ultimate sacrifice as he's chosen to test the myth of a Ming Dynasty astronomer who strapped rockets to his chair in a bid to launch into space. Then, Adam and Jamie try to corner the energy market as they test out various free energy devices. And finally, the build team nearly lose their lunch testing out whether or not a common household ceiling fan really is a heads-up death trap.
Ep 20 - Christmas Special Toggle seen
On this special episode, Jamie and Adam present the winners from our fall 2004 favorite-myths online poll. So, did you guys vote for Stinky Car? Or will Pop Rocks and Coke emerge triumphant? Also, the MythBusters try their hand at a few holiday myths: Will putting a silver spoon in a champagne bottle keep it fizzy? Does a snowman melt faster with its clothes on ... or off? Tune in and find out.
Season 2005
Ep 1 - Buster Special Toggle seen
Buster is the Mythbuster's dummy. Buster is remembered in this hour long special depicting his brave outing testing multiple myths for the guys, as well as an inside, and in depth, look into the creation of our fallen hero's replacement. The team also builds a new Buster because the old one was so trashed up from recent experiences.
Ep 2 - Ultimate MythBusters Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie go head-to-head in a series of challenges to see who has the guts and "gusto" to be the Ultimate Mythbuster! Test 1: Engineering; create a device to launch a tortilla as far as possible without destroying it. Test 2: Estimation; estimate the weight of 3 different objects looking at them and then taking them with their hands. Test 3: Fear; they have to hold creepy creatures without getting scared. Test 4: Creative Thinking. They have to build the classic "Egg Drop Device" to protect the egg from the fall. Test 5: Pain. They'll have to stand the pain caused by paint balls. Test 6: Memory. They have to test each other with a 6-question quiz about the myths they've tested.
Ep 3 - Brown Note Toggle seen
Does a certain sound note cause you to "tinkle" in your pants? Does that classic shot with a gun in a movie scene with fly backward possible? Is Chinese Water Torture Real?
Ep 4 - Salsa Escape Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie go head to head in a madcap Mexican jailbreak as they taste-test the theory of the Salsa Escape. And take one cement truck, add 850 pounds of dynamite, and what's left? Absolutely nothing, apparently. Adam and Jamie join forces with the FBI to find out if you can remove cement build-up from a mixer's barrel using dynamite.
Ep 5 - Exploding Port-a-Potty Toggle seen
Can a person receive third-degree burns if he or she lights a cigarette while inside a port-a-potty? Armed with Adam's "special sample," the build team explores whether human waste can create enough methane to produce an explosive result. Then the MythBusters test whether a broken drive shaft on the front joint of a car vault can cause a car to pole vault after it hits a pothole. Just how high can this car fly?
Ep 6 - Is Yawning Contagious? Toggle seen
Using a specially fabricated chamber complete with two-way mirror and a hidden camera, Kari, Scottie and Tory set out to see whether a yawn, like a cold, truly can be caught. Next on the docket: Does toast really fall buttered-side down? Jamie and Adam are on the case, each building a rig to simulate toast being dropped from the dining room table. Finally, the whole team tests the myth that a toy car can beat a real car (in this case, a Dodge Viper) in a gravity slope race.
Ep 7 - MythBusters Outtakes Toggle seen
Outtakes from the series so far.
Ep 8 - Cooling a Six-Pack Toggle seen
The mystery is finally over! Watch as the MythBusters use ice, water, refrigerators, freezers and fire to test the fastest way to cool a six-pack. Then the team builds a new crash-test dummy ... and drops it 60 feet from a crane. The result is baptism by destruction for Buster 2.0, and a high-speed, high-impact crash the likes of which ... well, see for yourself. And finally, they may not have had iPods or remote controls to use them in, but did ancient peoples have batteries? Learn whether a crude form was invented more than 2,000 years ago.
Ep 9 - Son of a Gun Toggle seen
Was a woman in the Civil War impregnated by a bullet that went through a man's region before striking her? The Mythbusters build a life size working bathroom to see if being in the tub during a lightning storm is safe and what happens if you forget to detach your trailer from your boat.
Ep 10 - Shop 'til You Drop Toggle seen
Find out where the MythBusters find all their goodies to build that myth breaking machines.
Ep 11 - MythBusters: Revealed Toggle seen
Experience the funny moments, adventure and misadventures, mistakes and mis-experimentations of Adam and Jamie as they test the truth of myths.
Ep 12 - Hollywood On Trial Toggle seen
New Mythbuilder Grant Imahara joins the team as they recap old movie myths and test new ones in this special Mythbusters episode.
Ep 13 - Breaking Glass Toggle seen
Can an singer really break glass just by using their voice? Can you make a jet engine out of vacuum cleaner parts? Is it true that a rolling stone gathers no moss?
Ep 14 - Jet Pack Toggle seen
With $10,000, can they build a hover craft? The team finds all of the possibilities of a hover craft or really a Jet Pack. Did pyramid shape help preserve mummies and current day pyramids preserve food items? In this myth the team make a metal bronze pyramid and puts an apple and a glass of milk under the pyramid. They leave the apple and the milk under the pyramid for 3 months.
Ep 15 - Killer Brace Position Toggle seen
Adam and Kari go to a local raceway and drive a skills course, while being distracted on the cell phone, and then after knocking back some beers, to find out which is more dangerous. And, in their own homemade mock airplane they test "the brace position."
Ep 16 - Bullet Proof Water Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test two urban legends; in 'Bullet Proof Water' find out exactly how deep one must dive to survive a gunshot, and in '360 Degree Swing' find out if it is possible to get a swinger to go all the way around a swing set, up and over the bar.
Ep 17 - MythBusters Jaws Special Toggle seen
Mythbusters are going to put the bite on some fascinating shark myths. Find out if real sharks are capable of performing the way the great white shark in the movie "JAWS" did, and uncover the strength and stamina of these off-screen giants. Including do sharks lose interest in attacking if punched on the nose or jabbed in the eyes and gills? Adam and Jamie put it to the test. Jamie goes overboard to tussle with some fearsome fish. And a scuba tank experiment so dangerous, the FBI are brought in!
Ep 18 - Border Slingshot Toggle seen
Can you fling someone over the border (200 yards) using a slingshot safely to a mattress? Can the Mythbusters break a US-Mexico Border Myth
Ep 19 - Killer Tissue Box Toggle seen
'Killer Tissue Box' is an investigation into whether a tissue box can become a lethal missile in a car crash. In 'Split Arrow' the build team tests whether an archer can split one arrow straight down the middle with another, as the legendary Robin Hood was said to have done.
Ep 20 - Escape Slide Parachute Toggle seen
Join the MythBusters as they test three tall tales of high flying and free falling. The first pits them against Hollywood logic with Buster doing his best Indiana Jones impression, the second tests the explosive properties and decapitation potential of hair cream, and the third addresses surviving a fall from 33,000 feet without a parachute. So, basically, it's business as usual at the "Mythbusters Flying Circus"!
Ep 21 - MythBusters Revisited Toggle seen
Time to take down the non believers! Mythbusters will go revisit Blown Away, Running in the Rain, Plywood Flyer, Exploding Soda, Explosive Decompression, AC vs Windows Down, and Exploding Gas Tank to end the you did it wrong crowd for the last time!
Ep 22 - Chinese Invasion Alarm Toggle seen
Join the MythBusters as they head to a California mine to test an ancient Chinese military myth – a subterranean sonar system that could allegedly detect and intercept an invasion from below. Then, armed with an incubator, agar plates and boundless enthusiasm, the guys aim to cook up the truth about a popular food fable. If food has been on the floor for less than five seconds, is it still safe to eat?
Ep 23 - Confederate Rocket Toggle seen
The American Civil War was fought with polished bayonets, unreliable muskets and bulky cannons. But was that all? Not according to the Mythbusters: Adam, Jamie and the build team join forces to find out if the Confederate Army had a secret deadly weapon.
Ep 24 - Vodka Myths Toggle seen
In COMPACT COMPACT, trucks fused together upon impact, sealing the unfortunate car and driver between them. The team needs a traffic-free stretch of freeway to test this.Kari hosts some urban legends about Vodka and its impact on personal hygiene. The team takes vodka and puts it up against the normal oder persperant and tries to get rid of the oder on Kari's feet. They also put it up against the normal mouth wash and smell Kari
Ep 25 - Steel Toe Amputation Toggle seen
In Steel Toe Amputation, Adam and Jamie test steel toe boots ability to protect from heavy objects. In Bottle Blast Off, the Build team fills soda bottle and watch it lift off, testing Newton's third law.
Ep 26 - Seasickness - Kill or Cure Toggle seen
The MythBusters take on the myth that electric shock therapy or homeopathic tongue tinglers cure seasickness. Also does driving your pickup with the tailgate down save money and can shoving your fingers into a gun barrel save life?
Season 2006
Ep 1 - Paper Crossbow Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie unleash a deadly myth from a supermax prison, attempting to make a deadly weapon out of newspaper and underwear. Grant, Kari and Tory unscrew the cap on some more vodka myths, such as removing cigarette smell from clothing.
Ep 2 - Shredded Plane Toggle seen
In Shredded plane, Adam and Jamie investigate the cause of a shredded airplane. The other members put their survival skills to the test in Firestarter.
Ep 3 - Archimedes Death Ray Revisited Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie accepted the challenge from fans mailbags to retest the Archimedes death ray. In turn, fans and MIT team were invited to perform this challlenge.
Ep 4 - Helium Football Toggle seen
This time around, Adam and Jamie test out a myth that footballs filled with helium will fly further and hang longer than ones filled with regulation air. Based on the myth of a 70s Oakland Raiders Punter. Next, the build team undertake tests in the firing line. Are teeth strong enough to withstand the force of a bullet?
Ep 5 - Franklin's Kite Toggle seen
Not exactly a Myth, but an interesting experiment, The Team Goes to replicate Ben Franklin's Lightning Storm Kite, which during the process causes injury to Tory.. Stay Tuned!
Ep 6 - Cell Phones on Planes Toggle seen
So, supposedly, if you fill a normal raft with helium, you can fly. Let's see if the guys can get their boat into the air - get ready for the biggest Mythbusters' build ever. Meanwhile, Tory and Kari tackle a conspiracy theory familiar to many frequent fliers. Can your cell phone interfere with a plane's instruments?
Ep 7 - Bullets Fired Up Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test the myth that firing in the air can cause the death of someone if they are impacted by the bullet when it returns to earth. Also Kari, Tory and Grant continue to delve into more popular Vodka myths.
Ep 8 - Myths Reopened Toggle seen
A look back at myths that generated a truck load of angry fan mail. In Split Arrow, the 3 Mythkateers take another aim at Robin Hood's arrow. The Confederate Rocket will be tested with a Salami launch. Another shot at Bullet-Proof water.
Ep 9 - Mind Control Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie attempt to blow open a home improvement myth with dynamite. The 3 MythBuilders tackle mind control by manipulating someone's mind remotely.
Ep 10 - Exploding Pants Toggle seen
The three Mythkateers investigate a fashion disaster when farmers’ trousers suddenly explode. In Great Gas Conspiracy, Adam and Jamie investigate whether the gas and car companies deliberately make gas guzzling cars to increase profits.
Ep 11 - Crimes and Myth-demeanors Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie once again put movie myths to the test. Are Hollywood heists complete hocus pocus or can you really crack the tightest security systems in the world? Part 1 of 2!
Ep 12 - Steam Cannon Toggle seen
Archimedes is on Mythbusters again! This time it's his Steam Cannon and the results are amazing as Adam and Jamie build the mother of all cannons. While in Breakfast Cereal, an eating competition puts Adam's Mom to the test! Whats healthier? The cereal or the box itself?
Ep 13 - Killer Whirlpool Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test the famous myth of: Can whirlpools kill? Tory, Kari and Grant get snowed in under a snow plow.
Ep 14 - Diet Coke and Mentos Toggle seen
Inspired by an internet story, The Mythbusters take on the controversy surrounding these fizzy fountains. Then they try and find new household-product tricks that could be the "new craze". Meanwhile, the Mythterns tackle the myth that a single postage stamp on a helicopter blade disrupts the system enough to take it down.
Ep 15 - Shattering Subwoofer Toggle seen
The guys find out if the bass from a car stereo can destroy an automobile. They rip out the interior of a car, build a giant subwoofer to fill it, and then power it by attaching it directly to the drive shaft. Wear your ear plugs for this one! Also, Grant, Kari and Tory hit the road to take on two tall tales from our mates down under. If you're driving on a rough outback road, will you get a smoother ride by driving faster? And, can you stop your windshield from shattering when a stone is kicked up from a passing car by bracing the glass with your hand?
Ep 16 - Crimes and Myth-demeanors 2 Toggle seen
Part 2 of 2: More Crimes in the movies put to the test: Heat Sensing and Motion Sensors and Safe Exploding with water.
Ep 17 - Earthquake Machine Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie take on one of the greatest scientist/inventor and myth creator legends of all time, Nikolai Tesla and his Earthquake Machine. Tory and Kari investigate a lethal lava lamp.
Ep 18 - Deadly Straw Toggle seen
Can a straw go through a palm tree? Can a hurricane really take the feathers off a chicken? and Plant Polygraphing
Ep 19 - Mega Movie Myths Toggle seen
Adam, Jamie, Buster, and the Build Team are watching movie Myths they have done in the past, and decide to dedicate a whole episode to them.
Ep 20 - Killer Cable Snaps Toggle seen
Can a high tension cable slice a person in two when it snaps? Also, Tory and Kari explore the myth of 'archaeo-acoustics' in which ancient pottery contains sounds from the past and can be played back and heard today.
Ep 21 - Air Cylinder Rocket Toggle seen
Put simply, this episode is vintage, explosive MythBusters. Adam and Jamie have unfinished business from their Shark Week special, where they shot and then exploded a scuba tank. But they've always wondered if a ruptured cylinder — carefully aimed — can really cause the massive damage some people claim. Meanwhile, Tori, Grant and Kari go back in time to test some prototypes from the past. They all sound highly dangerous, and they probably are ... After all, they're tinkering with engines fueled by gunpowder!
Ep 22 - More Myths Revisited Toggle seen
Returning to the most controversial myths. More past experiments to see if their original answer was genuine or bogus. So Stop Writing Us!
Ep 23 - Exploding Lighter Toggle seen
Can a small, disposable butane lighter suddenly ignite with the force of several sticks of dynamite? The Gang tries to light a lighter on fire by hitting it with a golf club and trying to light it with sparks from a torch like tool. And the gang tries to shoot down some popular gunslinger myths. By seeing if it is possible if you can shoot off 5 shots from a magnum before a coin can hit the ground.
Ep 24 - Concrete Glider Toggle seen
In "Concrete Glider," Adam and Jamie test the old engineering challenge that like a lead balloon, you can't make a concrete glider fly. There's nothing like a challenge to focus the MythBusters' massive minds! Who will fly into history as champ and who will plummet like a stone? Tune in to find out. In the meantime, Kari, Grant and Tori go to amazing lengths to find out just how dangerous it is to stand too close to the edge of a train platform.
Ep 25 - Firearms Folklore Toggle seen
Just when you think Adam and Jamie have tested every gun legend in history, they come up with three more myths. In an urban shootout, could a criminal's bullet have hit and then jammed the empty chamber of a policeman's revolver? Saving Private Ryan might have been based on fact but what about the scene where one sniper kills another by shooting straight down the enemy's gun scope? And assuming two antique bullets once hit midair in a Civil War battle, is it even remotely possible those two bullets fused together? In the meantime, Kari, Grant and Tori go to great lengths to see whether humankind's first and simplest tool — the hammer — could be far more dangerous than you think
Ep 26 - Anti-Gravity Device Toggle seen
Christmas comes once a year but not on MythBusters! Is it really true that leaving some Christmas lights on your tree overnight could cause it to heat up so much that the tree bursts into a ball of flame? Meanwhile, Kari, Grant and Tori investigate a frontier technology that if confirmed would take off in a big way. Anti-gravity is the holy grail of science. But is it science or science fiction? With a flick of a switch can you simply turn off gravity? And if that wasn't enough, in "Vodka Jellyfish," Kari puts her life on the line with a final shot at a vodka myth. Is it true that vodka can cure the pain of a jellyfish sting? There are screams, torture and tentacles! .
Ep 27 - Holiday Special Toggle seen
Holiday Themed Myths. Can the Mythbusters really make a 35-piece Goldberg machine work, or will they just get frustrated and call it quits? What will keep your tree from dropping needles, bleach or hairspray? Will the turkey kill the dog? Tune-in and see it for yourself.
Ep 28 - 22,000 Foot Fall Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie explore the improbable survival of a WWII gunner with some of the biggest explosions in the show's history! Can someone fall 22,000 feet and be saved by a bomb? Also, the Build Team explores light-bulbs and energy usage. Does leaving the light on help?
Season 2007
Ep 1 - Hindenburg Mystery Toggle seen
In this action-packed episode, Adam and Jamie turn dirigible detectives to try and solve one of aeronautics biggest puzzles: did hydrogen really cause the Hindenburg fire? Meanwhile Kari, Tory and Grant come face-to-face — and have to flee — from some of Nature's natural-born killers. See what unfolds as they test the saying: "If you're being chased by a crocodile, run in a zig-zag, because crocs can't turn corners at speed."
Ep 2 - Pirate Special Toggle seen
2 Hour Special with 4 Pirate Themes Myths. They included whether the eyepatch would help you see in the dark, whether you could use a knife to slide down a sail, whether a canon ball killed more people compared to the splinters, and whether alcohol could be a good cleaner for laundry.
Ep 3 - Underwater Car Escape Toggle seen
If you're unfortunate enough to drive your vehicle into the drink, is it possible to escape or will a watery grave be your fate? Heading poolside, the guys get their feet wet by doing some intensive underwater training. Then the pressure is on as they seat themselves inside a submerged car and do their darndest to get out. Meanwhile Grant, Tory and Kari roll out the Seven Paper Fold myth. Is it possible to fold a piece of paper in half more than seven times? Taking this myth to the outer limits, our crew sets up at a location that has plenty of space — NASA. Here, in the biggest build they have ever attempted, their mission is to put together a piece of paper that's the size of a football field.
Ep 4 - Speed Cameras Toggle seen
Take two self-confessed speed freaks — yeah, that would be Adam and Jamie — and pit them against the people's nemesis: speed cameras. The result: an action-packed adventure full of fun, fascination and, best of all, fast cars. Can speed cameras be beat by speeding faster than they can click? How about using license plate protectors or changing lanes to avoid the camera's eagle eye? Adam and Jamie put the pedal to the metal to crack these myths. Meanwhile in "Exploding Nitro Patches," Kari, Grant and Tory explore the myth that when the paramedic shouts "Clear!" and the defibrillator vents, its volts may start more than a heart.
Ep 5 - Dog Myths Toggle seen
Is it possible to teach an Old Dog New Tricks? In attempt to find an answer Adam and Jamie go head to head with a pair of untrained dogs. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant, and Tory look into the myth that you can Beat The Guard Dog.
Ep 6 - More Myths Reopened Toggle seen
Every so often the MythBusters draw conclusions that leave the fans seething. Well, once again, it's time for Adam and Jamie to put some of their most contentious outcomes under the microscope in More Myths Revisited. That's right - tune in and check out a few myths that left you peeved, like Exploding Trombone, Sniper Scope, Finger in the Barrel and Coke and Mentos.
Ep 7 - Voice Flame Extinguisher Toggle seen
It's another hypnotic MythBusters episode, full of sound and fury, and guaranteed to have you spellbound. Grant, Tory and Kari go deeper ... deeper ... deeper into the world of hypnosis, while Adam and Jamie appear to be under some sort of influence as they make extraordinary noise in the name of science. In "Voice Flame Extinguisher," Jamie and Adam set out to discover if it's possible to put out a fire using only your voice. According to the myth, concentrated sound waves can prevent air from getting to the flames and, starved of oxygen, the fire dies. One thing's for sure, the boys' voices aren't gonna set the world on fire!
Ep 8 - Birds in a Truck Toggle seen
In "Birds in a Truck," Adam and Jamie tackle Sir Isaac Newton's founding principle of thermodynamics and the law of conservation of momentum. They're looking into a physics' classroom urban myth. If birds in a truck take flight do they lighten the load? Watch to see if the 'Busters will be outsmarted by a flock of pigeons ... Meanwhile, Grant, Tory and Kari become crime scene investigators. A photo found on the Net shows a speedboat impaled on a channel marker, almost neatly split in half. In an effort to get to the bottom of this watery fender bender, our intrepid CSI team goes on a high-speed joyride.
Ep 9 - Walking On Water Toggle seen
It's "East Meets West" in this episode of MythBusters. Shrouded in secrecy and mythology, not to mention cult popularity, ninjas are perfect fodder for the MythBusters. The whole team joins forces to pit science against martial arts mystique. Can ninjas run on water as movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon would have us believe? In "Walking on Water," Adam, Jamie and a ninjitsu master try their luck at aquatic agility. And if that doesn't work, the boys get confrontational as they compete to see how ninjas - masters of illusion - could create the impression of water running. In "Samurai Swing," Kari, Tory and Grant find out if a ninja could stop a samurai sword with his bare hands. To avoid the sharp sting of steel the team devises a ninja rig to clap onto the sword, and it seems like this myth is all in the timing.
Ep 10 - Western Myths Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie saddle up for some western myths. But that's not all — Kari, Tory and Grant test the modern marvel of airbags. You've got it all: past and present; horses and cars; guns and explosions.
Ep 11 - Big Rig Myths Toggle seen
Can an exploding Truck Tire Kill? And Another Fuel efficiency myth, will drafting reduce drag? Is it possible for a car to go inside a truck while it's still in motion?
Ep 12 - Grenades and Guts Toggle seen
Jamie and Adam investigate the cliché that a quick thinking action hero can protect his fellow cast members from a grenade blast. Meanwhile, in Diet Coke and Mentos — Exploding Stomach, our intrepid trio test an internet video with an outrageous claim.
Ep 13 - Snow Special Toggle seen
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! It's all about pure powder and the MythBusters team is ready to tear up those classic movie myths on everything snow.
Ep 14 - Baseball Myths Toggle seen
Can a baseball be hit hard enough to remove the covering? Can dry balls be hit farther than humid ones? Is sliding over the base really faster than running it? Can balls be hit further with a corked bat?
Ep 15 - Viewer Special Toggle seen
Viewers’ favorite myths are put to the test. If you sneeze with your eyes open, will your eyeballs pop out of your head? Can you stop a car by putting it in reverse? Will a tennis ball unlock a car door? Also, Jamie and Adam reunite with Alan Normandy to test whether you can kill someone by loading your rifle with cigarette butts. And finally, a young boy asked the MythBusters to take care of the family station wagon. Retired FBI agent Frank Doyle and friends lend their support…and munitions.
Ep 16 - Red Flag to a Bull Toggle seen
Are bulls really aggravated by the color red? Can ammunition stored in the oven be lethal? Can bullets thrown in a campfire kill you? Do bulls in a china shop act like "bulls in a china shop?"
Ep 17 - Superhero Hour Toggle seen
Can you climb a building with a motorized grappling hook? If you punch someone while wearing a ring, will you make a ring-shaped imprint? Can you change in a phone booth? Can you rig a grappling hook on to a car, shoot it at a steel structure, and use it to swing around a 90 degree corner?
Ep 18 - Myth Evolution! Toggle seen
Can you beat the speed camera? Can a ninja deflect a bullet with their palm? Can a person breathe from a car tire underwater? Will an RFID chip explode in a MRI scanner?
Ep 19 - Trail Blazers Toggle seen
Can you light a trail of gas from the leaking tank of a moving vehicle and have the vehicle explode? Can you outrun a trail of burning gunpowder before it reaches a barrel of gunpowder? Can you be burned by a defibrillator if you are wearing an underwire bra or have a nipple ring?
Ep 20 - Exploding Water Heater Toggle seen
Can a water heater explode like a rocket and shoot through the roof of a house? If a person is being dragged by a horse, can the friction caused by the movement make their jeans catch on fire? Can shrinking jeans while wearing them in a hot bath for six hours kill you?
Ep 21 - Super Sized Myths! Toggle seen
A 2 Hour Special where Adam and Jamie return to the JATO rocket car to try and make if fly, find out whether great white sharks are attracted to low frequencies and afraid of dolphins. Meanwhile, Tori, Grant, and Kari use a real 747 to try and blow a car, bus, and single-engine plane off the road. Also Tori tries to wakeboard behind a cruise ship, the biggest episode to date!
Ep 22 - Shooting Fish in a Barrel Toggle seen
Is shooting fish in a barrel really as easy as the proverb says? What is the most effective cure for pain caused by hot chili peppers? Are elephants really afraid of mice?
Ep 23 - Pirates 2 Toggle seen
In this piratical sequel, the MythBusters once again plunder and pillage for maritime myth, testing two Pirates of the Caribbean movie-inspired myths and the curse of a Sand Neck Tie.
Ep 24 - Confederate Steam Gun Toggle seen
Jamie and Adam take on a mythical confederate weapon: a steam-powered machine gun rumored to fire 400 rounds a minute at a 300-yard range. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant, and Tory put their lying skills on the line to test mythical ways to beat a lie detector.
Ep 25 - Air Plane Hour Toggle seen
Can an average joe land a 747 plane with no training and experience? Can a plane take off on a conveyer belt moving in the opposite direction? And lots of Skydiving Myths!
Season 2008
Ep 1 - James Bond Special: Part 1 Toggle seen
There's so many myths on James Bond, it's 2 episodes long! Tonight its part 1 of James Bond Myths! In the 6th Season Premiere!
Ep 2 - Lead Balloon Toggle seen
The MythBusters decide to sink a lead balloon in order to put that proverbial saying to the test. They also look into whether or not dynamite can be used to help create the right conditions for surfing.
Ep 3 - Airplane on a Conveyor Belt Toggle seen
Can cockroaches survive a nuclear war? It has long been claimed, but Adam and Jamie decide to finally see whether or not this common claim is true. Later, they see whether or not an airplane could get the speed to take off by rolling on a conveyor belt. Finally, they test whether or not cans of shaving cream can explode if a common prank goes awry.
Ep 4 - James Bond Special: Part 2 Toggle seen
More James Bond Myths Put to the test.
Ep 5 - Viewers Special 2 Toggle seen
Its finally here, Part 2 of your Viewer Suggested Myths! Can you slide down a steel cable with your jeans? Does eye black help athletes see? Can a spark follow a trail of gunpowder leaking from a barrel, catch up with it, and explode? Can you cut down a tree with a machine gun?
Ep 6 - MacGyver Myths Toggle seen
MacGyver has always been able to get out of sticky situations using the most unorthodox objects. In this episode, our very own quick thinking heroes put some of the most well known MacGyver strategies to the test.
Ep 7 - Alaska Special Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie head to Alaska for some Bone Chilling Alaskan Style Myths!
Ep 8 - Shark Week 2008 Toggle seen
Can sharks detect a struggling fish? Do dogs attract sharks? Does chili powder repel sharks? If you play dead in the middle of a bunch of sharks, will they leave you alone? Do Spots of light attract Sharks? Could you find a shark's eye when it's splashing you around in his mouth? Mythbusters Shark Week Special 2008.
Ep 9 - Exploding Steak Toggle seen
The seventh season opens with fan requested myths, including whether steak can be tenderized with explosives and if driving while angry changes fuel consumption.
Ep 10 - NASA Moon Landing Toggle seen
The Marshall Space Flight Center hosted the Mythbusters television show. The Mythbusters chose Marshall as one of several NASA locations for an episode to debunk the notion that NASA never landed on the moon. The cast conducted tests involving a feather, a weight, a lunar soil boot print, and a flag in a vacuum. A team of Marshall scientists helped with the tests.
Ep 11 - Viral Hour Toggle seen
On this infectious episode of Mythbusters, we give internet 'viral videos' a timely check-up. They're exciting, funny, and sometimes barely credible. We can't wait to pass them on to our ten best friends, but can we truly believe everything we see?
Ep 12 - Phone Book Friction Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie use a fan mail film to dial in on a phone book fable. Kari, Grant and Tory test a fishy tale of Hollywood pyrotechnics with their own big bang theories.
Ep 13 - Water Stun Gun Toggle seen
On this episode of Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie investigate a secret agent myth - that you can turn a conventional electric stun gun into a water-powered electric stun gun.
Ep 14 - Blind Driving Toggle seen
On this episode of Mythbusters, there are 'fore' myths at which to swing and miss. And the four myths couldn't be more different.
Ep 15 - Ninjas 2 Toggle seen
Ninjas and Mythbusters go together like matches and gunpowder: a marriage made in heaven. Ninjas are steeped in mythology that they've been only too happy to circulate. It's time to separate fact from fiction in the Mythbusters Ninja special 2.
Ep 16 - Alcohol Myths Toggle seen
On this episode of Mythbusters, Jamie, Adam and Kari apply some science to the theory that the more you drink, the more attractive you find the opposite sex. Does drinking alcohol make people look more attractive? Do alleged ways of sobering up really work? Could the ancient Korean Hwacha actually do what is claimed?
Ep 17 - Motorcycle Flip Toggle seen
On this spectacular episode of Mythbusters Adam and Jamie raid the Ark-hives for an Indiana Jones movie myth... and Kari, Grant and Tory are breaking bad to test tall tales of breaking out of prison.
Ep 18 - Coffin Punch Toggle seen
On this death-defying episode of MYTHBUSTERS, the whole team gets together to test myths about survival. Adam and Jamie return to one of the fans' favorite subjects -- what is bullet-proof?
Ep 19 - End With A Bang Toggle seen
In this Idiom Special episode, the team joins forces to put sayings we all take for granted under the MYTHBUSTERS microscope, including: "You can’t polish poop", "Hit the Ground Running" and "Better to End with a Bang!"
Ep 20 - Viewer Special Threequel Toggle seen
Could a torture technique consisting of growing a bamboo through a victim's body have worked? Does dropping alkali metals in a water-filled bathtub result in a huge explosion? Does brandy, such as carried by Saint Bernards, really prevent hypothermia? Does lighting a piano on fire make it explode?
Season 2009
Ep 1 - Demolition Derby Special Toggle seen
2 Hour Season Premiere! Flipping a Bus (Based on the Movie "Speed") Fan Revisit!: The Car Pancaked Between 2 Trucks! Hollywood Crash Tests into a Fruit Cart! And Can a Car survive a 4,000 Foot Drop?
Ep 2 - Alaska Special 2 Toggle seen
The Team heads back to Alaska for more Alaskan Themed Myths!
Ep 3 - Banana Slip, Double Dip Toggle seen
Don't even think about Double Dipping that Chip! A Real Bannana Peel Slip n Slide? Make your own Diamonds out of Food? and other food based myths. The Biggest Boom in Show History? You be the judge!
Ep 4 - YouTube Special! Toggle seen
Can you create a 7 foot tall LEGO "Ball" and roll it down a hill? And Other YouTube Made Myths!
Ep 5 - Swimming in Syrup Toggle seen
MacGyver's Magic Bullets Can you shoot two targets with one shot by splitting a bullet on an axe blade?
Ep 6 - Exploding Bumper Toggle seen
On this high-velocity episode of Mythbusters, we test two highly contentious legends that span 500 years of locomotion- from the reliable horse to the sometimes-unreliable motorcar.
Ep 7 - Seesaw Saga Toggle seen
On this high-flying episode of MythBusters, the whole team tackles one massive and improbable myth from the fan site: could a skydiver whose parachute failed to open hit a playground see-saw and send a small girl flying seven stories high?
Ep 8 - Thermite vs. Ice Toggle seen
So if you poured thermite onto ice, would the ice would melt in an instant? Can car stereo vibrations be so loud that nearby guns will start shooting off randomly?
Ep 9 - Prison Escape Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie see if it's possible to cling to the roof of a speeding and swerving car like it's done in action movies. Kari, Tory and Grant try to break out of jail by cutting their way through steel cell bars -- using only dental floss. Did an 18th century prisoner once put his ball and chain -- shackled to his ankle -- in the prison cannon and fire himself over the prison wall to freedom. Is it possible?
Ep 10 - Curving Bullets Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie get the Blue Angels to find out if a sonic shock wave can shatter glass. Tory, Grant and Kari take on this season's most requested myth: Can you really bend bullets around obstacles with a side arm flick, as it was done in the movie 'Wanted?'
Ep 11 - Car vs. Rain Toggle seen
Can flooring it in a rainstorm keep your convertible dry? Can popcorn be cooked by an explosion, and does its popping have enough force to destroy a building?
Ep 12 - Knock Your Socks Off Toggle seen
If one bullet is fired and the other is dropped simultaneously from the same height, which will hit the ground first? Or will they hit at the same time, owing to gravity? Meanwhile, Kari, Grant and Tory test an old saying: can you really knock someone out of their socks? In true MYTHBUSTERS fashion, their tests involve Buster, a boxing ring, a nitrogen cannon, a battering ram and, of course, explosives.
Ep 13 - Duct Tape Hour Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie see if it's possible to lift a car using nothing but duct tape, they then attempt to build a working sail-boat out of it. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant and Tori see if the tape can be used to build a working cannon.
Ep 14 - Dirty vs. Clean Car Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie get down and dirty with the myth that a muddy motorcar gets better gas mileage than its clean cousin. Meanwhile Kari, Grant and Tory are hitting the sauce and comparing hangovers to test an age old adage about beer and liquor.
Ep 15 - Greased Lightning Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie stroll into hell's kitchen to investigate a pair of frightening potential kitchen catastrophes. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant and Tory find out whether microwaving C4 will make it explode - plus a well-aged myth which maybe right on the nose: using cheese as cannon ammo.
Ep 16 - Hurricane Windows Toggle seen
On this cold and blustery episode, Adam and Jamie bet the house on a highly contentious hurricane survival tale in "Hurricane Windows" open or closed? Meanwhile, Kari, Grant, and Tory tackle two frigid fables involving liquid nitrogen.
Ep 17 - Crash and Burn Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test whether an out-of-control car really crashes and burns every time; Kari, Tory and Grant test a story about the world's first rocketeer.
Ep 18 - Myth Evolution 2 Toggle seen
On this episode of MythBusters, it's an evolution revolution as the team takes five fan favorites and focuses on a fascinating new facet for each.
Ep 19 - Dumpster Diving Toggle seen
The team plumbs the depths and hits great heights with a double diving extravaganza.
Ep 20 - Antacid Jail Break Toggle seen
The team tests two dangerous tales from the wrong side of the tracks. Can antacid tablets be used to blow a prison cell open? Can a person drive safely on a moonless night without using his headlights?
Ep 21 - Unarmed and Unharmed Toggle seen
On this episode of MythBusters Adam and Jamie return to the Old Wild West for a quick draw gun-slinging story, while Grant, Tory and Jessi hop on board the Mythbus for another manic myth from the movie Speed. Hang onto your ten-gallon hats!
Ep 22 - Hidden Nasties Toggle seen
Jamie and Adam take on rat-pee contaminated cans as well as everyday items dirtier than your toilet, while Tory, Grant and Jessi take on the Cannonball Run.
Ep 23 - Mini Myth Mayhem Toggle seen
Six fan-requested myths are put to the test. Can Adam and Jamie send a coconut with an engraved address through the mail and is it possible to light a match with a bullet? Four other myths will also be tested.
Season 2010
Ep 1 - Boomerang Bullet Toggle seen
Can ricochets of a bullet fired by you kill you in a closed space? And a Monty Python myth with a bouncing castle.
Ep 2 - Soda Cup Killer Toggle seen
This episode of MYTHBUSTERS mixes a killer cocktail of lethal littering and high-flying action movie action. In cup vs. car, Adam and Jamie tackle a tall tale of trash and crash. Can a Styrofoam cup of soda, thrown from a car at highway speeds, penetrate the windshield of an oncoming car and seriously injure the unfortunate driver? It sounds far-fetched, but Adam and Jamie discover how much damage a drink can really do. Tory, Grant and Jessi find out if film ‘fall guys’ can really hang on to the side of a building, Hollywood-style. Just about every action movie has a variation on the death-defying cling, but is it actually viable? The team tests their limits using their wits and a fake chopper.
Ep 3 - Dive to Survive Toggle seen
More Hollywood hi-jinks are explored in this episode of MythBusters. First up, Adam and Jamie plunge head first into a climactic cinema cliché: to survive a blast by the bad guys, the good guys dive underwater and resurface unscathed. Can a deep dive really save you from imminent annihilation? Kari Byron returns from maternity leave with a vengeance when she, Grant and Tory call for directory assistance. According to on-screen espionage scenarios, lining the inside of a car’s doors with a layer of phonebooks will bulletproof the car. But can you believe everything you see?
Ep 4 - Spy Car Escape Toggle seen
On this episode of MythBusters, it's spy vs. spy as Adam and Jamie investigate the best way to lose a tail in a car chase. These intrepid investigators test three of the all-time movie classics: tacks, smoke, and oil all launched from the trunk of a moving car. Jamie and Adam not only design and install the weapon systems, they take turns as 'pursued' and 'pursuer.' In a fascinating physics 'thought experiment,' Kari, Grant and Tory explore whether an object fired backwards from a vehicle moving forwards assuming both speeds are exactly the same will simply fall straight to the ground. Common sense says it should, but science is not as straightforward.
Ep 5 - Bottle Bash Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie get feisty with a bar fight fable while Kari, Grant and Tory investigate a ballistic material mystery from history. Forensic scientists have supposedly discovered that you'd be worse off having an empty beer bottle smashed over your head as opposed to a full one. Sounds counter intuitive, no? To get to the bottom of the bottle mystery, Adam and Jamie begin the brawl by bashing Buster, a pig, Mr. Jell-O Head and something they dreamed up called Meat Head. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant and Tory challenge the concept of a leather cannon. According to historical documents, ancient Swedish and Irish armies used animal hides to build their cannons. There is no written record of how successful these leather cannons really were, so the testing was rather explosive.
Ep 6 - No Pain No Gain, Propane Tank Rocket Toggle seen
On this episode of MythBusters, Adam and Jamie both become "lab rats" for science. In "No Pain, No Gain", they test a myth that touches us all: are some types of people really more tolerant to pain?
Ep 7 - Mythssion Control Toggle seen
On this Episode of MythBusters the fans take command in Mythssion Control. First up it's Hyneman vs Newton. Then - Kari, Grant and Tory are back in the school of hard knocks, as they retest knock your socks off.
Ep 8 - Duct Tape Hour 2 Toggle seen
In this second Duct Tape stick-tacular, Adam and Jamie set up a challenge that will take the tape's strength, adhesion and load-bearing capability to the absolute limit. Meanwhile Kari, Grant and Tory are all wrapped up busting duct tape automotive myths.
Ep 9 - Waterslide Wipeout Toggle seen
On this wet and wild episode, Adam and Jamie tackle the biggest, dirtiest, most vertigo inducing build in MythBusters history while Kari, Tory and Grant deliver the goods, to find out if taking only right turns can save you gas.
Ep 10 - Fireball Stun Gun Toggle seen
Jamie and Adam investigate if pepper spray plus a stun gun can cause a fireball. Also the team attempt to discover if a man launched himself 150 feet with fireworks?
Ep 11 - Flu Fiction Toggle seen
Jamie, Adam, Kari, Grant and Tory take on snot, sneezes and decapitation by tornado.
Ep 12 - Top 25 Best Busted Myths Toggle seen
On this clip show episode of MythBusters, Adam, Jamie, Kari, Tory and Grant get all nostalgic with a look back at their top 25 most celebrated MythBusters moments.
Ep 13 - Car Conundrum Toggle seen
MythBusters is back with a re-conditioned, re-mastered episode featuring three of our most popular car conundrum myths of all time!
Ep 14 - Buster's Cut: Alcohol Myths Toggle seen
Myths about alcohol are challenged in this special "Buster's Cut" edition, we'll see if "beer goggles" are real, test some sobering up myths, and rebuild an ancient war machine, the Hwacha.
Ep 15 - Buster's Cut: Duct Tape Hour 2 Toggle seen
On this "Buster's Cut" the team will build a giant duct tape bridge and pit car against duct tape with surprising results.
Ep 16 - Buster's Cut: Knock Your Socks Off Toggle seen
This "Buster's Cut" will literally knock your socks off and test an age-old physics theory for the first time in history.
Ep 17 - Buster's Cut: Viewer Special Threequel Toggle seen
From bamboo torture to exploding bathtubs, the team puts viewer suggestions to the test on this "Buster's Cut" edition of the show.
Ep 18 - Buster's Cut: Bottle Bash Toggle seen
A Bar fight story is put to the test; a historical mystery involving ballistic material is probed.
Ep 19 - Hair of the Dog Toggle seen
The gang test two shaggy-dog tales that both put our crime-fighting canines to the ultimate test.
Ep 20 - Storm Chasing Myths Toggle seen
This special episode of MythBusters is quite literally a perfect storm. That's because Adam and Jamie are putting tornadoes to the test, and joining them for this special episode are none other than The Storm Chasers - Reed Timmer and Sean Casey.
Ep 21 - Cold Feet Toggle seen
If the “poop hits the fan,” does everyone get covered in the ensuing chaos? When you “get cold feet,” do your feet really get cold?
Ep 22 - Table Cloth Chaos Toggle seen
Can a motorcycle pull a tablecloth out from under a setting for a banquet? Do humans really only use 10% of their brain?
Ep 23 - Arrow Machine Gun Toggle seen
Did the Greeks create an arrow machine gun that offered the speed, distance and precision that modern machine guns do? Is driving while tired is as bad as — or worse than — driving while tipsy?
Ep 24 - Mini Myth Madness Toggle seen
The viewer ideas just keep on coming and in this Request Fest special the team randomly select six bite sized mini myths to test.
Ep 25 - Reverse Engineering Toggle seen
Stay in your lane for this episode of MythBusters, because Jaime and Adam are putting the pedal to the metal - backwards. And if that wasn't enough for you then Kari, Grant and Tory turf some surf-boards... with a little help from an SUV.
Ep 26 - Inverted Underwater Car Toggle seen
In a twist on a previous myth, Jamie and Adam test whether you can escape from a car that goes belly-up underwater. Kari, Grant, and Tory test whether you can keep a gunshot from igniting a gas-filled room by shooting through a carton of milk.
Ep 27 - Bug Special Toggle seen
Ep 28 - President's Challenge Toggle seen
President Obama challenges the Mythbusters to revisit the Ancient Death Ray myth (Ancient Death Ray) originally aired September 29, 2004.
Ep 29 - Green Hornet Special Toggle seen
Ep 30 - Operation Valkyrie Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie weigh in on a famous assassination attempt; Kari, Grant and Tory try to determine if one can really can “slap some sense” into someone.
Season 2011
Ep 1 - Mission Impossible Face Off Toggle seen
Can realistic facial masks be used to bypass security measures as shown in the movie, Mission Impossible? Is it possible to start a merry-go-round spinning by shooting bullets at it, as depicted in Shoot 'Em Up?
Ep 2 - Blue Ice Toggle seen
Jamie and Adam take on an explosive scene from Bourne Supremacy, while Kari, Grant and Tory test a tale about human waste falling from the sky.
Ep 3 - Running on Water Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie take on a viral video, while Kari, Grant, and Tory explore which common items can be bombproof.
Ep 4 - Bubble Trouble Toggle seen
The MythBusters see whether it's possible to stay afloat in bubbly water, and whether an arrow packed with explosives can split a tree in two.
Ep 5 - Torpedo Tastic Toggle seen
Did the world's first torpedo really strike a boat with a deadly payload at 800 feet? Can corks in wine bottles be turned into projectiles if exposed to enough pressure?
Ep 6 - Blow Your Own Sail Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie put Hollywood sound effects up against reality, and Kari, Grant and Tory find out if you are adrift on a sailboat with no wind, can you propel your boat with a fan?
Ep 7 - Spy Car 2 Toggle seen
Can you really shoot accurately with guns mounted on the hood of a car? Will a bullet just spin if shot at a frozen lake?
Ep 8 - Dodge a Bullet Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test if you can jump out of the way of a bullet, while Kari, Grant and Tory find out if hitting the water is just like a similar fall onto pavement.
Ep 9 - Fixing a Flat Toggle seen
Changing a flat tire without using a spare; can a fishing reel catch fire by hooking onto a fast fish?
Ep 10 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles Toggle seen
The MythBusters count down -- and give you insight into -- their favorite transportation moments.
Ep 11 - Let There Be Light Toggle seen
Jamie and Adam take on "The Mummy," while Kari, Grant and Tory try to stop an out-of-control car with another car.
Ep 12 - Paper Armor Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie explore the physics of shock waves in water and how to avoid injury, while Kari, Grant and Tory find out if paper battle armor can compare to steel.
Ep 13 - Bikes and Bazookas Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test the myth that a motorcycle is a greener and cleaner machine than a car, while Kari, Tory, and Grant unleash the first RPG in MythBusters history to see if a bullet could take out a bazooka.
Ep 14 - Newton's Crane Cradle Toggle seen
Jamie and Adam test a viral video that supersizes Newton's cradle using wrecking balls, while Kari, Grant, and Tory tackle whether a bird landing on your hood is enough to tip your car off a cliff.
Ep 15 - Walk a Straight Line Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie explore whether humans -- deprived of sight -- can travel in a straight line, while Kari, Grant and Tory test whether binary explosives will explode in the case of a fender bender.
Ep 16 - Duct Tape Plane Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test three viral videos featuring the extraordinary excavator: Can it really row a barge? Be used to go wakeboarding? Perform seemingly impossible feats of acrobatics? Then -- using only duct tape -- Kari, Grant, and Tory attempt to patch up a plane that's had an unfortunate encounter with a bear.
Ep 17 - Flying Guillotine Toggle seen
Jamie and Adam explore whether it's safe to use the explosive C4 as a cooking fuel as long as you don't drop anything on it, while Kari, Grant, and Tory put a Chinese martial-arts myth to the test.
Ep 18 - Drain Disaster Toggle seen
Find out whether a sewer drain full of combustible gas, when ignited, will turn an innocent manhole cover into a missile, and whether truck bedliners are truly bite, crash, and bomb proof.
Ep 19 - Location, Location, Location Toggle seen
From Alameda to Africa, from the desert to the deep blue sea, the MythBusters declassify their top destinations and reveal all kinds of inside scoop, from quarry-bans to unplanned myth busts.
Ep 20 - Wet and Wild Toggle seen
When it comes to H2O, the MythBusters are never shy of putting their bodies on the line, riding the world's biggest waterslide, deep-sea diving in a suit of armor and swimming in syrup. Go behind the scenes of the 12 wettest myths of all time.
Ep 21 - Wheel of Mythfortune Toggle seen
By spinning the Wheel of Mythfortune, the MythBusters find themselves taking on five random viewer-suggested myths with titles like the Monty Hall Paradox, Lumber Car, Firearm Fashion, Hit the Deck and Flaming Tire. Keep those ideas coming!
Ep 22 - Toilet Bomb Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie tackle a blockbuster bathroom bomb (from Lethal Weapon!), while Kari, Tory, and Grant take to the skies to find out if flying in V-formation works for airplanes as well as it does for birds.
Season 2012
Ep 1 - Duct Tape Island Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie get abandoned on a Hawaiian island, armed with nothing but the sticky silver adhesive. Can they use it to source water, find food, build shelter, and even escape?
Ep 2 - Fire vs Ice Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie tackle an internet sensation about an epic duel between a flamethrower and a CO2 fire extinguisher, while Kari, Grant and Tory test if you can spy drone with a dust cloud and pull off a kidnapping as seen in the movie Body of Lies.
Ep 3 - Square Wheels Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test whether, after a certain speed, the ride in a car with square wheels is just as smooth as with round ones, while in Date Night Car, Tory, Kari and Grant tackle a tandem driving myth from the movie Date Night.
Ep 4 - Swinging Pirates Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie take a swing at a pirate movie myth while Kari, Tory and Grant roll out the barrel for a turbo-charged go-cart.
Ep 5 - Battle of the Sexes Toggle seen
A battle of the sexes unfolds as the gang tests five gender-based clichés.
Ep 6 - Driving in Heels Toggle seen
Spike heels and platforms may be the height of fashion, but does fancy footwear put you at risk on the road? Don't miss Jamie and Adam's attempt to find out. Then, in Super Glue Heroics, Tory, Grant and Kari test whether it's possible to glue a roomful of furniture to a hotel-room ceiling as well as to substitute super glue for a seat-belt in a head-on car crash.
Ep 7 - Revenge of the Myth Toggle seen
The MythBusters take fan favorites to another level in the ultimate experimental ramp-up. With fireworks, excavators and exploding limousines, if you want spectacle, this show has it in spades!
Ep 8 - Bouncing Bullet Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie take aim at a ricochet myth from the TV show Burn Notice while Kari, Tory and Grant test the Hollywood myth that if you jump when running away from an explosion, you can surf the shockwave.
Ep 9 - Mailbag Special Toggle seen
This fan-correspondence catch-up includes both question-answering and taking mini-myth requests such as whether you can eat a spoonful of cinnamon without drinking water.
Ep 10 - Bubble Pack Plunge Toggle seen
The Internet and Hollywood are put on the hot seat as Adam and Jamie test whether survival is possible if you jump from a building wrapped in bubble packaging, and Kari, Grant, and Tory experiment with a James Bond ejector seat.
Ep 11 - Duel Dilemmas Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test an old dueling myth - should you really never bring a knife to a gunfight? Kari, Grant, and Tory find out if a two stage missile known as the fire breathing dragon ever really existed.
Ep 12 - Hollywood Gunslingers Toggle seen
Hollywood firearms fables; never-ending ammo; lethal nail guns; deadly silver bullets.
Ep 13 - Jawsome Shark Special Toggle seen
Twenty-five shark myths are put to the test for Shark Week 2012.
Ep 14 - Titanic Survival Toggle seen
James Cameron joins Adam and Jamie to try to answer the questions, did Jack (from Cameron's "Titanic") needlessly die? Is it possible that Rose and Jack could have both fit on the wooden board and survived together?
Ep 15 - Trench Torpedo Toggle seen
The boys test whether a trench corner can slow down a shockwave and save a soldier.
Ep 16 - Hail Hijinx Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie pick apart some rope bridge physics; giant hail vs. the hull of a fishing boat.
Ep 17 - Fright Night Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie see if certain sound frequencies can convince people of paranormal activity; finding out if the smell of fear exists.
Ep 18 - Mini Myth Medley Toggle seen
Viewer requested myths include an underwater bike ride, if you can know something "like the back of your hand", and the potty dance.
Ep 19 - Cannonball Chemistry Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test whether a mattress can really cushion a watery wipe out; Kari, Tory and Grant tackle a blast from the past as they test if cannonballs made of stone can really cause carnage.
Ep 20 - Food Fables Toggle seen
Celebrity chef Alton Brown helps the team discover if it can cook lasagna in a dishwasher or a meal beneath the hood of a car.
Ep 21 - Explosions A to Z Toggle seen
The team highlight some of the show's 752 detonations as they blast through the ultimate A-Z of explosions.
Season 2013
Ep 1 - JATO Rocket Car: Mission Accomplished? Toggle seen
The 10th anniversary starts off with the busting of JATO rocket car.
Ep 2 - Deadliest Catch Crabtastic Special Toggle seen
Captains Johnathan and Junior from Deadliest Catch join the team to test if a crab pot will drag you to the bottom if your foot is caught in a coil.
Ep 3 - Down and Dirty / Earthquake Survival Toggle seen
Testing a bathroom hand dryer verse using paper towels; the cleanliest bathroom stall; the best place to stand during an earthquake.
Ep 4 - Indy Car Special Toggle seen
The Mythbusters go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to test racing myths.
Ep 5 - Battle of the Sexes - Round 2 Toggle seen
The Mythbusters test the cliches in the second round of Battle of the Sexes.
Ep 6 - Motorcycle Water Ski Toggle seen
Testing if a motorcycle can travel across water at high speeds; a parachute made from hotel room contents.
Ep 7 - Hypermiling / Crash Cushion Toggle seen
Testing if you can survive a car crash while sitting between two big guys; three hypermiling myths; techniques that may double your car's fuel efficiency.
Ep 8 - Duct Tape Canyon Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie use duct tape to survive in the desert.
Ep 9 - Painting with Explosives / Bifurcated Boat Toggle seen
The Mythbusters return to two of their earlier myths, as they try again to paint a room with explosives and bifurcate a boat.
Ep 10 - Breaking Bad Special Toggle seen
The MythBusters are de-bunking the science and chemistry of the hit TV show 'Breaking Bad' as they are joined by creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul.
Ep 11 - Zombie Special Toggle seen
Michael Rooker ("The Walking Dead") helps the team test zombie myths; more effective weapon: ax or gun; testing the strength of the living dead; outrunning or outsmarting a horde.
Season 2014
Ep 1 - Star Wars: Revenge of the Myth Toggle seen
Swinging Luke and Leia across a chasm with a grappling hook; an Ewok log crushing an Imperial "Chicken Walker"; surviving in a tauntaun's belly.
Ep 2 - Moonshiner Myths Toggle seen
Testing an exploding still; using "hooch" to fuel an unmodified car.
Ep 3 - Hollywood Car Crash Cliches Toggle seen
Hollywood crash clichés; driving through glass; plowing throw traffic; firing an RPG at an SUV.
Ep 4 - Car Chase Chaos / Animal Antics Toggle seen
The MythBusters test car chase cliches (can you really share driving, change places, or dump the driver while moving at speed) and some fan-suggested deterrents for driving away cats, bears, and snakes.
Ep 5 - Do Try This At Home Toggle seen
Investigating myths that can potentially be tried at home.
Ep 6 - Mythssion Impossible Toggle seen
The MythBusters test three impossible idioms: Can you herd cats? Can you catch a greased pig? And can you cram 10 pounds of poop into a 5 pound bag?
Ep 7 - Bullet Baloney Toggle seen
Firearm cliches; firing a bent-barreled shotgun; firing a gun in space; dropping a gun in a deep fryer; stopping a bullet with weird items; shooting a neon sign.
Ep 8 - Supersonic Ping Pong / Ice Cannon Toggle seen
Supersonic ping pong; lighting a frozen fuse on an ice cannon.
Ep 9 - Fire in the Hole Toggle seen
The MythBusters tackle some of Hollywood’s favorite explosive scenarios. Could a hero really shoot a live grenade in midair and thus render it useless? Could you really contain a TNT explosion inside an ordinary object like a file cabinet or aquarium?
Ep 10 - Household Disasters Toggle seen
It's YOUR house under the Myths-cro-scope this time. Could a vacuum cleaner explode while sucking up black powder? Could sunscreen scorch your skin? Could a piano crash through your roof? And finally, could an exploding water heater extinguish a house fire?
Ep 11 - Commercial Myths Toggle seen
The MythBusters go to vertigo-inducing heights to test out some commercial myths. Could you actually bob for an apple while jumping from a 100-foot high bungee cord? And from a viral video, could you really play a match of tennis while both players are standing on top of an airplane's wing?
Ep 12 - Road Rage Toggle seen
In this episode, three car crimes straight from Hollywood are put to the test: the cliff top push, the two-wheel wipeout (and ... we do mean WIPEOUT, with Adam at the wheel to boot), and, finally, the Corvette barrel roll from "Wanted."
Ep 13 - Laws of Attraction Toggle seen
Investigating five clichés about the laws of attraction; a preference to blondes; pheromones; tips correlating with breast size; wealth.
Ep 14 - Traffic Tricks Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie tackle key congestion questions and unlock the traffic gridlock. They find out if a minor unexpected braking incident can really cause a major ‘shockwave jam’. They also put the European roundabout up against the typical American four-way stop sign to see which is really the most efficient. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant and Tory take on the controversial claim that on a journey of less than 600 kilometers it’s always faster to drive. Plus, can lane changing put your life in danger?
Ep 15 - Plane Boarding / Bite the Bullet Toggle seen
What is the most efficient way to board an airplane? Can a bullet made of teeth or bone be untraceable? Also the last episode of Tory, Kari, and Grant.
Season 2015
Ep 1 - The Simpsons Special Toggle seen
Myths related to the animated sitcom "The Simpsons" are tested. Will a cherry bomb dropped in a school toilet make others act like geysers? Will placing someone between a wrecking ball and a building protect the building? Along for the ride is special guest Al Jean, executive producer and show runner of The Simpsons.
Ep 2 - The Busters of the Lost Myths Toggle seen
Testing the hijinks from the "Indiana Jones" franchise.
Ep 3 - The A-Team Special Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test myths related to the '80s TV series, "The A-Team."
Ep 4 - Video Games Special Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie challenge the science of virtual worlds from video games.
Ep 5 - Transformers Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie attempt the mechanical metamorphosis of a car becoming a motorcycle and a bicycle becoming a boat.
Ep 6 - San Francisco Drift Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test myths about daredevil auto drifting.
Ep 7 - Blow It Out of the Water Toggle seen
Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman attempt to blow a boat clean out of the water using 1,000 lbs of high explosives. They also take on the most requested myth of the year when they team up with Breaking Bad EP Vince Gilligan to test out the ability of a homemade machine gun, just like the one Walter White used in the Breaking Bad finale.
Ep 8 - Flights of Fantasy Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie tackle the ultimate aviation investigation: is the U-2 really the toughest aircraft in regular use to fly and land? The guys also take on the next big technological development in commercial delivery - remote control multi rotor drones.
Ep 9 - Accidental Ammo Toggle seen
The guys test out whether a stone shot from a lawn mower can have the same power as a bullet shot from a .357. Next Adam and Jamie look into the story of a pane of glass falling from a construction site and cutting an innocent bystander completely in half from head to toe.
Ep 10 - Dangerous Driving Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie test whether or not hands-free driving is a safe way to make a call while behind the wheel.
Ep 11 - Supernatural Shooters Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie take aim at Hollywood's hit men and their supernatural ability to take down a target. First up, the guys test out whether a well-placed shot through an interior wall could really kill. Next, Adam and Jamie look to epic gun-toting movie "Shoot 'Em Up" to see if handheld bullets can really bet set off by thrusting your hand into fire.
Ep 12 - Unfinished Business Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie tackle fan favorites; video games; grenades; spy cars; super-fast firearms.
Ep 13 - Mythbusters vs. Jaws Toggle seen
In 2005, the MythBusters took a dive into shark-infested waters to test theories from the 1975 classic film "Jaws." In the episode, the MythBusters revisited the epic final scene of "Jaws" and tested whether shooting a scuba tank with a bullet would actually make it explode. The myth was busted, but many viewers thought they got it wrong. Now, ten years later and to coincide with the 40th anniversary of "Jaws," the MythBusters are back to test new ideas, theories and angles from the film. MythBusters vs. Jaws will not only retest the scuba tank explosion, but will also attempt to find out if the sounds of Orcas and the smell of dead sharks repel sharks.
Ep 14 - Star Wars: The Myths Strike Back Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie once again confront the dark side of science in a workshop not so far, far away. A recurring theme in the movies is the ability of the heroes to dodge, evade and dive out of the way of an incoming Stormtrooper shot. But is that possible? The guys also tackle the iconic scene from Episode III when Anakin is defeated in an epic light-sabre duel.
Season 2016
Ep 1 - MythBusters Revealed: The Behind the Scenes Season Toggle seen
In this special episode, Jamie and Adam reveal what's in store for their go-big-then-go-home final season, while also pulling back the curtain to showcase how this epic series got made with behind-the-scenes exclusives.
Ep 2 - The Explosion Special Toggle seen
The MythBusters celebrate their explosive history with two spectacular big bangs. In MacGyver Cement Truck, MacGyver uses cement to smother a bomb in a mail truck. Then in Hovercraft Hijinks the guys tackle the topic of landmines. Can a minefield really be safely traversed in a hovercraft?
Ep 3 - Tanker Crush Toggle seen
This season, Jamie and Adam try something they've never done before: an implosion caused by a vacuum. Is it possible that a freight train tank car could be crushed after a steam cleaning gone wrong?
Ep 4 - Cooking Chaos Toggle seen
This episode takes on two viral videos. First, is it possible to fire shrimp from an air cannon through a cloud of flour, shower of egg wash, then breadcrumbs before a fireball crisps them into the perfect tempura on a plate? Second, can an underwater explosive charge juice the inside of a piece of fruit or vegetable while leaving the exterior completely undamaged?
Ep 5 - Driven to Destruction Toggle seen
First, Adam sees if you can really lift up a car with nothing but a humble vacuum, before Jamie then tries to flatten a car using nothing but an absolutely massive load of C4!
Ep 6 - Volunteer Special Toggle seen
In their 14 years, the MythBusters have used more than 3,500 human guinea pigs, and in this special, they pay homage to each! First, Jamie and Adam summon up an army of 200 zombies to determine the ultimate weapon when the apocalypse comes. Then, using 120 shopping volunteers, the MythBusters find out the best way to wait in line at the store: Is it the "pick a lane" method or the more modern serpentine?
Ep 7 - Failure Is Not an Option! Toggle seen
In this last revisit, Adam and Jamie attempt to right their wrongs. First they bust out their drifting moves to find out whether drifting is faster than driving -- on dirt! Then they return to the ultimate fan favorite -- what is bulletproof -- and put lighters and fish tanks in the firing line. Finally, the guys test whether it's possible to survive two explosions by standing directly between them.
Ep 8 - Rocketmen Toggle seen
In this final rocket special Adam and Jamie tackle the all-time fan favorite: Are gummy bears a viable rocket fuel?! They hit the Mojave Desert for testing.
Ep 9 - The Reddit Special Toggle seen
Adam and Jamie put MythBusters in the hands of redditors, choosing from several thousand of their suggestions. In Farting on FLIR Jamie and Adam address the reddit community's request to know if a viral video purporting to show a flatus show up on an infrared camera is real or fake. Then in Ball Fall, Buster helps test whether a person would survive a 1,000-foot drop inside an inflatable ball. Paper Bag Punch sees Adam explore how easy it really is to punch your way out of a aper bag. And finally the most popular request was a gratuitous spectacular explosion. So in Snoo Boom the MythBusters oblige by blowing up reddit's mascot.
Ep 10 - Grand Finale Toggle seen
As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and MythBusters is no exception. Luckily, the guys are going out with a bang and then some: an RV gets blown to kingdom come, Buster goes supersonic, Adam takes the most wild ride imaginable and ... well, Cement Truck.
Ep 11 - The Reunion Toggle seen
For this final hour of the television icon that is MythBusters, the five hosts are reunited for one last hurrah! Deep within M5, Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara join forces once more to together give a suitably epic, enlightening, and emotional finale.
So exactly how hard is it to find a needle in a haystack, anyway? And can water dripping on your forehead really drive you nuts? Those are the kinds of questions, myths and urban legends that are put to the test in this humorous series to find out which ones hold water (and keep it from dripping on your forehead and driving you insane).
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Current episode: Duct Tape: The Return 0x08 (2016-03-06)
Building a duct tape trebuchet, and saving Busters life with duct tape.
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