The Colbert Report
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Season 1
Ep 1 - Stone Phillips Toggle seen
In the premiere episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen starts off the show with a segment called The Word coining the term "Truthiness". Other segments include: The Threat Down rating avian flu, basketball, babies, hurricanes and James Brady. Stephen interviews Stone Phillips, an Emmy award winning journalist and host of Dateline NBC. At the end of the interview, Stephen and Stone Phillips have a competition of gravitas.
Ep 2 - Lesley Stahl Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes "60 Minutes" correspondent, Lesley Stahl!
Ep 3 - Fareed Zakaria Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes journalist, Fareed Zakaria!
Ep 4 - Jim Cramer Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes host of "Mad Money", Jim Cramer!
Ep 5 - Lou Dobbs Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes host of "Lou Dobbs Tonight", Lou Dobbs!
Ep 6 - Greg Behrendt Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes author of "It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken: The Smart Girl's Break-Up Buddy", Greg Behrendt!
Ep 7 - Neil DeGrasse Tyson Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes astrophysicist and author of "Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution", Neil DeGrasse Tyson!
Ep 8 - Jeff Daniels Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes actor, Jeff Daniels!
Ep 9 - Monica Crowley Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes co-host of "Connected: Coast to Coast", Monica Crowley!
Ep 10 - Ken Burns Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes filmmaker & author, Ken Burns!
Ep 11 - Bruce Feiler Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes author of "Where God Was Born: A Journey by Land to the Roots of Religion", Bruce Feiler!
Ep 12 - Bradley Whitford Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes star of "The West Wing", Bradley Whitford!
Ep 13 - Eliot Spitzer Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the New York State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer!
Ep 14 - Catherine Crier Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes CourtTV anchor, Catherine Crier!
Ep 15 - Mary Roach Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes author of "Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife", Mary Roach!
Ep 16 - Cokie Roberts Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes anchor and newswoman, Cokie Roberts!
Ep 17 - Sen. Bob Kerrey Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes former Senator Bob Kerrey!
Ep 18 - Rev. Al Sharpton Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes Reverend Al Sharpton!
Ep 19 - Matt Taibbi Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes author of "Spanking the Donkey", Matt Taibbi!
Ep 20 - Tim Robbins Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes star of "Zathura", Tim Robbins!
Ep 21 - Brian Greene Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality", Brian Greene!
Ep 22 - Richard Preston Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of several science books, Richard Preston!
Ep 23 - Katrina vanden Heuvel Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes author of "The Dictionary of Republicanisms", Katrina vanden Heuvel!
Ep 24 - Richard Clarke Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "The Scorpion's Gate", Richard Clarke!
Ep 25 - Maureen Dowd Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Are Men Necessary?", Maureen Dowd!
Ep 26 - Anderson Cooper Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the Host of "Anderson Cooper 360", Anderson Cooper!
Ep 27 - Craig Crawford Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Attack the Messenger: How Politicians Turn You Against the Media", Craig Crawford!
Ep 28 - Peggy Noonan Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father", Peggy Noonan!
Ep 29 - Harry Smith Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes co-host of "The Early Show", Harry Smith!
Ep 30 - Bob Costas Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the host of "Costas Now" and sports commentator, Bob Costas!
Ep 31 - Dermot Mulroney Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes actor and star of "The Family Stone", Dermot Mulroney!
Ep 32 - Mark Cuban Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban!
Season 2
Ep 1 - Nancy Grace Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the host of CNN's "Nancy Grace", Nancy Grace.
Ep 2 - Carl Bernstein Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "The Secret Man: The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat",Carl Bernstein.
Ep 3 - John Stossel Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes ABC News' John Stossel!
Ep 4 - Ken Miller Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes Professor of Biology at Brown University, Ken Miller!
Ep 5 - George Stephanopoulos Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the host of "This Week", George Stephanopoulos!
Ep 6 - Andrew Sullivan Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes author and blogger, Andrew Sullivan!
Ep 7 - Frank McCourt Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Teacher Man: A Memoir", Frank McCourt!
Ep 8 - Nina Totenberg Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes National Public Radio's legal affairs correspondent, Nina Totenberg!
Ep 9 - David Gregory Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes NBC News White House Correspondent, David Gregory!
Ep 10 - Robin Givhan Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes "Washington Post" fashion editor, Robin Givhan!
Ep 11 - Norah Vincent Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Self-Made Man: One Woman's Journey into Manhood and Back" Norah Vincent!
Ep 12 - Paul Begala Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes CNN commentator and the co-author of "Take It Back: Our Party, Our Country, Our Future", Paul Begala!
Ep 13 - Annie Duke Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes professional poker player and author of "Annie Duke: How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed, and Won Millions at the World Series of Poker", Annie Duke!
Ep 14 - Dave Marash Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes reporter, Dave Marash!
Ep 15 - Emily Yoffe Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "What the Dog Did: Tales from a Formerly Reluctant Dog Owner", Emily Yoffe!
Ep 16 - Christine Todd Whitman Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "It's My Party, Too: The Battle for the Heart of the GOP and the Future of America", Christine Todd Whitman!
Ep 17 - Sen. Barbara Boxer Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes California Senator Barbara Boxer!
Ep 18 - James Woolsey Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes former CIA Director James Woolsey!
Ep 19 - Alan Dershowitz Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "The Case for Peace: How the Arab-Israeli Conflict Can be Resolved", Alan Dershowitz!
Ep 20 - George Packer Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq", George Packer!
Ep 21 - Lama Surya Das Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Natural Radiance: Awakening to Your Great Perfection", Lama Surya Das!
Ep 22 - Michael Eric Dyson Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina And the Color of Disaster", Michael Eric Dyson!
Ep 23 - David Brooks Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "On Paradise Drive: How We Live Now (And Always Have) in the Future Tense", David Brooks!
Ep 24 - Tony Campolo Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Adventures in Missing the Point: How the Culture-Controlled Church Neutered the Gospel", Tony Campolo!
Ep 25 - Brett O'Donnell Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the director of debate at King's College, Brett O'Donnell!
Ep 26 - Arianna Huffington Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes author and internet blogger, Arianna Huffington!
Ep 27 - Jeffrey Sachs Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time", Jeffrey Sachs!
Ep 28 - Bob Schieffer Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes CBS News anchor and author of "This Just In: What I Couldn't Tell You on TV", Bob Schieffer!
Ep 29 - Norman Ornstein Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "The Broken Branch: How Congress Is Failing America and How to Get It Back on Track", Norman Ornstein!
Ep 30 - James Webb Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America", James Webb!
Ep 31 - Lorraine Bracco Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes actress, Lorraine Bracco!
Ep 32 - Christopher Buckley Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Thank You for Smoking : A Novel", Christopher Buckley!
Ep 33 - Keith Olbermann Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the host of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann", Keith Olbermann!
Ep 34 - Al Franken Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the host of "The Al Franken Show", Al Franken!
Ep 35 - Frank Vincent Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "A Guy's Guide to Being a Man's Man", Frank Vincent!
Ep 36 - Connie Chung Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes former news anchor, Connie Chung!
Ep 37 - Steve Kroft Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes "60 Minutes" correspondent, Steve Kroft!
Ep 38 - Dan Senor Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes Advisor to the U.S. Presidential Envoy in Iraq, Dan Senor!
Ep 39 - John Kasich Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the host of "John Kasich from the Heartland" and "Heroes with John Kasich", John Kasich!
Ep 40 - Sen. Gary Hart Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "The Shield and the Cloak : The Security of the Commons", former Senator Gary Hart!
Ep 41 - Michael Brown Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes former FEMA director, Michael Brown!
Ep 42 - Bruce Bartlett Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy", Bruce Bartlett!
Ep 43 - Robert Greenwald Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the producer of "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price", "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism", and most recently, "The Big Buy: How Tom Delay Stole Congress", Robert Greenwald!
Ep 44 - Michael Smerconish Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Muzzled: From T-Ball to Terrorism - True Stories That Should Be Fiction", Michael Smerconish!
Ep 45 - Rev. Jesse Jackson Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes Rev. Jesse Jackson!
Ep 46 - Harvey Mansfield Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Manliness", Harvey Mansfield!
Ep 47 - Markos Moulitsas Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the owner of and the co-author of "Crashing the Gate: Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics", Markos Moulitsas!
Ep 48 - Reza Aslan Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "No god But God", Reza Aslan!
Ep 49 - Anthony Romero Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the National Director of the ACLU, Anthony Romero!
Ep 50 - Caitlin Flanagan Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "To Hell With All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife", Caitlin Flanagan!
Ep 51 - Ralph Nader Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes author and activist, Ralph Nader!
Ep 52 - Hugh Hewitt Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Painting the Map Red: The Fight to Create a Permanent Republican Majority", Hugh Hewitt!
Ep 53 - Sam Harris Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason", Sam Harris!
Ep 54 - Sebastian Junger Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "A Death in Belmont", Sebastian Junger!
Ep 55 - Bill Kristol Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the editor of "The Weekly Standard", Bill Kristol!
Ep 56 - Jon Meacham Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation", Jon Meacham!
Ep 57 - Gov. Mike Huckabee Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Quit Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork: A 12-Stop Program to End Bad Habits and Begin a Healthy Lifestyle" and the Governor of Arkansas, Gov. Mike Huckabee!
Ep 58 - Paul Rieckhoff Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Chasing Ghosts: A Soldier's Fight for America from Baghdad to Washington", Paul Rieckhoff!
Ep 59 - Rick Reilly Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "Shanks For Nothing", Rick Reilly!
Ep 60 - Shere Hite Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "The Shere Hite Reader", Shere Hite!
Ep 61 - Frank Rich Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes editor of the "New York Times", Frank Rich!
Ep 62 - Bill Bastone Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes editor of The Smoking, Bill Bastone!
Ep 63 - Madeleine Albright Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright!
Ep 64 - Kevin Phillips Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century", Kevin Phillips!
Ep 65 - Tyson Slocum Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the Research Director for Public Citizen's Energy Program, Tyson Slocum!
Ep 66 - Jonathan Alter Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of "The Defining Moment: FDR's Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope", Jonathan Alter!
Ep 67 - Ted Daeschler Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert welcomes the Assistant Curator and Chair, Vertebrate Zoology at the Center for Systematic Biology & Evolution, Ted Daeschler!
Ep 68 - Stone Phillips Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes "Dateline NBC" anchor Stone Philips.
Ep 69 - Christiane Amanpour Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes CNN's chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour.
Ep 70 - Steven Squyres Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Cornell University scientist and author of "Roving Mars" Steven Squyres.
Ep 71 - Steven Johnson Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Steven Johnson, author of "Everything Bad Is Good For You".
Ep 72 - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes environmental politician, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Ep 73 - Tim Flannery Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes mammologist and paleontologist Tim Flannery, author of "The Weather Makers".
Ep 74 - David Sirota Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of "Hostile Takeover", David Sirota.
Ep 75 - Michael Pollan Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Michael Pollans, author of "The Omnivore's Dilemma".
Ep 76 - Gustavo Arellano Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes's Ask a Mexican columnist Gustavo Arellano.
Ep 77 - Bart Ehrman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Bart Ehrman, author of "Misquoting Jesus".
Ep 78 - Bay Buchanan Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Angela "Bay" Buchanan, President of The American Cause.
Ep 79 - Douglas Brinkley Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of "The Great Deluge", Douglas Brinkley.
Ep 80 - Marc Bowden Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Marc Bowden, author of "Guests of the Ayatollah: The First Battle in America's War With Militant Islam".
Ep 81 - Chris Matthews Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the host of "Hardball", Chris Matthews.
Ep 82 - Robert Baer Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes form CIA agents and author of "Blow the House Down", Robert Baer.
Ep 83 - Christopher Noxon Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist Christpher Noxon, author of "Rejuvenile".
Ep 84 - Amy Sedaris Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Amy Sedaris, star of "Strangers with Candy."
Ep 85 - Tony Hawk Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.
Ep 86 - Mort Zuckerman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes editor in chief for "U.S. News & World Report", Mort Zuckerman.
Ep 87 - Ron Suskind Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist Ron Suskind, author of "The One Percent Doctrine".
Ep 88 - Lee Silver Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Princeton molecular biologist and author of Challenge Nature: The Clash of Science and Spirituality at the New Frontiers of Life.
Ep 89 - Dhani Jones Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Philadelphia Eagle's linebacker and poet, Dhani Jones.
Ep 90 - Joe Scarborough Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the host of Scarborough Country, Joe Scarborough.
Ep 91 - Tom Brokaw Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw.
Ep 92 - Howell Raines Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of "The One That Got Away: A Memoir", Howell Raines
Ep 93 - William Donohue Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen Welcomes the president of the Catholic League, William Donohue.
Ep 94 - Neal Katyal Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Professor of Law at Georgetown, Neal Katyal.
Ep 95 - Joe Quesada Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Joe Quesada, editor in chief for Marvel Comics.
Ep 96 - Ned Lamont Toggle seen
Tonght, Democratic hopeful for Senate in Connecticut, Ned Lamont.
Ep 97 - Peter Beinart Toggle seen
Tonight former editor for the "New Republic" and author of "The Good Fight: Why Liberals--And Only Liberals--Can Win the War On Terror and Make America Great Again", Peter Beinart.
Ep 98 - Linda Hirshman Toggle seen
Tonight former attorney and professor of philisophy Linda R. Hirshman, author of "Get to Work: A Manifesto for Women in the World".
Ep 99 - Paul Hackett III Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes trial lawyer and veteran of the Iraq War, Paul Hacket III.
Ep 100 - Bill Rhoden Toggle seen
Tonight, "New York Times" columnist and author of "Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Black Athlete", Bill Rhoden.
Ep 101 - Alexandra Robbins Toggle seen
Tonight cultural anthropologist Alexandra Robbins, author of "The Overachievers: The Secret Life of Driven Kids".
Ep 102 - Eli Pariser Toggle seen
Tonight campaign director for, Eli Pariser.
Ep 103 - Ramesh Ponnuru Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Ramesh Ponnuru, senior editor of the "National Review" and author of "The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts and the Disregard for Human Life".
Ep 104 - David Gergen Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes political commentator of PBS's "NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" and author of "Eyewitness to Power: The Essence of Leadership Nixon to Clinton", David Gergen.
Ep 105 - Morgan Spurlock Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes documentary filmmaker and host of "30 Days", Morgan Spurlock.
Ep 106 - Neil Young Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes legendary musician Neil Young.
Ep 107 - Geoffrey Nunberg Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Geoffrey Nunberg, professor of linguistics and columnist for the "New York Times" and author of "Talking Right: How Conservatives Turned Liberalsim into a Tax Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body Piercing, Hollywood Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show".
Ep 108 - Paul Krugman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes economist and colmnist Paul Krugman, author of "The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century".
Ep 109 - Gideon Yago Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes writer and correspondent for MTV News, Gideon Yago
Ep 110 - Janna Levin Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes mathematician Janna Levin, author of A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines.
Ep 111 - Martin Short Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes comedian Martin Short.
Ep 112 - Toby Keith Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcome country music star Toby Keith.
Ep 113 - Ken Jennings Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes record setting "Jeopardy" champion and author of "Brainiac: Adventures in the Curious, Competetive, Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs", Ken Jennings
Ep 114 - Bill Simmons Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes ESPN's Sports Guy columnist and author of "Now I Can Die In Peace: How ESPN's Sports Guy Found Salvation with a Little Help from Nomar, Pedro, Shawshank, and the 2004 Red Sox", Bill Simmons
Ep 115 - Will Power Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes actor, performer, rapper, playwright and educator Will Power.
Ep 116 - Frank Rich Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes New York Times columnist Frank Rich, author of "The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth from 9/11 to Katrina".
Ep 117 - James Carville Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Democratic political consultant James Carville.
Ep 118 - Daniel Ellsberg Toggle seen
Tonight former defense analyst Daniel Ellsberg.
Ep 119 - Arianna Huffington Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes back Arianna Huffington, blogger and author of "On Becoming Love, Work, and Life"
Ep 120 - Ted Danson Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes actor Ted Danson.
Ep 121 - Lowell Bergman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist and the Reva and David Logan Distinguished Professor at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism, Lowell Bergman.
Ep 122 - Steve Wozniak Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes co-founder of Apple Computers, Steve Wozniak.
Ep 123 - Michael Lewis Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Michael Lewis, author of "The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game".
Ep 124 - Andy Stern Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes union leader and author of "A Country That Works: Getting America Back on Track", Andy Stern.
Ep 125 - Senator Byron Dorgan Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan, author of "Take This Job and Ship It: How Corporate Greed And Brain-Dead Politics Are Selling Out America".
Ep 126 - Amy Goodman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes "Democracy Now!" host and co-author of "Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back", Amy Goodman.
Ep 127 - Randy Newman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes musician Randy Newman.
Ep 128 - Ariel Levy Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of "Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture", Ariel Levy.
Ep 129 - George Lucas Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen reveals the winner of the Green Screen Challenge. Plus, another Tek Jansen Adventure.
Ep 130 - Gov. Brian Schweitzer Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer
Ep 131 - Barry Scheck Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes lawyer and co-founder of the Innocence Project, Barry Scheck.
Ep 132 - Richard Dawkins Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen celebrates his 1st anniversary episode with Oxford Professor of Biology and author of "The God Delusion" Richard Dawkins.
Ep 133 - David Kuo Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes former special assistant to President Bush and author of "Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction", David Kuo.
Ep 134 - Dr. Peter Agre Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Nobel Prize winning chemist Dr. Peter Agre. Plus Stephen talks to Jim Gilchrist, founder of The Minuteman Project.
Ep 135 - Barry Manilow Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes musician Barry Manilow.
Ep 136 - Tim Robbins Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes actor and politcal activist Tim Robbins.
Ep 137 - Penn Jillette Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes magician Penn Jillette.
Ep 138 - Ronald Reagan Jr. Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes political activist Ronald Reagan Jr.
Ep 139 - Mark Halperin Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcoms ABC News correspondent and co-author of "The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008", Mark Halperin.
Ep 140 - Indecision 2006 Election Coverage Toggle seen
Combined with the Daily Show for the night, Stephen talks to Warren Beatty by phone, Rep. Robert Wexler via satellite and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton via satellite.
Ep 141 - Jeff Greenfield Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes CNN anchor Jeff Greenfield.
Ep 142 - Dean Kamen Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the founder of "FIRST" and President of DEKA Research and Development Corporation, Dean Kamen.
Ep 143 - Dan Rather Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes former CBS News anchor Dan Rather.
Ep 144 - Jeff Swartz Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes CEO of Timberland, Jeff Swartz.
Ep 145 - Al Franken/Dr. Michael Novacek Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Al Franken and paleontologist Dr. Michael Novacek.
Ep 146 - Richard Linklater Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Richard Linklater, director of "Fast Food Nation".
Ep 147 - Jim Lehrer Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes PBS News Hour anchor and author of "The Phony Marine: A Novel", Jim Lehrer.
Ep 148 - Harry Shearer Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes comedian Harry Shearer.
Ep 149 - Nora Ephron Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes screenwriter and author of "I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman", Nora Ephron.
Ep 150 - Mike Lupica Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes ESPN commentator and author of "Miracle on 49th Street", Mike Lupica.
Ep 151 - Will Wright Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes computer game designer Will Wright.
Ep 152 - Steven D. Levitt Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes economist and co-author of "Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything", Steven D. Levitt.
Ep 153 - John Sexton Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the president of New York University, John Sexton.
Ep 154 - Dr. Francis S. Collins Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the fromer head of the Human Genome Project and author of "The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief", Francis Collins.
Ep 155 - Dr. Peter Singer Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Princeton ethicist, animal rights activist and co-author of "The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter", Dr. Peter Singer
Ep 156 - Dan Savage Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes nationally syndicated columnist and author of "The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family", Dan Savage.
Ep 157 - Doris Kearns Goodwin Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes historian and author of "Team of Rivals, The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln", Doris Kearns Goodwin.
Ep 158 - Daniel Pinchbeck Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes a writer for the "Village Voice" and "Rolling Stone" and author of "Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism", Daniel Pinchbeck.
Ep 159 - Jack Welch Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the retired CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch.
Ep 160 - Deepak Chopra Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the leader in the field of mind body medicine, Deepak Chopra.
Ep 161 - Rock and Awe: Countdown to Guitarmageddon Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert vs the Decemberists.
Season 3
Ep 1 - Ethan Nadelmann Toggle seen
Stephen opens the show disappointed that Saddam Hussein was suddenly hanged over the show's break. He responds to Lake Superior State University's ban of the word 'truthiness' in "Who's Attacking Me Now?", and's naming of Stephen as Person of the Year in "Who's Honoring Me Now?"; gives "Stephen's Sound Advice" for getting over the winter blues.
Ep 2 - Jim Cramer Toggle seen
Freem replaces superstantial in the opening sequence. Stephen thanks former Archbishop of Warsaw Stanis³aw Wielgus for being caught in a Catholic Church scandal of a non-sexual nature; scorns Democrats for taking a day off Congress for the college football National Championship game, with quick suggestion of taking a day off for a Ontario Junior League Hockey game; begins new segment "We the MEdiator" to pick sides in celebrity feuds, featuring Rosie O'Donnell vs. Donald Trump, Angelina Jolie vs. Madonna, and Amitabh Bachchan vs. Shahrukh Khan; and ends the show in tribute to James Brown by declaring himself the new "hardest working man in show business".
Ep 3 - David Kamp Toggle seen
Stephen criticizes Bush for not sending 300 million troops as Stephen advised the day before but he pardons him if this is "the only mistake he makes in this war". He then talks about illegal immigration in a new segment called "Invasion of the Country Snatchers" and about the new Democratic senator of Missouri and its liberal legislation in the Word-Segment. After the break there is a new episode of Stephen's Tek Jansen adventures.
Ep 4 - Judy Woodruff Toggle seen
Stephen starts with another episode of his challenge "What Number is Stephen thinking of?" with a clip from 2005. He then celebrates 5 years of Guantanamo Bay and talks to the executive director of Human Rights Watch, Ken Roth. After that he does a "Tip of the Hat/Wag of the finger", double-wagging Apple (claiming this is his first double-wag) for 1) changing their name to "Apple, Inc." and 2) bringing out the iPhone.
Ep 5 - Alex Kuczynski Toggle seen
Wishing viewers a happy Martin Luther King Day, Stephen calls for a nationwide lie-in to refuse engaging in "anything at all", in the style of passive protest such as Rosa Parks, then attacks Senator Barbara Boxer for comments suggesting Condoleezza Rice has no personal ties to the Iraq War. Stephen praises the army for lowering recruitment expectations in order to be filled; channels last week's guest Jim Cramer for a new financial segment "Stephen's Bears and Balls" focusing on real estate, oil, Cingular's name change, soy milk, and beef jerkey.
Ep 6 - Dinesh D'Souza Toggle seen
In anticipation of Bill O'Reilly arriving in-studio on Thursday, Stephen lashes out at Jimmy the director for a squeaky chair. In a new segment "Invasion of the Country Snatchers", Stephen profiles immigration issues, from an Italian-descended anti-immigrant possible Presidential nominee, to a chain of pizza restaurants which accept pesos, segueing into Letters from Iwo Jima winning the Best foreign Film Golden Globe. In another "Stephen Colbert's Sport Report", Stephen covers David Beckham playing for Los Angeles, and an anti-Colbert movement of fans throwing teddy bears on the ice when the Saginaw Spirit played the Oshawa Generals in the Ontario Hockey League.
Ep 7 - Richard Clarke Toggle seen
Still in anticipation of Bill O'Reilly arriving in-studio on Thursday Stephen is more nervous than the day before, bringing out some cherished objects he plans to show O'Reilly the next day. He then talks about the NFL play-offs with Lynn Swann, trying to trash talk all teams except the New Orleans Saints who he favors. After the break "Better know a district" continues with Washington's 3rd congressional district representative, Brian Baird.
Ep 8 - Bill O'Reilly Toggle seen
The big day is here, so Stephen is crazy with anticipation that Bill O'Reilly will be on the show, stating that his only goal with this show was to see this day, which makes him reveal a "Mission Accomplished" banner and open the last door on his "Bill O'Reilly advent calendar" (in which he finds Geraldo's mustache). He then turns back to US politics talking about Bush's plans to rise the troop levels in Iraq. He then talks about fights between celebrities on his segment "We the MEdiator", rethinking his last week's judgements.
Ep 9 - Tom Schaller Toggle seen
Stephen is disappointed at the loss by the New Orleans Saints to the Chicago "God-less killing Machines" Bears. In another "Who's Riding My Coattails Now?", Stephen calls out Bill Clinton for speaking at Knox College after Colbert already had, and artist Terence Koh for selling sperm (in his art) after Stephen's Formula 401 line. The Word is based on the refusal of Alberto Gonzales to admit a right of the people not stated specifically in the Constitution. In another "Stephen Colbert's Balls For Kidz", gambling is discussed.
Ep 10 - Michael S. Steele Toggle seen
Stephen explains that this is the second of two episodes they taped on January 22, so that he can host a State of the Union address party on the 23rd. Russ Lieber appears in-studio to comment on new laws of the Democrat-controlled Congress. A new Threatdown is "Media Watchdog" themed.
Ep 11 - Lou Dobbs Toggle seen
Lou Dobbs, author of War on the Middle Class, faces the truth hammer when he sits down to talk with Stephen.
Ep 12 - Mike Wallace Toggle seen
Bill O'Reilly spills the beans on Stephen, and says what he really thought of him on his show. Stephen interviews Coach Bob Mancini of the Saginaw Spirit. And he doesn't like how he stands on the SMU dispute over Bush's library.
Ep 13 - Barry Lando Toggle seen
Colbert wins bet with mayor of Oshawa after Saginaw Spirit defeated Oshawa Generals. Colbert discusses Microsoft paying someone for Wikipedia edits, and concludes that reality has become a commodity. Wag of the finger to Scientology, which named Tom Cruise as the "Christ" of the cult.
Ep 14 - Donna Shalala Toggle seen
Stephen opens the show by showing a clip from Fox News' Fox and Friends, talking about the invisible beam that makes a person think he is on fire. Stephen then talks about how he stole his neighbor's New York Times and argues with David Leonhardt about what one could do with $1.2 trillion. This is followed by a new segment, "Judge, Jury, and Executioner" and ends by revealing the new microwave (fitted with a Colbert Report logo) which he would be sending to Bill O'Reilly after stealing his earlier.
Ep 15 - Jed Babbin Toggle seen
Stephen opens the show by discussing the "problem" with Global Warming and in protest replaces Bobby with a 5000 Watt heat lamp. This is followed by the return of the "On Notice" board and the introduction of the "Fantasies" board. Jane Fonda (his fantasy) and The Weather Channel are placed on notice and Lutherans and E Street Band are taken off. This is followed by the 39th installment of Better Know a District, with New York's 6th congressional district representative,Gregory Meeks.
Ep 16 - Chuck Schumer Toggle seen
Stephen comments on the 2007 Boston Mooninite Scare that occurred in Boston and laments the fact that he can no longer proceed with his obviously threatening-looking advertisements. This is followed by the "Movies Destroying America" segment, commenting on Steve Carrell's nomination and Ellen DeGeneres hosting. The show is ended by Stephen presenting "The Most Poetic F#@king Thing I've Ever Heard"
Ep 17 - Wendy Kopp Toggle seen
Stephen is ecstatic at the slaughtering the Bears underwent in Super Bowl XLI. Also, he introduces a new product "Formula 419" (A combination of his Formula 401 and 18, Peyton Manning's Jersey number). Then, Stephen notes that Stephen Jr. has returned from Canada and back into Washington (unfortunately in Washington's 3rd, where Better Known representative Brian Baird has lobbied for a new hunting law).
Ep 18 - Charlie LeDuff Toggle seen
Stephen receives a message from Master Media International that they would be praying on his behalf on February 22. This is followed by the 40th installment of Better Know A District (Ohio's 18th with congressman Zack Space).
Ep 19 - Steven Pinker Toggle seen
Stephen starts by introducing a new segment, "California Values Watch". After addressing San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's recent problems. Then talks about the controversy stirred between Representatives Loretta Sanchez and Joe Baca. This is followed by the series finale of Tek Jansen.
Ep 20 - Debra Dickerson Toggle seen
Stephen starts by talking about the astronaut incident on the news and especially that everyone talks about Lisa Nowak wearing a diaper, admitting that he too wears a diaper during his workday. He then claims that Henry Kissinger called him to get him to run for president, which he says he will "not" do (or will he?) but he has formed an exploratory committee on whether to form an exploratory committee.
Ep 21 - Michael Oppenheimer Toggle seen
Stephen starts by dancing/singing "My Humps" behind his desk and discusses Grammys. He then talks about criticism of the Iraq War transitioning into "The Word." This is followed by a "Tip of the Hat - Wag of the Finger" segment, in which he commends Australian Prime Minister John Howard for his attack on Barack Obama, but also chastises him for attacking an American citizen.
Ep 22 - Sheryl WuDunn Toggle seen
Colbert talks about the Chinese Menace, entitling a Colbert Report special report "Apocalypse Mao: Murdered By The Orient's Success".
Ep 23 - Lance Armstrong Toggle seen
Stephen makes correction, that the Chinese have four times more population than the US, not three. Colbert admonishes people teaching seniors about sex. Sport Report: about the Westminster Dog Show, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, and mentions that the Saginaw Spirit had reached the playoffs.
Ep 24 - Shashi Tharoor Toggle seen
Colbert talks about how Mastermedia International will pray for him on February 22nd. Asks J. J. Abrams how his prayer day went, with photo of Jimmie "J.J." Walker showing. Then he moves on, to talking about Helen Thomas losing her front row seat at the White House press room. Interviews Candice Bergen by phone about her prayer day too. Better Know A District guest was Vic Snyder from Arkansas's 2nd congressional district.
Ep 25 - Zev Chafets Toggle seen
Stephen compares Britain leaving Iraq to Britain leaving the U.S. and India - saying it will cause a flourish of Democracy.
Ep 26 - Craig Venter Toggle seen
Stephen comments on a recent report about Al Gore's energy usage. Outdoor Life Magazine fires a columnist for calling for an assault rifle ban, an action Stephen commends in the Word. Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle is named a top mascot, behind only the Toronto Raptor. As a result, the Toronto Raptors are moved from "on notice" to "dead to me." Tip/Wag: Wag to Bilk (Japanese beer + milk company), Tip to 107-year-old Chan Chi.
Ep 27 - Nina Jablonski Toggle seen
Colbert comments on how David Geffen has switched his support from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. Then he mentions how Tom Vilsack chickened out of the presidential race, and interviews him in a new segment, Profiles In Quitters. And Problems Without Solutions, special report about SAHD's (Stay-at-home dad's), which Stephen says is against nature's laws.
Ep 28 - Larry King Toggle seen
Mr. Colbert thanks those who prayed for him last Thursday, with his prayer hat and foam fingers. Also he comments on the coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith story. Better Know A District guest was Steve Cohen from Tennessee's 9th congressional district.
Ep 29 - Ben & Jerry Toggle seen
Stephen comments on how many politicians have visited Walter Reed Hospital since the scandal. Ben and Jerry appeared to promote their new ice cream flavor named in honor of Stephen. Bears & Balls segment about recent economic fluctuations. And Mara Vanderslice talked about how Democrats can adapt to reach out to Christians.
Ep 30 - Mark Frauenfelder Toggle seen
Stephen brags about winning the Mega Millions drawing, which hadn't happened yet. In this segment he also mocks Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone. Then he talks about how Lewis "Scooter" Libby was found Not Guilty on 1 of the 5 counts. In The Word segment, Colbert commends doctors who refuse to treat patients for religious reasons. ThreatDown segment: No. 1 was Gravity.
Ep 31 - Michael Specter Toggle seen
Colbert makes a rare correction about winning Mega Millions drawing, and calls his boss Sumner Redstone to grovel. The Word was about removing the military Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. Then there was 2007's first installment of "Easter Under Attack": proposed Easter bunny name change to spring bunny. And Michael Specter talks about Vladimir Putin's suppression of and mysterious deaths of journalists in Russia.
Ep 32 - Ted Koppel Toggle seen
Stephen wonders why the media is still discussing the Libby trial. Then he talks about the death of Captain America, and adds more in The Word. Better Know A District guest was John Yarmuth from Kentucky's 3rd congressional district.
Ep 33 - Nicholas Kristof Toggle seen
Stephen upbraids Bill Gates for giving charitably to other nations while bemoaning America's faltering competitiveness. He retracts his disparaging comments about Captain America when he learns that the superhero has bequeathed him his shield.
Ep 34 - Michael Eric Dyson Toggle seen
Stephen closes the show by announcing The Word ("Goodnight"), after which the credits roll.
Ep 35 - Ed Viesturs Toggle seen
Colbert introduces a new segment, "When Ancestors Attack." Then he mentions how Colorado has made John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" their second official song. Sport Report: advice on filling out March Madness brackets.
Ep 36 - Ayaan Hirsi Ali Toggle seen
Stephen celebrates the last St. Patrick's Day ever! Then he moves on to how Latin America has so many rabid admirers of President Bush, with comments from Esteban Colberto. In the 44th installment of Better Know A District, the guest was Phil Hare of Illinois's 17th congressional district.
Ep 37 - Jerome Groopman Toggle seen
Stephen talks about the latest attack in DC, on him, by Rahm Emanuel.[2] The Word refers to South Carolina proposing to allow prisoners to donate organs to reduce jail time. Threatdown: 5.Angry seniors, 4.Dancing seniors, 3.Time Magazine, 2.Fertility clinics, 1.the FDA. And the "Alpha Dog Of the Week" was awarded to Robert Hancock of Carterville, Illinois.
Ep 38 - Willie Nelson Toggle seen
While unveiling threat # .5 as an addendum to yesterday's threatdown, Stephen finds himself in agreement with a German environmentalist over the euthanasia of Knut, a polar bear cub at the Berlin zoo, until Stephen becomes suddenly enamored when viewing footage of the cub. Later, Colbert collects on a hockey bet with the mayor of Oshawa, Ontario, wherein this day would become "Stephen Colbert Day" in the town; the day was chosen to be the same day as the mayor's birthday.
Ep 39 - Benjamin Barber Toggle seen
In the 45th installment of Better Know A District, the guest was Maurice Hinchey from New York's 22nd congressional district.
Ep 40 - Katie Couric Toggle seen
Debate over DC-residents voting bill with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. Criticism over Chicago Sun-Times face reading expert Rose Rosetree's interpretation of Stephen's facial features. Phone conversation with Coach Bob Mancini of the Saginaw Spirit about the Ontario Hockey League playoffs.
Ep 41 - Gwen Ifill Toggle seen
Stephen expressed his anger that a severed mummy hand was recently sold at auction, but not to him; the hand was the earliest example of we're No. #1. In response to Rahm Emanuel's practice of discouraging fellow congresspeople to decline interviews with Stephen Colbert, Stephen played an interview of him conducted by PBS's Gwen Ifill rife with potential misinterpretations.
Ep 42 - Madeleine Albright Toggle seen
Stephen chided Sean Penn for his blunt criticism of the Bush administration. Stephen discusses Iran, specifically a clash over religion, with former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who took the opportunity to promote her new book The Mighty and the Almighty: Reflections on America, God, and World Affairs.
Ep 43 - Jabari Asim Toggle seen
Stephen displayed his disappointment at the elimination of Paulina Porizkova from Dancing with the Stars, especially given that her husband Ric Ocasek is a friend of the show. Stephen discussed oil found in the Arctic Ocean near Russia, and an attempt to add Italy to the Axis of Evil led to an uncharacteristic breakdown. Later, Stephen discussed the N-word with author Jabari Asim, who wrote a book on the subject.
Ep 44 - Clive James Toggle seen
First, Stephen questioned the necessity of the Equal Rights Amendment, since everyone should be on the honor system. Later, Stephen cited the promulgation of John McCain that Sadr City is much safer than it was three months ago thanks to the military surge, despite the first-hand reports by Michael Ware that it is not safe for an American to leave the Green Zone. In response, Stephen suggested that Americans think of Iraq's capitol as Neverland.
Ep 45 - Colin Beavan Toggle seen
Colbert celebrates the 4th anniversary of the liberation of Baghdad, while he eats his "Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream" ice cream. He continues to eat it through the show. And announces that is now the number one flavor of Ben and Jerry's. He also runs an empty microwave in response to a family's attempt to live a "no environmental impact" lifestyle. Also in a fake radio show, Stephen insults Hungarians, reminiscent of the Don Imus scandal.
Ep 46 - Jeannette Walls Toggle seen
Stephen scolded the 15 British sailors whom after recently returning from captivity in Iran were seeking to publish accounts of their experience. In "The Word", he talked about America's bogus health care crisis. Stephen then changed the subject to an ethnic remark that he made against Hungarians on his fictional radio show, Colbert On the Ert (pronounced "air"), in which he described Hungarians as "those paprika-snorting ghoulies."
Ep 47 - Vali Nasr Toggle seen
Stephen introduced the latest eponymic animal, Stephanie Colburtle, one of the leatherback sea turtles being tracked from Costa Rica to the Galapagos Islands. In "The Word", Stephen revisited Monday's story about the 15 British sailors; in response to a British colonel making the distinction between the soldiers' experiences and reality TV, Stephen devised the notion that perhaps Americans should "make the war a reality show" to achieve success in Iraq and to prepare for a future "spin-off in Iraq."
Ep 48 - Dr. Richard Land Toggle seen
Stephen criticized Democratic senator Harry Reid for using "politicizing the war in Iraq" by citing a translation of a recent speech by Pope Benedict XVI. In "The Wørd," Stephen praised the president for proposing a new "war czar" position that would "chiefly be in command" of managing wars. Later aired a video describing Stephen's building manager Tad's quest to find a female companion for Stephen Jr., the eponymous bald eagle being tracked by GPS.
Ep 49 - John Kerry Toggle seen
Stephen begins by issuing a correction for having called Boyd K. Packer the "Mormon Pope" or "Mope," when he is more of a Mormon Cardinal, or "Mardinal." Colbert then compares Don Imus' firing with upcoming testimony of Alberto Gonzales before Congress regarding the U.S. Attorney firings scandal.
Ep 50 - Elaine Pagels Toggle seen
Stephen announced that he will be having a metaphor-off with Sean Penn on Thursday's show. Update on Stephanie Colburtle the turtle who was in 2nd place at the time of broadcast on the race to the Galápagos Islands, by some logic "proving Darwin wrong." Short mention of Iraqi insurgents.
Ep 51 - Paulina Porizkova Toggle seen
On Who's NOT honoring me now, Stephen complained that he was not being awarded a Pulitzer Prize in journalism. In "The Word," Stephen suggested the corporate sponsorship of the War on Terror since the "War on Terror is more than a name." Video showed promoting bovine growth hormones in dairy cows.
Ep 52 - Sean Penn Toggle seen
Stephen balks at a scientific study saying that chimpanzees are more evolved than humans in DNA. On "The Word," he talks about John Edwards' $400 haircut and considers him going over to the Republican party. Colbert then interviews Sean Penn, and leads to a Meta-Free-Phor-All hosted by Pinsky (the decider of topics for the rounds used humorous pictures and sound effects in the style of The Daily Show's "God Machine," which Colbert usually took part in).
Ep 53 - Russell Simmons Toggle seen
Ep 54 - Dr. Andrew Weil Toggle seen
The first act opens with a remembrance of Boris Yeltsin. Stephen continues with a combative interview with Eleanor Holmes Norton regarding a recent bill to give the District of Columbia a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives. In "The Word," Stephen comments on EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson's announcement that the Bush Administration's anti-global warming efforts are delivering "real results".
Ep 55 - David Walker Toggle seen
Colbert decides that a new name is necessary for the long war, and comes up with Freemerican Victernity Made in China. He then backs the idea of having illegal immigrants fight in the armed services in exchange for citizenship. He points out his position on the cover of GQ, then complains about the Four Horsemen of the A-pop-calypse: movies, television, music, and books.
Ep 56 - Madeleine Bordallo Toggle seen
Stephen is unhappy at the fact that Stephanie Colburtle The Turtle did not win The Great Turtle Race, after being bested by another turtle named Billy. He claims Billy is a male, and demands a re-race. (After explaining that one can tell the sex of a turtle by the concavity of its plastron, Stephen says that he checks the plastron on "all [his] dates, and if it's not concave, [he is] outta there."
Ep 57 - Neil deGrasse Tyson Toggle seen
"It's the last day of April. One more month 'till Speedo season! Do your squats. This is The Colbert Report."
Ep 58 - Malcolm Gladwell Toggle seen
Ep 59 - Gina Kolata Toggle seen
Ep 60 - Conn Iggulden Toggle seen
Ep 61 - Richard Preston Toggle seen
Ep 62 - Nassi Nicholas Taleb Toggle seen
Ep 63 - Salman Rushdie, Jane Fonda Toggle seen
Ep 64 - Jann Wenner Toggle seen
Ep 65 - William Langewiesche Toggle seen
Ep 66 - Walter Isaacson Toggle seen
Ep 67 - Howard Dean Toggle seen
Ep 68 - Randy Kearse, Rep. Tom Delay Toggle seen
Ep 69 - Jared Diamond Toggle seen
Ep 70 - John Amaechi Toggle seen
Ep 71 - Bay Buchanan, Bob Deans Toggle seen
Ep 72 - Jimmy Wales Toggle seen
Ep 73 - Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Leon Botstein Toggle seen
Ep 74 - Jessica Valenti Toggle seen
Ep 75 - Carl Bernstein Toggle seen
Ep 76 - Cullen Murphy Toggle seen
Ep 77 - Dr. Michael D. Gershon Toggle seen
Ep 78 - Josh Wolf Toggle seen
Ep 79 - Rep. Ron Paul Toggle seen
Ep 80 - Daniel B. Smith Toggle seen
Ep 81 - Toby Keith Toggle seen
Ep 82 - Anne-Marie Slaughter Toggle seen
Ep 83 - Will Schwalbe Toggle seen
Ep 84 - Vincent Bugliosi Toggle seen
Ep 85 - Tom Hayden Toggle seen
Ep 86 - David France Toggle seen
Ep 87 - Tom Blanton, Daniel Gilbert Toggle seen
Ep 88 - Doug Bailey Toggle seen
Ep 89 - Richard Florida, Ben Nelson Toggle seen
Ep 90 - Mark Moffett Toggle seen
Ep 91 - John Mellencamp Toggle seen
Ep 92 - Frank Sulloway Toggle seen
Ep 93 - Simon Schama Toggle seen
Ep 94 - Anthony D. Romero Toggle seen
Ep 95 - Charles Kaiser Toggle seen
Ep 96 - Robert Shrum Toggle seen
Ep 97 - Evan Osnos Toggle seen
Ep 98 - Kathleen Kennedy Townsend Toggle seen
Ep 99 - Michael Beschloss Toggle seen
Ep 100 - Michael J. Behe Toggle seen
Ep 101 - Ian Bogost Toggle seen
Ep 102 - Jim Cramer, Tina Brown Toggle seen
Ep 103 - Judd Apatow Toggle seen
Ep 104 - Michael Jacobson Toggle seen
Ep 105 - Jerry Miller, Spencer Wells Toggle seen
Ep 106 - Michael Wallis Toggle seen
From the previous episode, Stephen again mentions the possibility that his ancestors were Jewish. He then discusses perceived inflammatory speech on the Daily Kos website and interviews the website's founder, Markos Moulitsas. In the "Monkey on the Lam" segment, Stephen talks about a capuchin monkey that picked the lock on his cage door at a zoo in Tupelo, Mississippi for the second time in two weeks. He then discusses Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' failure to meet his potential. Finally, Stephen interviews Michael Wallis about the Lincoln Highway.
Ep 107 - Mike Huckabee Toggle seen
Stephen begins by asking people not to watch his interview with Richard Branson on August 22, which has been reported in the media as a "trainwreck." Stephen then interviews Mike Huckabee, claiming that he came second in the Iowa Straw Poll due to his appearances on The Colbert Report, and what Stephen claims is the "Colbert Bump."
Ep 108 - Nathan Sawaya Toggle seen
Stephen continues to attack wrist violence, and says the worst offender in "Wrist snuff" is Steven Seagal. He also announces that his "WristStrong" wristbands are now available from, and all proceeds go to help the Yellow Ribbon Fund. Stephen introduces a new segement, "Nailed 'Em", focusing on successful stories in the criminal justice system.
Ep 109 - Michael Shermer Toggle seen
Stephen starts with the "Smokin' Pole: The Fight for Arctic Riches" segment, where he attacks Canada's claim to the Northwest Passage through the Arctic, claiming it belongs to the United States. In "The Word," Stephen attacks WikiScanner claiming it prevents corporations from editing their own entries, and describes Wikipedia as, "Second Life for corporations".
Ep 110 - Richard Branson Toggle seen
In "Colbert Platinum", he talks about the shutting down of a helipad in Saint-Tropez and the growing demand for champagne. He then interviews Richard Branson about Virgin America and "Air Colbert". However, as the interview goes on, Branson and Stephen throw water over each other.
Ep 111 - Thomas E. Ricks Toggle seen
Stephen reviews the Iraq War and Dick Cheney's role in advocating it. He then interviews Thomas E. Ricks about the war. Stephen then talks about his broken wrist and shows a documentary film entitled Fractured Freedom: The Stephen Colbert Story. He announces that several people had signed his cast, including Nancy Pelosi, Tim Russert, Tony Snow, Brian Williams, Bill O'Reilly and Michael Bloomberg.
Ep 112 - Bjorn Lomborg Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the former director of the Environmental Assessment Institute and author of Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming, Bjorn Lomborg.
Ep 113 - Garrison Keillor Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes humorist and author of Pontoon: A Novel of Lake Wobegon, Garrison Keillor.
Ep 114 - Joel Klein Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the chancellor of New York City Schools, Joel Klein.
Ep 115 - Ed Begley Jr Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes actor and environmental activist and co-author of Grassroots Rising, Ed Begley jr. Also Stephen talks with Father James Martin, author of My Life with the Saints, over recent revelations regarding Mother Teresa having doubts about God.
Ep 116 - Susan Sarandon Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes actress and activist and the co-star of In the Valley of Elah, Susan Sarandon.
Ep 117 - Naomi Wolf Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes feminist and author of The End of America: A Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot, Naomi Wolf
Ep 118 - Jeffrey Toobin Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes legal writer and author of The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court, Jeffrey Toobin.
Ep 119 - Thomas Friedman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes New York Times columnist and author of The World is Flat [Updated and Expanded]: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Firedman
Ep 120 - John Grisham Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes retired attorney and author of Playing For Pizza, John Grisham.
Ep 121 - Tony Bennett Toggle seen
Tonight, Stephen reports on NBC and iTunes, questions the validity of a third political party, and interviews Tony Bennett.
Ep 122 - David Schwartz Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the chief film curator of the Museum of Moving Image, David Schwartz.
Ep 123 - Charlie Savage Toggle seen
Ep 124 - John Mearsheimer Toggle seen
Ep 125 - Jim Lovell Toggle seen
Ep 126 - John Kao Toggle seen
Ep 127 - George Saunders Toggle seen
Ep 128 - Stephen Colbert Toggle seen
Ep 129 - General Wesley Clark Toggle seen
Ep 130 - Chris Jordan Toggle seen
Ep 131 - Paul Glastris Toggle seen
Ep 132 - Bob Drogin Toggle seen
Ep 133 - Garry Kasparov Toggle seen
Ep 134 - Craig Newmark Toggle seen
Ep 135 - Richard Berman Toggle seen
Ep 136 - Craig Venter Toggle seen
Ep 137 - Col. Lawrence Wilkerson Toggle seen
Ep 138 - Walter Kirn Toggle seen
Season 4
Ep 1 - Richard Freeman Toggle seen
Ep 2 - Gary Rosen Toggle seen
Ep 3 - Matt Taibbi Toggle seen
Ep 4 - Muhammad Yunus Toggle seen
Ep 5 - Neil Shubin Toggle seen
Ep 6 - Jared Cohen Toggle seen
Ep 7 - Deborah Tannen Toggle seen
Ep 8 - David Levy Toggle seen
Ep 9 - Eric Weiner Toggle seen
Ep 10 - Andrew Young Toggle seen
Ep 11 - Stephen Colbert's Sport Report Toggle seen
Ep 12 - Charles Nesson Toggle seen
Ep 13 - Rick Warren Toggle seen
Ep 14 - Alex Ross Toggle seen
Ep 15 - Frans de Waal Toggle seen
Ep 16 - Andrew Napolitano Toggle seen
Ep 17 - Jacob Weisberg Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Slate editor in chief Jacob Weisberg, author of The Bush Tragedy. Also, Stephen talks with Tony Campolo, author of Red Letter Christians, about the Chrisitian right's influence on politics.
Ep 18 - Bob Dole Toggle seen
Ep 19 - Tad Devine Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Democratic strategist Tad Devine. Also Stephen talks with the senior editor of The National Review Richard Brookhiser about whether the Republicans will vote for John McCain.
Ep 20 - Mark Moffett Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes naturalist Mark Moffett, author of Face to Face with Frogs. Also, Presidental candiate and former Arkansas Governaor Mike Huckabee stops by to discuss, and play air hockey with Stephen, about which state he hopes to win next.
Ep 21 - Philip Zimbardo Toggle seen
Stephen begins with congratulating Barack Obama winning a Grammy award for "Best Spoken Word Album" for The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. He then talks about Mitt Romney dropping out of the race for President. He then interviews Aubrey de Gray about defeating aging and trying to make John McCain young. Stephen then talks about his portait to Marc Pachter (over the telephone). Pachter tells him that the portait has increased the number of visitors to the museum and that it will now be displayed in the National Portrait Museum until April 1. He then interviews Philip Zimbardo about "The Lucifer Effect" and how people become evil.
Ep 22 - Lisa Randall Toggle seen
Stephen begins with a discussion on Mike Huckabee's running mate. Stephen claims that via obligation, he should be the running mate. He also displays his dislike of John McCain, due to other right-wing political pundits, such as Rush Limbaugh, disliking McCain. He then talks to superdelegate Eliot Spitzer about superdelegates. He then talks to Eleanor Holmes Norton, another superdelegate, about her support of Barack Obama. Finally, Stephen interviews Lisa Randall about other dimensions.
Ep 23 - Richard Thompson Ford Toggle seen
Stephen begins by talking about how he survived the writers strike. He brings his writers (including, strangely enough, Tiki Barber, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Kevin Bacon) onto the set and welcomes them back personally. He then interviews David Gracer about eating insects. Stephen then introduces a new segment, "Stephen Colbert's Fallback Position," where he investigates different jobs he may take if he loses his job as a pundit. He investigates becoming a astrophysicist with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Finally, he interviews Richard Thompson Ford about the Democrats, and how he thinks the "race card" is being played too often.
Ep 24 - Leonard Nimoy Toggle seen
Stephen begins with "Who's Riding my Coattails now?", putting German comedian Oliver Pocher on notice for stealing his pose that he used on the front cover of GQ magazine. He then talks about the Roger Clemens hearing, defending Brian McNamee collecting used medical waste by claiming that he does it also. He then interviews John Feinstein about the use of steroids in sport. In "People Destroying America", Stephen talks about Susan Pagan, who refused to give his daughter a free Happy Meal for getting good grades. He then interviews Leonard Nimoy about a book featuring nude photos of overweight women.
Ep 25 - Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Toggle seen
Stephen starts by talking about a photo of Barack Obama in Muslim dress, claiming he is a terrorist. He says that the photo does not devide people, but unites people by making them think that Obama is a terrorist. In "The Wørd", Stephen agrees with Bill O'Reilly that a New York Times article about Vicki Iseman, but mainly because he claims the article was written poorly. In a special "Movies That Are Destroying America" entitled "Oscars That Are Destroying America", he attacks the fact that too many awards went to foreigners. Stephen then talks to Henry Louis Gates, Jr. about race and agrees to have a DNA test to see how black he is.
Ep 26 - Tony Snow Toggle seen
Stephen begins by discussing a recent John McCain rally, in which opening speaker Bill Cunningham said negative things about Barack Obama. The "Threatdown:" 5. Monopoly! 4. Richard Branson! 3. Bankruptcy! 2. John McCain! 1. Starbucks! He then talks about all Starbucks locations closing for three hours to re-train employees. Finally, Stephen interviews Tony Snow about his experience as White House Press Secretary.
Ep 27 - Ingrid Newkirk Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the president and co-founder of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk. Also, Stephen talks with the senior editor for The National Review magazine Richard Brookhiser about the influence the late William F. Buckley Jr had on conservatism and political talk shows
Ep 28 - Shashi Tharoor Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the former UN undersecretary general for communications and public information, and author of The Elephant, the Tiger, and the Cell Phone: The Emerging 21st Century Power, Shashi Tharoor. Also, Stephen talks with the conductor for the New York Philharmonic, Maestro Lorin Maazel about their recent concert in North Korea.
Ep 29 - Jennifer 8. Lee Toggle seen
Stephen starts by talking about John McCain and his support from John Hagee. Stephen expresses his anger of Hagee's views about Catholics. However, as a Christian, he is forced to turn the other cheek. Therefore, Stephen gets William Donohue to express his anger for him. In "The Wørd," he talks about McCain's continued claims of experience, but only over certain things. Next, Howard Dean calls Stephen to talk about the primaries. In "Nailed 'Em," he talks about a six-year-old girl who was cited for vandalism after drawing on the pavement in front of her front door with chalk. Finally, Stephen interviews Jennifer 8. Lee about Chinese food.
Ep 30 - Gregory Rodriguez Toggle seen
Stephen begins by paying tribute to Brett Favre. He then becomes angry about Mike Huckabee losing the Republican primaries to John McCain. He then interviews Robert Reich about the Democrats. In "Difference Makers," Stephen interviews Jason Grunstra, a man who created a website which gives away free breast implants. He then interviews Gregory Rodriguez about race relations and Mexican immigration. Finally, he pays tribute to Gary Gygax.
Ep 31 - John Legend Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes musician John Legend.
Ep 32 - George McGovern Toggle seen
Stephen begins by talking about the Eliot Spitzer scandal. In "The Wørd," he talks about Hillary Clinton's claim that she is ahead in the Democratic primaries because she was won bigger states. Stephen then presents a special repor-t called, "The '72 Democrats: Alone Again Naturally" covering the history of the 1972 Democratic presidential race. Stephen makes clear his dislike of George McGovern, whom he then interviews. This episode marks the first appearance of the phrase "President Bush Have a Hot Dog With Me" in the opening titles.
Ep 33 - Geraldo Rivera Toggle seen
Stephen talks about his hate for John McCain, which he is forced to set aside to support him as the Republican nominee. In "The Wørd," Stephen explains how McCain is like a boyfriend who the country could get used to after getting to know him better. He concludes the segments by showing clips of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Mitt Romney saying negative things about McCain, then juxtaposing them with clips of most of these same people endorsing and talking proudly about McCain. Then in Colbert Platinum, he talks about fake Ferraris and the destruction of homes in Liechtenstein. Finally Stephen interviews Geraldo Rivera about his new book, HISPANIC (the "his" and "panic" portrayed as different words) about the fear generated by the right wing about illegal immigrants coming into the United States. Stephen ends the interview by playing the clip of Geraldo on The O'Reilly Factor when he said, "The two guys, Stewart and Colbert... they make a living showing clips of old lad
Ep 34 - Howard Kurtz Toggle seen
Ep 35 - Sudhir Venkatesh Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Columbia University professor and author of Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes it to the Streets, Sudhir Venkatesh.
Ep 36 - Samantha Power Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author of Chasing the Flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Fight to Save the World, Samantha Power.
Ep 37 - Carole King Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes legendary singer/songwriter Carole King.
Ep 38 - Dee Dee Myers Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes former White House Press Secretary and author of Why Women Should Rule the World, Dee Dee Myers.
Ep 39 - Dean Kamen Toggle seen
Ep 40 - Eric Alterman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes professor of English and journalism and author of Why We're Liberals: A Political Handbook for Post-Bush America, Eric Alterman.
Ep 41 - Van Jones Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the co-founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Van Jones.
Ep 42 - R.E.M. Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes classic American rock band R.E.M. to talk about their new album, "Accelerate".
Ep 43 - Clay Shirky Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes telecommunications professor and author of Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing without Organizations, Clay Shirky.
Ep 44 - Jesse Ventura Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes former pro wrestler and Governor of Minnesota and author of Don't Start the Revolution Without Me!, Jesse Ventura. Also, Stephen talks with Trevor Paglen about the supposed shoulder patches worn by black ops members.
Ep 45 - Madeline Albright Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes former Clinton Secretary of State and author of Memo to the President Elect: How We Can Restore America's Reputation and Leadership, Madeline Albright.
Ep 46 - Jeff Gore Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the founder of Citizens for Retiring the Penny, Jeff Gore.
Ep 47 - Robin Wright Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist (specializing in the Middle East) and author of Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East, Robin Wright.
Ep 48 - Chris Matthews Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the host of Hardball, Chris Matthews.
Ep 49 - The Roots Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Grammy Award winning musical group The Roots.
Ep 50 - Governor Ed Rendell Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Pennsylvania's Governor, Ed Rendell.
Ep 51 - Rep. Patrick Murphy Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Pennsylvania Congressman Rep. Patrick Murphy.
Ep 52 - Rep. Bernie Sanders Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Vermont Congressman Rep. Bernie Sanders.
Ep 53 - Susan Jacoby Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of The Age of American Unreason, Susan Jacoby.
Ep 54 - Mitch Albom Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes radio host and author of For One More Day, Mitch Albom.
Ep 55 - Maria Shriver Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist, California's First Lady and author of Just Who Will You Be?: Big Question, Little Book. Answers Within, Maria Shriver.
Ep 56 - Feist Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes musician Feist.
Ep 57 - Anne Lamott Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes political activist and author of Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith, Anne Lamott.
Ep 58 - Noah Feldman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes law professor at Harvard University and author of The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State, Noah Feldman.
Ep 59 - James Kunstler Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes social critic and author of World Made by Hand, James Kunstler.
Ep 60 - Carl Hiaasen Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of The Downhill Lie: A Hacker's Return to a Ruinous Sport, Carl Hiaasen.
Ep 61 - Nathan Gunn Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes opera singer Nathan Gunn.
Ep 62 - George Johnson Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes science writer and author of The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments, George Johnson.
Ep 63 - Arianna Huffington Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the editor in chief of the Huffington Post and author of Right Is Wrong: How the Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded the Constitution, and Made Us All Less Safe, Arianna Huffington.
Ep 64 - Dr. Mehmet C. Oz Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the co-author of You: Staying Young: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your Warranty, Dr. Mehmet Oz.
Ep 65 - Jennifer Hooper McCarty Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the co-author of What Really Sank the Titanic: New Forensic Discoveries, Jennifer McCarty.
Ep 66 - Grover Norquist Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the president of Americans for Tax Reform and author of Leave Us Alone: Getting the Government's Hands Off Our Money, Our Guns, Our Lives, Grover Norquist.
Ep 67 - Andrei Cherny Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of The Candy Bombers: The Untold Story of the Berlin Airlift and America's Finest Hour, Andrei Cherny.
Ep 68 - Brian Greene Toggle seen
Ep 69 - Sen. Claire McCaskill Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.
Ep 70 - David Sirota Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of The Uprising: An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street and Washington, David Sirota.
Ep 71 - Jon Paskowitz Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the co-producer of the movie Surf Wise, Jon Paskowitz.
Ep 72 - George Will Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes political commentator and author of One Man's America: The Pleasures and Provocations of Our Singular Nation, George Will.
Ep 73 - Rep. Bob Barr Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Oklahoma Representative and Libertarian Presidential candidate, Bob Barr.
Ep 74 - Pat Buchanan Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes conservative political commentator and author of Churchill, Hitler, and "The Unnecessary War": How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World, Pat Buchanan
Ep 75 - Phil Weiss Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes New York columnist Phil Weiss.
Ep 76 - Alan Rabinowitz Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes wildlife scientist and author of Life in the Valley of Death: The Fight to Save Tigers in a Land of Guns, Gold, and Greed, Alan Rabinowitz.
Ep 77 - David Hajdu Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America, David Hajdu.
Ep 78 - Dixon Despommier Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes professor of environmental health sciences at Columbia University, Dixon Despommier.
Ep 79 - Kenneth Miller Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen talks with biologist and author of Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul, Kenneth Miller.
Ep 80 - Jonathan Zittrain Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the co-founder of the Berkman Center for Internet & Security and author of The Future of the Internet--And How to Stop It, Jonathan Zittrain.
Ep 81 - Junot Diaz Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Junot Diaz.
Ep 82 - Bishop N.T. Wright Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Bible scholar and author of Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church, Bishop N.T. Wright.
Ep 83 - Barbara Ehrenriech Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes political satirist and author of This Land Is Their Land: Reports from a Divided Nation, Barbara Ehrenriech.
Ep 84 - Will Smith Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes rapper, actor and star of Hancock, Will Smith.
Ep 85 - Neil DeGrasse Tyson Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes astrophysicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Also, Stephen talks with architecture critic and author of Up from Zero: Politics, Architecture, and the Rebuilding of New York, Paul Goldberger.
Ep 86 - Rep. Robert Wexler Toggle seen
Ep 87 - Dan Esty Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the head of Yale's Center for Business & the Environment, Dan Esty. Also Stephen talks with Lama Surya Das about whether Barack Obama should become a Tibetan Buddhist.
Ep 88 - Jason Riley Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders, Jason Riley. Also, Stephen talks with Julia Sweig, author of Friendly Fire about the rise of Venezuela and other South American nations rise out of poverty.
Ep 89 - Rush Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes rock group Rush. They perform Tom Sawyer
Ep 90 - Elizabeth Edwards Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the wife of former Presidential candidate John Edwards and author of Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers, Elizabeth Edwards.
Ep 91 - Sen. Jim Webb Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Virginia Senator and author of A Time to Fight: Reclaiming a Fair and Just America, Senator Jim Webb.
Ep 92 - Lucas Conley Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of OBD: Obsessive Branding Disorder: The Illusion of Business and the Business of Illusion, Lucas Conley.
Ep 93 - Nas Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes rapper Nas who is representing and their petition to FOX to stop racist bias in news.
Ep 94 - Garrett Reisman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes astronaut Garrett Reisman.
Ep 95 - Toby Keith Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes country music superstar Toby Keith and star of Beer for My Horses, plus Keith performs the song of the same name.
Ep 96 - Eric Roston Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Eric Roston, author of The Carbon Age: How Life's Core Element Has Become Civilization's Greatest Threat.
Ep 97 - Cosby Stills & Nash Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes legendary musical act Crosby, Stills & Nash.
Ep 98 - Buzz Aldrin Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes former NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
Ep 99 - Lucas Conley Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of OBD: Obsessive Branding Disorder: The Illusion of Business and the Business of Illusion, Lucas Conley.
Ep 100 - David Carr Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes New York Times columnist and author of The Night of the Gun: A Reporter Investigates the Darkest Story of his Life--His Own, David Carr.
Ep 101 - Kevin Costner Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes actor/director and star of Swing Vote, Kevin Costner.
Ep 102 - Thomas Frank Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes contributing editor for Harper's and author of The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule, Thomas Frank.
Ep 103 - Jorge Ramos Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the anchor for Univision News and author of The Gift of Time: Letters from a Father, Jorge Ramos.
Ep 104 - Jane Mayer Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How The War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals, Jane Mayer.
Ep 105 - Dick Meyer Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes social critic and author of Why We Hate Us: American Discontent in the New Millennium, Dick Meyer.
Ep 106 - Bing West Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes combat journalist and author of The Strongest Tribe: War, Politics, and the Endgame in Iraq, Bing West.
Ep 107 - Scott McClellan Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, author of What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception, Scott McClellan. Also, Stephen talks with former Georgia Representative and Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr about the Libertarian party's "green" efforts.
Ep 108 - Mike Huckabee Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes former Arkansas Governor and Republican Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee.
Ep 109 - Richard Brookhiser Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes biographer, historian and author of George Washington on Leadership, Richard Brookhiser.
Ep 110 - John McWhorter Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes political commentator and author of All about the Beat: Why Hip-Hop Can't Save Black America, John McWhorter.
Ep 111 - Laura D'Andrea Tyson Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the former director of the National Economic Council, Laura Tyson.
Ep 112 - Doris Kearns Goodwin Toggle seen
Ep 113 - Ron Paul Toggle seen
Ep 114 - David Paterson Toggle seen
Ep 115 - Rev. Peter J. Gomes Toggle seen
Ep 116 - Rick Reilly Toggle seen
Ep 117 - Robert Lutz Toggle seen
Ep 118 - Maria Bartiromo Toggle seen
Ep 119 - Jackson Browne Toggle seen
Ep 120 - Cornel West Toggle seen
Ep 121 - Nick Carr Toggle seen
Ep 122 - Paul Begala Toggle seen
Ep 123 - James Taylor Toggle seen
Ep 124 - Dave Levin Toggle seen
Ep 125 - Naomi Klein Toggle seen
Ep 126 - Jim Cramer Toggle seen
Ep 127 - Nate Silver Toggle seen
Ep 128 - Joe Scarborough Toggle seen
Ep 129 - Oliver Stone Toggle seen
Ep 130 - Bethany McLean, Kathleen Parker Toggle seen
Stephen offers his investment advice, and Kathleen Parker doesn't think Sarah Palin is ready.
Ep 131 - Joseph Stiglitz Toggle seen
Ep 132 - Shai Agassi Toggle seen
Ep 133 - Robert Greenwald Toggle seen
Stephen starts by talking about the final presidential debate, praising John McCain, but attacking his references to Joe the Plumber. Stephen then talks about the third anniversary of The Colbert Report and that his portrait has now been accepted by Brent Glass as part of the National Museum of American History. He then interviews Robert Greenwald about his series of anti-McCain commercials on YouTube. Stephen then unveils a new portrait of himself, which features him holding his Emmy.
Ep 134 - Wynton Marsalis Toggle seen
Stephen begins by talking about Colin Powell endorsing Barack Obama for president. He then interviews Fareed Zakaria about the economic crisis. Stephen presents a new "lower cost" segment based on "Colbert Platinum", "Colbert Aluminum." He talks about Paris, rich people opening various bank accounts in order to protect themselves, and stealth wealth. Finally, Stephen talks to Wynton Marsalis about jazz and together they perform "The Star-Spangled Banner."
Ep 135 - Michael Farris Toggle seen
Stephen begins by talking about Stephen Jr., his adopted eagle son, who was spotted in Oregon. He claims that Stephen Jr. has been supporting John McCain in the state. In "The Wørd," Stephen discusses Acorn and voter fraud, with some votes containing the names of cartoon characters. He claims that cartoon characters should not be allowed to vote. Stephen then examines of God concerning the election, after claims of a battle between God, Allah, Buddah and Hindu (despite the fact Buddah and Hindu are not gods). He plays some reponses from his Atone-Phone. Stephen then interviews Michael Farris about the Patrick Henry College.
Ep 136 - David Frum Toggle seen
Ep 137 - Jonathan Alter Toggle seen
Ep 138 - Yo-Yo Ma Toggle seen
Grammy Award winning cellist Yo-Yo Ma, (Songs of Joy and Peace).
Ep 139 - Sherman Alexie Toggle seen
Stephen welcomes Sherman Alexie, author of "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian."
Ep 140 - David Simon Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Baltimore Sun reporter David Simon.
Ep 141 - Wilco Toggle seen
Ep 142 - Andrew Sullivan Toggle seen
Andrew Sullivan says conservatives should support Obama.
Ep 143 - Indecision 2008: America's Choice Toggle seen
Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart report live from Indecision World Headquarters where Comedy Central has rounded up the best researchers and consultants (that it can afford) to provide shallow analysis, obscure factoids, random guesses and pointless sound.
Ep 144 - Ambassador Andrew Young Toggle seen
Stephen sits down with civil rights pioneer Andrew Young.
Ep 145 - Rachel Maddow Toggle seen
Ep 146 - Kevin Johnson Toggle seen
Ep 147 - Bob Woodward Toggle seen
Ep 148 - Stephen Moore Toggle seen
Ep 149 - Malcom Gladwell Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell. Also, Stephen talks with the host of Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw about the important cabinet positions to be filled by Barack Obama.
Ep 150 - Paul Simon Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes singer/songwriter Paul Simon.
Ep 151 - Michael Lewis Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of Panic: The Story of Modern Financial Insanity, Michael Lewis.
Ep 152 - Thomas Friedman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes economist and author of Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America, Thomas Friedman.
Ep 153 - Roland Fryer Toggle seen
Stephen checks in on the war in Afghanistan, and Roland Fryer sees if cash incentives inspire students.
Ep 154 - Jeffrey Goldberg Toggle seen
Plaxico Burress could go to jail, and Jeffrey Goldberg says airline security is insufficient.
Ep 155 - Barbara Walters Toggle seen
The media reacts to Obama's cabinet picks, and Barbara Walters promotes her TV special.
Ep 156 - Nicholas Wade Toggle seen
A new report predicts a biological attack, and Nicholas Wade wants to recreate a woolly mammoth.
Ep 157 - Geoffrey Canada Toggle seen
Stephen briefly mentions Barbra Streisand kissing President Bush. He then talks about a potential government bailout of the Big Three U.S. automakers. Stephen then discusses Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen unknowingly hanging up on President-elect Obama. Finally, he interviews Geoffrey Canada about his work with the Harlem Children's Zone.
Ep 158 - Charlie Kaufman Toggle seen
Stephen briefly mentions the arrest and indictment of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. A discussion on Frost/Nixon, he interviews Kevin Bacon about the film. As a prelude to Thursday's new episode of Tek Jansen, Stephen shows the previous installment. Finally, he interviews Charlie Kaufman about his new film, Synecdoche, New York.
Ep 159 - Richard Haass Toggle seen
Richard Haass believes this century has the potential for America to cooperate with other countries to make the world safer.
Ep 160 - Michael Phelps Toggle seen
Stephen talks about Atheists trying to take the Christ out of Christmas. Michael Phelps will compete in the 2010 Winter Olympics after Stephen teaches him how to ice dance.
Season 5
Ep 1 - John King Toggle seen
Stephen congratulates John King and the rest of the media on getting Obama elected.
Ep 2 - Matt Miller Toggle seen
Matt Miller says the government must make sure we have basic securities like health care and pensions.
Ep 3 - Benicio Del Toro Toggle seen
Benicio Del Toro talks about meeting Castro to prepare for "Che."
Ep 4 - Lawrence Lessig Toggle seen
Lawrence Lessig says the outdated copyright laws have turned our kids into criminals.
Ep 5 - Anthony Romero Toggle seen
Anthony Romero believes it will be a huge mistake if Barack Obama doesn't close Guantanamo immediately.
Ep 6 - Niall Ferguson Toggle seen
Niall Ferguson explains how money is a relationship between a creditor and a debtor.
Ep 7 - Alan Khazei Toggle seen
Barack Obama may be over-marketed, and Alan Khazei wants Americans to volunteer.
Ep 8 - Shepard Fairey Toggle seen
A look back on President Bush's relationship with the media -- Stephen wonders if tonight's the night they finally do it and Shepard Fairey's "Hope" poster belongs to everyone.
Ep 9 - Frank Rich Toggle seen
Frank Rich says George W. Bush delivers a message of hope for mediocrity.
Ep 10 - Jabari Asim Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Washington Post columnist and author of The N Word: Who Can Say It, Who Shouldn't, and Why, Jabari Asim.
Ep 11 - Elizabeth Alexander Toggle seen
Elizabeth Alexander explains to Stephen the difference between a metaphor and a lie.
Ep 12 - Jon Meacham Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Newsweek editor and author of American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House, Jon Meacham.
Ep 13 - Pastor Ed Young Toggle seen
Obama changes Bush's policy on science, and Ed Young thinks married people should have more sex.
Ep 14 - Philippe Petit Toggle seen
Documentary, "Man on Wire"
Ep 15 - Paul McCartney Toggle seen
Ep 16 - John Podesta Toggle seen
President and CEO, Center for American Progress
Ep 17 - Dan Zaccagnino Toggle seen
The government collapses in Iceland, and Stephen gets mad at Dan Zaccagnino.
Ep 18 - Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Toggle seen
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. says Abraham Lincoln was always against slavery, but he wasn't a fan of black people.
Ep 19 - Steve Martin Toggle seen
Actor, "The Pink Panther 2"
Ep 20 - Jonah Lehrer Toggle seen
Stephen salutes the Boy Scouts, and Jonah Lehrer discusses the neuroscience of decision-making.
Ep 21 - TV On The Radio Toggle seen
Stephen welcomes musical guest TV On The Radio.
Ep 22 - Robert Ballard Toggle seen
It's tough times for the Republican Party, and Stephen gives a shout out to a former employee.
Ep 23 - Steven Pinker Toggle seen
New York Times article, "My Genomic Self"
Ep 24 - Adam Gopnik Toggle seen
Adam Gopnik claims that faith and fear no longer rule our lives because of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.
Ep 25 - Helen Fisher Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the chief scientific advisor for, anthropology professor and author of Why Him? Why Her?: Finding Real Love By Understanding Your Personality Type, Helen Fisher.
Ep 26 - Cliff Sloan Toggle seen
Cliff Sloan believes that Marbury v. Madison is significant because it established the rule of law.
Ep 27 - John Fetterman Toggle seen
Mayor John Fetterman believes Braddock, PA is a great place to spend some of the stimulus money.
Ep 28 - Kris Kristofferson Toggle seen
Stephen wants to know how Kris Kristofferson can be a country musician and a liberal at the same time.
Ep 29 - David Byrne Toggle seen
Late at night, who does David Byrne fear David Byrne is?
Ep 30 - Mark Bittman Toggle seen
President Obama taxes the rich to pay for universal health care, and South Carolina may finally end gun prostitution.
Ep 31 - Carl Wilson Toggle seen
Carl Wilson tries to understand the popularity of Celine Dion in "Let's Talk About Love" and will NASA name part of the space station after Stephen if he changes his name to Stephen Urine Filtration System?
Ep 32 - Steven Johnson Toggle seen
Steven Johnson talks about Joseph Priestley, the man who first realized that plants actually create the oxygen we breathe.
Ep 33 - Lisa Hannigan Toggle seen
Lisa Hannigan sewed the cover, liner notes and lyrics of her album "Sea Sew."
Ep 34 - Dr. Jay Keasling Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes microbiologist and member of the Joint BioEnergy Institute, Dr. Jay Keasling. Also Stephen talks with NASA's associate administrator for space operations Bill Gerstenmaier about the Kepler Probe and other space exploration.
Ep 35 - Howard Fineman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Newsweek correspondent and author of 'The Thirteen American Arguments: Enduring Debates that Define and Inspire Our Country', Howard Fineman.
Ep 36 - Peter Singer Toggle seen
Peter Singer urges Stephen to give money to poor people rather than enjoying it himself.
Ep 37 - Neil Gaiman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of 'The Graveyard Book'.
Ep 38 - David Grann Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of 'The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon'.
Ep 39 - Juan Cole Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of 'Engaging the Muslim World'.
Ep 40 - John McCardell Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the president of Choose Responsibility.
Ep 41 - Derrick Pitts Toggle seen
The guest tonight is Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer at The Franklin Institute.
Ep 42 - David Plotz Toggle seen
David Plotz, Author of 'Good Book LP' talks to Stephen tonight.
Ep 43 - Dambisa Moyo Toggle seen
Author of "Dead Aid", Dambisa Moyo is the guest on tonight's show.
Ep 44 - Biz Stone Toggle seen
One of the co-founders of Twitter is the guest for tonight's show.
Ep 45 - Rich Lowry Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the co-author of Banquo's Ghosts, Rich Lowry.
Ep 46 - Queen Noor Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Jordan's Queen Noor.
Ep 47 - Phil Bronstein Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the editor at large for the San Francisco Chronicle, Phil Bronstein.
Ep 48 - Bart Ehrman Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Bible expert and author of Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don't Know About Them), Bart Ehrman.
Ep 49 - Susie Orbach Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes psychotherapist and author of Bodies, Susie Orbach. Also, Stephen talks with NASA's Deputy Chief, Astronaut Office at the Johnson Space Center, Sunita Williams about the naming of the new node on the International Space Station.
Ep 50 - Jim Lehrer Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the anchor of PBS' NewsHour and author of Oh, Jonny, Jim Lehrer.
Ep 51 - Doug Kmiec Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the former head of the Office of Legal Council for both President Reagan and George Bush Sr., and author of Can a Catholic Support Him? Asking the Big Questions about Barack Obama, Doug Kmiec. Also, Stephen talks with the associate editor for, Kanishk Tharoor.
Ep 52 - Sheriff Joe Arpaio Toggle seen
Sheriff Joe Arpaio denies that he focuses too much on illegal immigration.
Ep 53 - Coach Mike Krzyzewski Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen talks with Duke University men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.
Ep 54 - Ira Glass Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen talks with host of This American Life, Ira Glass.
Ep 55 - Elizabeth Bintliff Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the West Africa Program Officer for Heifer International, Elizabeth Bintliff.
Ep 56 - The Decemberists Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes musical group The Decemberists.
Ep 57 - David Gross Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of 'Dumb Money: How Our Greatest Financial Minds Bankrupted the Nation', Daniel Gross. Also, Stephen talks with war correspondent Richard Engel.
Ep 58 - David Kessler Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes former FDA commissioner and author of The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite, David Kessler.
Ep 59 - Ethan Nadlemann Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, Ethan Nadlemann.
Ep 60 - J. J. Abrams Toggle seen
The Prescott Group needs a bailout, and J.J. Abrams reveals clues to Stephen's Persian Gulf mystery.
Ep 61 - Cliff Sloan, Paul Rieckhoff Toggle seen
Cliff Sloan believes that Marbury v. Madison is significant because it established the rule of law and Paul Rieckhoff wants to make sure returning veterans get education, employment and health care support.
Ep 62 - Laurie Garrett Toggle seen
President Obama's approval numbers are at 67%, and public health expert Laurie Garrett is here to shed some light on the swine flu.
Ep 63 - Mitchell Joachim Toggle seen
It's Bring Your Savior to Work Day, and Mitchell Joachim wants to build carbon-neutral cities.
Ep 64 - Jeff Daniels Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes actor Jeff Daniels Also, Stephen talks with the vice president of policy at, Tamara Draut about credit cart reform.
Ep 65 - Ron Howard Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the producer & director of Angels & Demons, Ron Howard. Also, Stephen talks with the head of Latin American Division of the Council on Foreign Relations, Julia Sweig about Cuba.
Ep 66 - Michael Pollan Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, Michael Pollan.
Ep 67 - Yusuf Islam Toggle seen
Donald Trump allows Miss California to keep her crown, the DonorsChoose competition continues, and Yusuf performs.
Ep 68 - Meghan McCain Toggle seen
Meghan McCain loves the Republican Party and wants to save it from the people trying to make it more extreme.
Ep 69 - Walter Kirn Toggle seen
Republicans find a way to make us love them again, and a Difference Maker stands up to the government.
Ep 70 - Seth Shostak Toggle seen
Torture memo author John Yoo gets a newspaper column, and Nancy Pelosi says the CIA lied to her.
Ep 71 - Green Day Toggle seen
Stephen reveals most of the Indian election results, and Green Day talks about their album, "21st Century Breakdown."
Ep 72 - Byron Dorgan Toggle seen
Republicans could lose their Latino voter, and you can see Stephen's Persian Gulf destination from Sarah Palin's house.
Ep 73 - Katty Kay Toggle seen
The FDA challenges medical claims made by Cheerios, and Jim Moran protects kids from erectile dysfunction advertising.
Ep 74 - Eric Schlosser Toggle seen
California allows some gay couples to stay married, and Obama invites Iran to celebrate 4th of July.
Ep 75 - Dag Soderberg Toggle seen
Wikipedia takes on the Church of Scientology, and the latest on abstinence-only education will be worth the wait.
Ep 76 - General Raymond Odierno Toggle seen
General Ray Odierno steps up to the plate to be Stephen’s first guest in Iraq.
Ep 77 - Specialist Tareq Salha, Sgt. Robin Balcom Toggle seen
Stephen welcomes Sergeant Robin Balcom and Specialist Tareq Salha to his international desk of wisdom and truthiness.
Ep 78 - Lieutenant General Charles Jacoby Toggle seen
Tom Hanks and Stephen prepare a care package, and Charles H. Jacoby Jr. picks his favorite soldier.
Ep 79 - Command Sgt. Major Frank Grippe Toggle seen
George W. Bush praises the troops, and Frank A. Grippe orders his officers to sing the Army song.
Ep 80 - Austan Goolsbee Toggle seen
Stephen gives advice to the next leader of North Korea, and asks Austan Goolsbee if his arm gets tired from throwing money at problems.
Ep 81 - Jim Rogers Toggle seen
According to polls, 120% say the Iranian election wasn't rigged, and Jim Rogers wants to reduce Duke Energy's carbon footprint.
Ep 82 - Joshua Micah Marshall Toggle seen
Sonia Sotomayor belongs to an exclusive women's-only club, and Joshua Micah Marshall won't be doing the pointing and talking.
Ep 83 - Paul Muldoon Toggle seen
Someone finally agrees to accept Gitmo detainees, and Stephen nails poet Paul Muldoon.
Ep 84 - Simon Schama Toggle seen
Stephen suggests punching randomly until we find the enemy among us, and Simon Schama writes a history of the future of America.
Ep 85 - David Kilcullen Toggle seen
David Kilcullen fights wars by taking a local approach to combat smaller guerrilla movements.
Ep 86 - Matthew Crawford Toggle seen
The Jonas Brothers don't abstain from making awesome rock, and Matthew Crawford believes in working with his hands.
Ep 87 - Jim Fouratt Toggle seen
ABC turns their network over to Barack Obama, and Jim Fouratt meets the leader of the gay shame movement.
Ep 88 - Neil DeGrasse Tyson Toggle seen
Neil deGrasse Tyson tries to make science accessible to whomever wants to reach out and touch it.
Ep 89 - Kevin Mattson Toggle seen
Stephen questions whether America should embrace soccer, and Kevin Mattson thinks Jimmy Carter was underappreciated.
Ep 90 - Nicholas Kristof Toggle seen
The Supreme Court takes its recess, and Nicholas Kristof discusses "It's Time to Learn From Frogs" after crossing five lanes of busy traffic.
Ep 91 - Ed Viesturs Toggle seen
Congress passes a renewable energy bill, and climber Ed Viesturs scales Stephen's ego.
Ep 92 - Paul Krugman Toggle seen
The Sotomayor confirmation hearings begin, and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman knows a lot about money.
Ep 93 - Leymah Gbowee Toggle seen
Stephen suggests looking for change in the folds of Barney Frank, and asks Leymah Gbowee where Liberia is.
Ep 94 - Douglas Rushkoff Toggle seen
There's bad news for people with target-shaped birthmarks, and Douglas Rushkoff lets Jews and Freemasons off the hook.
Ep 95 - Edmund Andrews Toggle seen
Stephen is emotionally dead inside, and Ed Andrews should write about teen vampires if he wants to get out of debt.
Ep 96 - Geoffrey Canada, Bob Park Toggle seen
Geoffrey Canada can't find any area where white men are being disproportionately victimized and Bob Park doesn't understand why humans need go to space when robots can do a better job.
Ep 97 - Dr. Aaron Carroll Toggle seen
Stephen will be the mighty oak when he investigates Acorn, and Aaron Carroll believes America should have a single-payer system.
Ep 98 - Matthew Waxman, Chris Anderson Toggle seen
The truth behind the CIA's secret assassination squad is revealed, and Chris Anderson talks about a future economy where everything is free.
Ep 99 - Zev Chafets Toggle seen
The British announce plans to cut and run, Tom Vilsack drops out of the presidential race, and Zev Chafets angles for a Christmas present.
Ep 100 - Movits Toggle seen
A report on tasers may shock you, and Swedish band Movits! helps Stephen put his Ikea futon together
Ep 101 - Arianna Huffington Toggle seen
Arianna Huffington was born in the United States, but she cultivated an accent to give herself an air of being an ethnic minority.
Ep 102 - Kevin Baker Toggle seen
Lance Armstrong comes in third in the Tour de France, and Kevin Baker says Obama is the new Hoover.
Ep 103 - Kathryn Bigelow Toggle seen
Kathryn Bigelow's war movie, "The Hurt Locker," is getting great reviews, despite not having explosions and ear-splitting sound effects.
Ep 104 - General Anthony Zinni Toggle seen
President Obama finds a way to pay for health care, and General Anthony Zinni will wax Stephen's chest.
Ep 105 - Kurt Anderson Toggle seen
According to Kurt Andersen, the economic and health crises give Americans a brief chance to get things where they want them.
Ep 106 - Kris Kobach Toggle seen
Kris Kobach wants to fight illegal immigration on the local level and reward the people willing to come to this country legally.
Ep 107 - Meryl Streep Toggle seen
Stephen reviews the movies that are destroying America and talks to Meryl Streep about her role as Julia Child.
Ep 108 - Barbara Boxer Toggle seen
Vladimir Putin returns to the spotlight, and Stephen interviews Barbara Boxer with deaf suspicion.
Ep 109 - Jonathan Cohn Toggle seen
Afghanistan prepares for Bring Your Rocket Launcher to Work Day, and Jonathan Cohn explains why America's having a health care crisis.
Ep 110 - Mark Johnson Toggle seen
Americans speak Glenn Beck's mind at town hall meetings, and Mark Johnson spreads peace through music.
Ep 111 - Mark Devlin Toggle seen
Glenn Beck loses his sponsors, and Mark Devlin uses giant balloons to life telescopes to the edge of space.
Ep 112 - Bill McKibben Toggle seen
Reporters get so desperate they'll even work for a newspaper, and Bill McKibben lowers carbon dioxide levels by not exhaling when he talks.
Ep 113 - Robert Wright Toggle seen
Ep 114 - Ang Lee Toggle seen
Ang Lee captures the hope and optimism of tired, dirty kids in his movie, "Taking Woodstock."
Ep 115 - Chris Matthews Toggle seen
The Earth's population nears 7 billion, and Chris Matthews discusses his documentary, "The Kennedy Brothers."
Ep 116 - Cory Booker Toggle seen
The health care debate rages on, MTV's VMAs deliver a shock, and Cory Booker admits he is the mayor of Newark.
Ep 117 - Christiane Amanpour Toggle seen
Christiane Amanpour is going to make Americans care about the rest of the world with her CNN show "Amanpour."
Ep 118 - Tony Danza Toggle seen
Obama indoctrinates America's school children, Tucker Carlson reveals Muslims' influence on textbooks, and The Flaming Lips perform.
Ep 119 - Frank Bruni Toggle seen
Stephen resurrects the U.S. military technique of staring at a goats and Frank Bruni talks about mastering his addiction to compulsive eating as a food critic for the New York Times.
Ep 120 - Shai Agassi Toggle seen
The Senate votes to allow guns on trains, and Shai Agassi wants us all to drive electric cars.
Ep 121 - AJ Jacobs Toggle seen
AJ Jacobs' life experiments include following all the rules of the Bible, trying to be the most rational person alive and radical honesty.
Ep 122 - Ken Burns Toggle seen
The Republican Party is accused of racism, another holiday is under attack, and Ken Burns makes a documentary about national parks.
Ep 123 - Sheryl WuDunn Toggle seen
Sheryl WuDunn believes giving women loans and educating girls is the way to lift developing nations out of poverty.
Ep 124 - Matt Latimer Toggle seen
An exciting new tobacco product hits the market, and Matt Latimer recalls his Bush speechwriting days.
Ep 125 - Richard Dawkins Toggle seen
Stephen has an update on his space treadmill, and he'll evolve Richard Dawkins' book into tiny shreds of paper.
Ep 126 - Francis Collins Toggle seen
Francis Collins informs Stephen that it's going to take time for stem cell research to give him crab claws.
Ep 127 - Arne Duncan Toggle seen
President Obama proposes a longer school year, and Arne Duncan could only get a job as a secretary.
Ep 128 - The Mountain Goats Toggle seen
The Mountain Goats perform "Psalms 40:2" from their album, "The Life of the World to Come."
Ep 129 - Alison Gopnik Toggle seen
Doctors invent a radical new surgery, and Alison Gopnik says babies can help us understand deep philosophical questions.
Ep 130 - Colin Beavan Toggle seen
The media attacks Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh may buy a football team, and Colin Beavan makes no environmental impact.
Ep 131 - Shashi Tharoor, Dr. Sanjay Gupta Toggle seen
Stephen takes on Norwegians for giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, plays tennis with James Blake and talks zombies with Sanjay Gupta.
Ep 132 - David Javerbaum, Sylvia Earle Toggle seen
Stephen posts Twitter updates on Miley Cyrus, talks fetuses with David Javerbaum and asks Sylvia Earle why he should care about the ocean.
Ep 133 - Amy Farrell, The RZA Toggle seen
Stephen gets angry over health care reform, discusses obesity with Amy Farrell, and talks wisdom with the RZA.
Ep 134 - Jerry Mitchell Toggle seen
Stephen proves that mayo is the illest condiment, asks Jerry Mitchell what a newspaper reporter is and unveils his new portrait.
Ep 135 - Cornel West Toggle seen
Stephen criticizes Washington State, endorses your job application and disagrees with everything Cornel West stands for.
Ep 136 - Randall Balmer, Gail Collins Toggle seen
The Catholic Church reaches out to former members, and Gail Collins talks about the modern American woman.
Ep 137 - Brian Cox Toggle seen
Stephen finds out what broke the largest particle accelerator and preps for his interview with Brian Cox by watching "Baby Einstein" tapes.
Ep 138 - Bill Simmons Toggle seen
Stephen talks to Rosanne Cash about torturing detainees with music and discusses "Teen Wolf" with Bill Simmons.
Ep 139 - Nicholas Thompson Toggle seen
Stephen sponsors the U.S. speedskating team, analyzes Arnold Schwarzenegger's breakfast and disputes the end of the Cold War with Nicholas Thompson.
Ep 140 - Andrew Sullivan Toggle seen
Stephen makes history with the U.S. Speedskating team, covers a gay couple's arrest on Mormon Church property and wants Andrew Sullivan to admit he's wrong.
Ep 141 - Harold Evans Toggle seen
Stephen declares Barack Obama the loser, gets dunked in water by Al Gore and asks Harold Evans if he's going to be a chimney sweep.
Ep 142 - Joey Cheek Toggle seen
Stephen puts Canada on notice with Joey Cheek, introduces Vaxaconda and talks to William Bratton about McGruff the Crime Dog.
Ep 143 - Tom Campbell Toggle seen
Stephen asks Mike Castle why he can't marry a chicken, helps Katherine Reutter win a gold medal, and talks art with Thomas Campbell.
Ep 144 - Maria Shriver Toggle seen
Stephen defends Barney Frank for not recognizing marijuana, enjoys a Taser XREP ad and feeds ice cream to Maria Shriver.
Ep 145 - Christopher Caldwell Toggle seen
Stephen believes bankers are God's representatives, criticizes "Sesame Street" and asks Christopher Caldwell where the Muslim pope is.
Ep 146 - Woody Harrelson Toggle seen
Stephen uses Miracle Whip money to buy mayo, claims Lou Dobbs' audience and shaves Woody Harrelson's head.
Ep 147 - Paul Goldberger Toggle seen
Stephen shows Barack Obama how to greet foreign leaders, offers to sing in Aerosmith, and discusses architecture with Paul Goldberger.
Ep 148 - Malcolm Gladwell Toggle seen
Stephen talks to Marc Kielburger about child labor, skateboards with Jackie Speier and asks Malcolm Gladwell to explain a New Yorker cartoon.
Ep 149 - Norah Jones Toggle seen
Sarah Palin has a 400-page book, "2012" takes the world by storm, and Norah Jones talks about her famous father, Indiana.
Ep 150 - Elvis Costello Toggle seen
The Senate introduces a tax on plastic surgery, and Elvis Costello plays "Cheap Reward" with Stephen.
Ep 151 - Dan Esty, Cevin Soling Toggle seen
Stephen talks to Dan Esty about global warming, forces Joseph Cirincione to play "Sanction, Bomb, Marry?" and compares school to prison with Cevin Soling
Ep 152 - Guy Consolmagno, Sherman Alexie Toggle seen
Stephen profiles a made-up district, discusses alien Jesus with Guy Consolmagno and helps Sherman Alexie save part of white culture
Ep 153 - Craig Watkins Toggle seen
Stephen critiques President Obama's speech, presents a device that lets him poop whenever he wants, and questions Craig Watson's innocence
Ep 154 - Janet Napolitano Toggle seen
Stephen covers Tiger Woods' car crash, tries out for the U.S. skeleton team and talks to Janet Napolitano about the color-coded threat level.
Ep 155 - Bill T. Jones Toggle seen
Bill T. Jones describes how Fela Kuti fought against the Nigerian government with his music.
Ep 156 - Senator Bernie Sanders, Andy Schlafly Toggle seen
Stephen gives Bernie Sanders a chance to address the vicious socialist rumors and discusses the best of the public with Andy Schlafly.
Ep 157 - Matt Taibbi Toggle seen
Stephen appeals to the monkey demographic, gets a visit from Krampus and calls out Goldman Sachs with Matt Taibbi.
Ep 158 - Lara Logan Toggle seen
Stephen details Russia's battle plan for Afghanistan, tries out for the U.S. bobsled team and puts words in Lara Logan's mouth.
Ep 159 - Snoop Dogg Toggle seen
Stephen interviews President Obama's cardboard cutout, signs Katherine Reutter's thigh and pre-censors Snoop Dogg.
Ep 160 - Alicia Keys Toggle seen
John Slattery sells gold, Stephen relays the story of Treesus, and Alicia Keys performs her hit song.
Ep 161 - Tom Brokaw Toggle seen
Stephen encourages Tiger Woods, sees the ghost of Stephen King and remembers the wacky decade with Tom Brokaw.
Season 6
Ep 1 - Erick Erickson Toggle seen
Stephen tries out for the U.S. curling team, and Erick Erickson opposes the RNC's purity test.
Ep 2 - Riley Crane Toggle seen
The military responds to the underwear bomber, and Riley Crane wins a contest to find 10 balloons.
Ep 3 - Capt. Charles Moore Toggle seen
The Senate and House debate health care, and Charles Moore discovers a floating patch of garbage.
Ep 4 - James Fowler Toggle seen
America executes fewer prisoners, and James Fowler talks about the power of social networks.
Ep 5 - Morgan Freeman Toggle seen
Eugene Jarecki speaks out against large banks, and Morgan Freeman says untrustworthy things.
Ep 6 - Raj Patel Toggle seen
Obama won't admit we're in the middle of a war, and Raj Patel talks about "The Value of Nothing."
Ep 7 - John Heilemann Toggle seen
Stephen examines the "Avatar" controversy and talks to John Heilemann about "Game Change."
Ep 8 - Kathleen Sebelius Toggle seen
Americans walk away from their mortgages, and Stephen talks to Kathleen Sebelius.
Ep 9 - Emily Pilloton Toggle seen
Stephen wants to dig for coal, and Emily Pilloton uses industrial design to help the world's needy.
Ep 10 - Stephen Bosworth Toggle seen
Stephen attempts to make an Olympic team, and Stephen Bosworth talks about North Korea.
Ep 11 - Dick Ebersol Toggle seen
Stephen races speedskater Shani Davis and overcomes adversity to interview Dick Ebersol.
Ep 12 - John Farmer Toggle seen
Stephen reviews Obama's first year in office, examines airport terrorism and discusses national security with John Farmer, dean of Rutgers-Newark Law School.
Ep 13 - Kati Marton Toggle seen
An unlikely candidate emerges for a New York Senate seat, and Kati Marton discusses communist Hungary.
Ep 14 - Mika Brzezinski Toggle seen
Paul Begala urges Democrats to fight back, and Mika Brzezinski balances work with parenting.
Ep 15 - Arthur Benjamin Toggle seen
Stephen demands an iPad and hopes Arthur Benjamin tells him what comes after 14.
Ep 16 - David Gergen Toggle seen
Stephen praises Bob McDonnell's speech, and David Gergen examines the State of the Union address.
Ep 17 - Nicole Detling Miller, Jessica Smith, Harold Ford Toggle seen
Stephen wins a Grammy, and Harold Ford Jr. defends his new support for gay marriage.
Ep 18 - Eliot Spitzer Toggle seen
Stephen pays tribute to J.D. Salinger, and Eliot Spitzer is happy to see Obama tough on Wall Street.
Ep 19 - Peter Cove, John Durant Toggle seen
Stephen has advice for getting America back to work, and John Durant wants us to live like cavemen.
Ep 20 - Henry Louis Gates Toggle seen
A former CIA agent makes startling revelations, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. analyzes Stephen's DNA.
Ep 21 - Jonathan Safran Foer Toggle seen
Sarah Palin writes notes on her hand, and Jonathan Safran Foer urges Americans to eat less meat.
Ep 22 - George Stephanopoulos Toggle seen
Chris Dodd wants to take away corporate free speech, and George Stephanopoulos drinks a Heineken.
Ep 23 - Claire Danes Toggle seen
Stephen profiles Chicago's 5th district, and Claire Danes discusses her role as Temple Grandin.
Ep 24 - Al Michaels, David Ross Toggle seen
Al Michaels considers an Al Qaeda bobsled team, and Stephen unveils his Vancouver poster to David Ross.
Ep 25 - Shaun White Toggle seen
Stephen offends Ujjal Dosanjh and invites Shaun White for a Canadian beer.
Ep 26 - Lindsay Vonn, Bob Costas Toggle seen
Lindsey Vonn discusses her Austrian cheese remedy, and Bob Costas doesn't care who wins.
Ep 27 - Scott Hamilton, Jeret Peterson, Ryan St. Onge Toggle seen
Scott Hamilton discusses figure skating, while Ryan St. Onge and Jeret Peterson face an intervention.
Ep 28 - Seth Wescott Toggle seen
Shani Davis thanks the Colbert Nation for his medals, and Seth Wescott refuses to wear tight clothing.
Ep 29 - Don Cheadle Toggle seen
Michael Buble sings two national anthems, and Don Cheadle considers doing heroin for Darfur.
Ep 30 - David Brooks Toggle seen
Kids may be the key to our economic future, and David Brooks discusses moderate conservatism.
Ep 31 - Garry Wills Toggle seen
Scheherazade Rehman debates Greece's economy, and Garry Wills says the president has too much power.
Ep 32 - Barry Schwartz Toggle seen
Iraqi candidates sway voters with gifts, and Barry Schwartz explains the downside of too many choices.
Ep 33 - Tom Hanks Toggle seen
Ezra Klein details the reconciliation process, and Tom Hanks discusses his role as a history maker.
Ep 34 - Annie Leonard Toggle seen
Pringles recalls its two best flavors, and Annie Leonard says Americans have too much stuff.
Ep 35 - Sean Carroll Toggle seen
Charlie Cook discusses health care reconciliation, and Sean Carroll talks about the mystery of time.
Ep 36 - David Aaronovitch Toggle seen
Scott Rasmussen interprets poll results, and David Aaronovitch discusses conspiracy theories.
Ep 37 - Robert Baer Toggle seen
Stephen questions the media's focus and asks Robert Baer if the squirrel is in the basket.
Ep 38 - Rebecca Skloot Toggle seen
Stephen examines the way Americans eat and talks to Rebecca Skloot about the ethics of science.
Ep 39 - Nell Irvin Painter Toggle seen
Doctors offer vasectomy deals for March Madness, and Stephen arm-wrestles Nell Irvin Painter.
Ep 40 - Mary Matalin Toggle seen
James Martin defends social justice, and Mary Matalin tries to avoid Republican talking points.
Ep 41 - Claire McCaskill Toggle seen
Stephen breeds the elderly in captivity, and Claire McCaskill sends a message to Rush Limbaugh.
Ep 42 - Simon Johnson Toggle seen
Scandal rocks the church even harder than Creed, and Simon Johnson thinks banks have too much power.
Ep 43 - Craig Mullaney Toggle seen
The federal government raids an anti-government militia, and Craig Mullaney discusses Afghanistan.
Ep 44 - Judith Shulevitz Toggle seen
David Frum gets fired from the Republican cult, and Judith Shulevitz discusses the Sabbath.
Ep 45 - Dean Kamen Toggle seen
Fox cancels "24," and Dean Kamen talks about his new advanced prosthetic arm invention.
Ep 46 - Reverend Al Sharpton Toggle seen
Scrabble changes its rules to allow proper names, and Al Sharpton fights for education reform.
Ep 47 - David Simon Toggle seen
Jeff Goldblum blesses a cigarette, and David Simon talks about his new show, "Treme."
Ep 48 - Neil DeGrasse Tyson Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes astrophysicist and the director of the Hayden Planetarium, Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Ep 49 - Julian Assange Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange. Also, Stephen talks with Jeffrey Toobin about the replacement of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.
Ep 50 - Jon Mooallem Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes New York Times journalist Jon Mooallem.
Ep 51 - David Shields Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of Reality Hunger: A Manifesto, David Shields. Also, Stephen talks with the host of This Week, Jake Tapper and Bill Adair from about fact checking the Sunday talk shows.
Ep 52 - Aimee Mullins Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes athlete, actress and activist Aimee Mullins
Ep 53 - George Will Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes political pundit George Will. Also, Stephen talks with New York Times financial columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin
Ep 54 - Jeffrey Katzenberg Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the chief executive of Dreamworks animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg.
Ep 55 - Craig Robinson Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Oregon State University's basketball coach and author of A Game of Character: A Family Journey from Chicago's Southside to the Ivy League and Beyond, Craig Robinson.
Ep 56 - Gorillaz Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes musical group Gorillaz.
Ep 57 - Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes singer Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.
Ep 58 - Conn Iggulden Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the co-author of The Dangerous Book of Heroes, Conn Iggulden.
Ep 59 - Gregg Easterbrook Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the contributing editor for the Atlantic Monthly and author of Sonic Boom: Globalization at Mach Speed, Gregg Easterbrook.
Ep 60 - OK Go Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the band Ok Go. Also, Stephen talks with California's Lt. Governor Abel Moldonado about Proposition 14.
Ep 61 - Elizabeth Warren Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren. Also, Stephen talks with the president of the Salt Institute Lori Roman and the executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest Michael Jacobson about salt intake regulation.
Ep 62 - Mark W. Moffett Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes explorer, biologist and author of Adventures among Ants: A Global Safari with a Cast of Trillions, Mark Moffett. Also, Michael J. Fox interrupts the Word so that Stephen can sell his new book.
Ep 63 - David Isay Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the founder of StoryCorps and author of Mom: A Celebration of Mothers from StoryCorps, David Isay.
Ep 64 - Stewart Brand Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes environmentalist and author of Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto, Stewart Brand. Also, Stephen talks with The Atlantic Monthly columnist Andrew Sullivan about the British elections.
Ep 65 - Gary Johnson Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, Also, Stephen talks with George Washington University's Scheherazade Rehman about the Greek bailout.
Ep 66 - Hampton Sides Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes historian and author of Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin, Hampton Sides. Also, Stephen talks with Slate's legal correspondent Dahlia Lithwick about Elena Kagen's Supreme Court nomination.
Ep 67 - Deepak Chopra Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes self help guru and author of The Shadow Effect: Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self, Deepak Chopra.
Ep 68 - The Hold Steady Toggle seen
Tonight Stephen welcomes the band The Hold Steady.
Ep 69 - Ayaan Hirsi Ali Toggle seen
Manned spaceflight nears its end, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali lives under a constant death threat.
Ep 70 - Lisa Miller Toggle seen
Stephen shows shocking footage from Spain, and Lisa Miller spends seven minutes in Heaven.
Ep 71 - Vampire Weekend Toggle seen
Stephen visits the offices of Consumer Reports, and Vampire Weekend performs.
Ep 72 - Jonathan Alter Toggle seen
Stephen fundraises for a worthy cause, and Jonathan Alter discusses President Obama's first year.
Ep 73 - Mark Frauenfelder Toggle seen
Stephen visits the Consumer Reports labs, and Mark Frauenfelder plays his cigar-box guitar.
Ep 74 - Sen. Sam Nunn Toggle seen
Michael Oren defends Israel's flotilla raid, and Sam Nunn warns of the nuclear terrorism threat.
Ep 75 - Alan Bean Toggle seen
Marc Fisher debates soccer with Mark Starr, and Alan Bean shows off his moon dust paintings.
Ep 76 - Stephen Prothero Toggle seen
Stephen recaps the Tony Awards, and Stephen Prothero is going to Hell in seven religions.
Ep 77 - Dr. Carl Safina Toggle seen
Stephen has to stop hunting men and wants Carl Safina to change the color of his Blue Ocean Institute.
Ep 78 - Devo Toggle seen
Stephen gives a short, self-indulgent update on Twitter, and Devo performs.
Ep 79 - David Mamet Toggle seen
Stephen helps Bob Inglis win in South Carolina, and David Mamet discusses the dying theater.
Ep 80 - Wes Moore Toggle seen
Stephen interviews for an astronaut position, and Wes Moore discusses the imprisoned Wes Moore.
Ep 81 - Gloria Steinem Toggle seen
Stephen starts his astronaut training, and Gloria Steinem discusses the benefits of men raising kids.
Ep 82 - Tim Westergren Toggle seen
Stephen asks if Glenn Beck is a civil rights hero and talks to Tim Westergren about Pandora.
Ep 83 - Michael Specter Toggle seen
Stephen completes astronaut training, and Michael Specter discusses the dangers of denying science.
Ep 84 - John Waters Toggle seen
Michael Hastings discusses Rolling Stone article, and John Waters supports childhood rebellion.
Ep 85 - Mayor Julian Castro Toggle seen
BP puts a positive spin on the oil spill, and Stephen interviews Mayor Julian Castro.
Ep 86 - Nicholas Carr Toggle seen
Stephen plays one-on-one with Allan Houston, and Nicholas Carr criticizes the Internet.
Ep 87 - Manny Howard Toggle seen
Texas Republicans want to criminalize homosexuality, and Manny Howard turns his backyard into a farm.
Ep 88 - Dr Michio Kaku Toggle seen
Stephen joins Cindy Cohn on the Internet and talks to Michio Kaku about invisibility cloaks.
Ep 89 - Garret Keizer Toggle seen
Writer Garret Keizer talks about his new book: "The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want: A Book About Noise"
Ep 90 - Steve Carell Toggle seen
Actor and old friend Steve Carell faces off against Stephen Colbert
Ep 91 - Arturo Rodriguez Toggle seen
Arturo Rodriguez, president of the United Farm Workers of America talks with Stephen about immigrant workers.
Ep 92 - Hephzibah Anderson Toggle seen
Stephen downloads the solution to stop media piracy, and Hephzibah Anderson talks about her year without sex.
Ep 93 - Kevin Kline Toggle seen
Stephen questions the mission in Afghanistan and challenges Kevin Kline with Shakespeare.
Ep 94 - Elon Musk Toggle seen
President Obama blows off the Boy Scouts, and Elon Musk discusses the future of electric cars.
Ep 95 - Andy Cohen Toggle seen
Bill O'Reilly issues a rare apology, and Stephen pours Andy Cohen a cocktail.
Ep 96 - Jimmy Cliff Toggle seen
Stephen previews the 2012 Olympics in London, and Jimmy Cliff performs.
Ep 97 - Laura Ingraham Toggle seen
Stephen reads some of Barack Obama's private musings to Laura Ingraham.
Ep 98 - Michael Posner Toggle seen
P.K. Winsome introduces Nielsen Mandela, and Michael Posner discusses international democracy.
Ep 99 - Savion Glover Toggle seen
Californians can now legally marry their pot plant, and Savion Glover performs.
Ep 100 - Dylan Ratigan Toggle seen
Stephen names his Alpha Dog of the Week, and talks to Dylan Ratigan about Wall Street.
Ep 101 - David Finkel Toggle seen
Michelle Obama vacations in Spain, and David Finkel describes the Iraq War's effect on American troops.
Ep 102 - Chuck Close Toggle seen
Stephen checks in on the state of America's seniors and talks to Chuck Close about art.
Ep 103 - Richard Clarke, John Fetterman Toggle seen
Richard Clarke wants a smaller intelligence community, and John Fetterman revitalizes Braddock, PA.
Ep 104 - Barry Levine Toggle seen
Stephen examines the meat industry and asks Barry Levine about his National Enquirer file.
Ep 105 - Thomas French Toggle seen
Laura Schlessinger gets in trouble, and Thomas French explains what it takes to build a zoo.
Ep 106 - John Krakauer Toggle seen
Stephen finds out if there's still BP oil in the Gulf, and talks to Jon Krakauer about glory.
Ep 107 - Leslie Kean Toggle seen
President Obama must prove he's not Muslim, and Leslie Kean calls for an investigation of UFOs.
Ep 108 - Jeffrey Goldberg Toggle seen
Stephen examines Internet privacy and talks to Jeffrey Goldberg about conflict in the Middle East.
Ep 109 - Heidi Cullen Toggle seen
Andrew Hacker dismisses for-profit colleges, and Heidi Cullen warns of extreme weather
Ep 110 - Richard Engel Toggle seen
Glenn Beck re-founds America, and Richard Engel talks about the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Ep 111 - Anthony Romero Toggle seen
The Tea Party wins midterm primaries, and Anthony Romero celebrates the ACLU's anniversary.
Ep 112 - Joe Biden, General Raymond Odierno Toggle seen
Stephen kicks off his salute to the troops tonight with appearances by the Vice President of the United States and the general who shaved his head.
Ep 113 - Jim Webb, Joshua Bleil, John Legend Toggle seen
David Petraeus honors the Colbert Nation, while Brent Cummings and Josh Bleill talk about their tours.
Ep 114 - Lisa Birnbach Toggle seen
Lisa Birnbach released "The Official Preppy Handbook" in 1980. Who'd have thought that 30 years later, we'd still have preppies but not books.
Ep 115 - Sean Wilentz Toggle seen
Stephen solves the Ground Zero mosque crisis and listens to Sean Wilentz mumble about Bob Dylan.
Ep 116 - Saul Griffith Toggle seen
The Tea Party wins the Republican primaries, and Saul Griffith tries to solve global warming.
Ep 117 - Lawrence O'Donnell Toggle seen
Stephen announces his March to Keep Fear Alive and talks to Lawrence O'Donnell about Tea Partiers.
Ep 118 - Pavement Toggle seen
A 106-year-old woman shares her secret to long life, and Pavement reunites after 11 years.
Ep 119 - Eric Schmidt Toggle seen
Craigslist shuts down its adult services, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt searches for himself.
Ep 120 - Guillermo Del Toro Toggle seen
President Obama gives a back-to-school speech, and Guillermo del Toro meets Stephen del Matador.
Ep 121 - Oscar Goodman Toggle seen
Stephen concludes his migrant farm worker training and talks to Oscar Goodman about Las Vegas.
Ep 122 - Ken Burns Toggle seen
The GOP blocks the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," and Ken Burns talks about "The Tenth Inning."
Ep 123 - Ross Douthat Toggle seen
Democratic voters suffer from apathy, and Stephen doubts if Ross Douthat is that conservative.
Ep 124 - Steve Rattner Toggle seen
The koala population suffers from Chlamydia, and Steven Rattner discusses the auto industry bailout.
Ep 125 - Aaron Sorkin Toggle seen
Stephen questions poll reliability and talks to Aaron Sorkin in the hall while people hand them stuff.
Ep 126 - Eugene Robinson Toggle seen
The Tea Party reaches out to kids, and Eugene Robinson discusses the four groups of black America.
Ep 127 - Leon Botstein Toggle seen
Stephen looks at the Mexican drug war, and Leon Botstein wants to eliminate two years of school
Ep 128 - Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy Toggle seen
The government tries to take control of America's food, and Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy perform.
Ep 129 - Davis Guggenheim Toggle seen
Joseph Califano debates Gary Johnson over Prop 19, and Davis Guggenheim addresses failing schools.
Ep 130 - Robert Reich Toggle seen
Muslims might take over the food supply, and Robert Reich talks about the future of the U.S. economy.
Ep 131 - Brendan Steinhauser Toggle seen
Schools find a new way to raise money, and M. Night Shyamalan isn't really here.
Ep 132 - Austan Goolsbee Toggle seen
Stephen questions whether it's fair to tax the rich, and Austan Goolsbee gives Obama economic advice.
Ep 133 - Bill Bryson Toggle seen
Stephen gives away free bus tickets to D.C., and Bill Bryson talks about sex in the Middle Ages.
Ep 134 - Nicholas Negroponte Toggle seen
Stephen celebrates his fifth anniversary, and Nicholas Negroponte gives laptops to poor children.
Ep 135 - Garry Wills Toggle seen
Stephen prepares for the apocalypse, and Garry Wills writes a book about himself.
Ep 136 - Apolo Anton Ohno Toggle seen
Stephen looks at the Democrats' chances in the midterms and gives Apolo Ohno a regret.
Ep 137 - Maira Kalman Toggle seen
The McRib returns on election day, and Maira Kalman falls in love with Abraham Lincoln.
Ep 138 - Jonathan Alter Toggle seen
Christine O'Donnell prays, and Jonathan Alter says Obama's allergy to gimmickry has hurt him.
Ep 139 - Chrystia Freeland, David Frum Toggle seen
Stephen covers the change sweeping through America with a live broadcast.
Ep 140 - Doris Kearns Goodwin Toggle seen
Californians decide on Prop 19, and Doris Kearns Goodwin puts the midterm election into perspective.
Ep 141 - Elvis Costello Toggle seen
A popular children's TV character is outed, and Elvis Costello threatens to cut off Stephen's thumbs.
Ep 142 - Reza Aslan Toggle seen
Rand Paul wants to protect the rich, and Reza Aslan wants to bring down democracy through art.
Ep 143 - Cee Lo Green Toggle seen
Stephen promises to lob softball questions at George W. Bush, and Cee Lo Green performs.
Ep 144 - Martha Stewart Toggle seen
Michelle Obama shakes hands with a conservative Muslim, and Stephen cooks for Martha Stewart.
Ep 145 - Quincy Jones Toggle seen
Wall Street hands out record bonuses, Nintendo goes to court, and Quincy Jones wants a Latin Grammy.
Ep 146 - David Stern Toggle seen
Jeffrey Goldberg opposes full-body scanners, and David Stern misses short shorts.
Ep 147 - John Legend Toggle seen
Stephen looks at the new trend in alcoholic energy drinks, and John Legend performs "Shine."
Ep 148 - Ian Frazier Toggle seen
Stephen wonders if America can trim its national debt, and Ian Frazier talks about Siberia.
Ep 149 - Salvatore Giunta & Dick Wolf Toggle seen
Joseph Gobbles shoots Jay the Intern, and Salvatore Giunta credits the bravery of American troops.
Ep 150 - Dan Savage Toggle seen
The advice columnist and Colbert Report national spokes-gay returns to talk about his new anti-suicide initiative for gay teenagers.
Ep 151 - Tom Vilsack Toggle seen
James Rubin discusses the WikiLeaks document dump, and Tom Vilsack brings a cheddar cheese head.
Ep 152 - Michelle Rhee Toggle seen
The former education commissioner talks about her efforts to reform the Washington D.C. school system.
Ep 153 - David Stockman Toggle seen
Ep 154 - Garry Trudeau Toggle seen
Obama tries to win over Republicans, and Garry Trudeau looks back on 40 years of "Doonesbury."
Ep 155 - Julie Nixon Eisenhower and David Eisenhower Toggle seen
Obama extends the Bush tax cuts, and David and Julie Eisenhower recall growing up in the White House.
Ep 156 - Steve Martin Toggle seen
Stephen tests Steve Martin's art knowledge and tries to sell him last year's portrait.
Ep 157 - Julie Taymor Toggle seen
William Wegman arts up Stephen's portrait, and Julie Taymor talks about "The Tempest."
Ep 158 - Patti Smith Toggle seen
Stephen wants to feed the economy that Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt and asks Patti Smith about her memoir.
Ep 159 - Stephen Sondheim Toggle seen
Stephen wins the Golden Tweet Award and takes issue with some of Stephen Sondheim's lyrics.
Ep 160 - Laird Hamilton Toggle seen
America is at cyberwar, and Laird Hamilton shoots the curl of Stephen's rage.
Ep 161 - Amy Sedaris and Paul Simon Toggle seen
Jesus may be a liberal Democrat, Amy Sedaris makes a tie snake, and Paul Simon performs.
Season 7
Ep 1 - Gov. Ed Rendell Toggle seen
Stephen uncovers a menace in Florida and talks to Ed Rendell about leaving office by choice.
Ep 2 - Geoffrey Canada Toggle seen
Some want the dollar to be converted back to gold, and Geoffrey Canada advocates for education reform.
Ep 3 - Atul Gawande Toggle seen
America's fruit supply is in danger, and Atul Gawande wants to reduce health risks in hospitals.
Ep 4 - Ronald DePinho Toggle seen
Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how tides work, and Robert DePinho wants to reverse the aging process.
Ep 5 - Fen Montaigne Toggle seen
Stephen violates the Constitution, and Fen Montaigne talks about Antarctic penguins.
Ep 6 - Chris Hughes Toggle seen
Stephen picks this year's Grammy winners, and Chris Hughes starts a site for Jewish sumo wrestlers.
Ep 7 - Bernard Henri-Levy Toggle seen
50 Cent makes $8 million on Twitter, and Bernard-Henri Levy discusses public intellectualism.
Ep 8 - Kevin Spacey Toggle seen
Hitler delivers a moving speech in Tucson, and Stephen pictures Kevin Spacey naked with rose petals.
Ep 9 - Sherry Turkle Toggle seen
Stephen unveils a new portrait of himself and talks to Sherry Turkle about alienating technology.
Ep 10 - Cornel West Toggle seen
Stephen looks at education reform and assumes Cornel West's book is about Obama joining the circus.
Ep 11 - Ron Reagan, Jr. Toggle seen
Stephen gets a present from Afghanistan and talks to Ron Reagan about his memoir.
Ep 12 - Chris Matthews Toggle seen
Christine Todd Whitman discusses state budget shortfalls, and Chris Matthews defends JFK's legacy.
Ep 13 - Charlie Rose Toggle seen
House Republicans repeal health care to create new jobs, and Stephen talks to Charlie Rose.
Ep 14 - Amy Chua Toggle seen
Stephen covers home appliance safety and talks to Amy Chua about her controversial book.
Ep 15 - Michael Waldman, Christine Yvette Lewis Toggle seen
Michael Waldman rates the State of the Union, and Christine Yvette Lewis fights for domestic workers.
Ep 16 - Brian Greene Toggle seen
Stephen wonders if ESP exists and asks Brian Greene if there is a universe where people buy books.
Ep 17 - Dr. Paul Offit Toggle seen
There's a breakthrough in taser technology, and Dr. Paul Offit discusses the importance of vaccines.
Ep 18 - Michael Lewis Toggle seen
Leslie Dach confirms Wal-Mart's collaboration with Obama, and Michael Lewis discusses Wall Street.
Ep 19 - Sean Kelly Toggle seen
America must break its dependency on foreign turmoil, and Sean Dorrance Kelly discusses the sacred.
Ep 20 - Jane McGonigal Toggle seen
Stephen previews the Super Bowl and talks to Jane McGonigal about video games.
Ep 21 - LCD Soundsystem Toggle seen
Hosni Mubarak steps down onto a pillowy mound of money, and LCD Soundsystem performs.
Ep 22 - David Albright Toggle seen
President Twitter Bird will lead Egypt, and David Albright talks about Iran's computer virus.
Ep 23 - Eric Foner Toggle seen
Rupert Murdoch takes a new approach to journalism, and Eric Foner talks about Abraham Lincoln.
Ep 24 - Jeffrey Leonard Toggle seen
Stephen poses for Project, and Jeffrey Leonard calls out big companies' late payment policies.
Ep 25 - Eugene Jarecki Toggle seen
Rick Santorum complains about his Google problem, and Eugene Jarecki dispels the myths of Reagan.
Ep 26 - Bing West Toggle seen
Wisconsin Democrats waddle out of the state, and Bing West discusses the way out of Afghanistan.
Ep 27 - Stephanie Coontz Toggle seen
Stephen brings a criminal to justice, and Stephanie Coontz talks about women in the 60s.
Ep 28 - Mike Huckabee Toggle seen
Aaron Barr threatens WikiLeaks, and Mike Huckabee doesn't believe Obama is a Muslim.
Ep 29 - Michael Scheuer Toggle seen
Stephen's portrait goes up for auction, and Michael Scheuer talks about Osama bin Laden.
Ep 30 - Evan Osnos Toggle seen
Stephen addresses America's elderly and talks to Evan Osnos about the Oscars.
Ep 31 - Harry Connick Jr. Toggle seen
There's a new hope for American manufacturing, and Harry Connick, Jr. won't be tickling the ivories.
Ep 32 - Mark W. Moffett Toggle seen
Stephen fights Jimmy Fallon over his new ice cream flavor, and Mark Moffett talks about bees.
Ep 33 - Joshua Foer Toggle seen
Stephen examines new questions about Obama's past and asks Joshua Foer where he put his car keys.
Ep 34 - Dan Sinker Toggle seen
Congress bans the sale of traditional light bulbs, and Dan Sinker impersonates Rahm Emanuel.
Ep 35 - David Brooks Toggle seen
Clarence Thomas may have a conflict of interest, and David Brooks talks about "The Social Animal."
Ep 36 - Reza Aslan Toggle seen
Al Qaeda recruits Americans, and Reza Aslan talks about the Islamic-American experience.
Ep 37 - Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers Toggle seen
Stephen's self-portrait goes up for auction, and Steve Martin does some bluegrass.
Ep 38 - Ayman Mohyeldin Toggle seen
The art world buzzes about Stephen's portrait, and Ayman Mohyeldin talks in the Situation Mosque.
Ep 39 - Nathan Myhrvold Toggle seen
Simon de Pury dances to Snoop Dogg, and Nathan Myhrvold uses modern scientific methods to cook food.
Ep 40 - Jody Williams Toggle seen
Food prices skyrocket, a cable news feud escalates, and Jody Williams wants to advance equality.
Ep 41 - Michael Moore Toggle seen
Labor unions fight on, and Stephen stands outside with a bullhorn to interview Michael Moore.
Ep 42 - Dr. Anthony Fauci Toggle seen
Stephen questions Obama's plan for Libya and talks infectious diseases with Dr. Anthony Fauci.
Ep 43 - Tim Schriver Toggle seen
Stephen practices Rebecca Black's "Friday" and does a PSA for Tim Shriver.
Ep 44 - Piers Gibbon Toggle seen
The Wisconsin anti-union law faces trouble, and Piers Gibbon talks about cannibalism.
Ep 45 - Andrew Chaikin Toggle seen
Stephen prepares for a world without Glenn Beck, and Andrew Chaikin wants humans to travel to Mars.
Ep 46 - James Franco Toggle seen
Tim Pawlenty raps about pop culture, and James Franco proves he's a Tolkien fan.
Ep 47 - Sir David Tang Toggle seen
Stephen prepares for the royal wedding, and David Tang corrects celebrity rumors.
Ep 48 - Jeff Greenfield Toggle seen
Stephen gets ready for the royal wedding and talks to Jeff Greenfield about alternate histories.
Ep 49 - Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage Toggle seen
Walgreens offers Pap smears, and Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test the blue ice myth.
Ep 50 - Ray Kurzweil Toggle seen
Mitt Romney throws his hat in the ring, and Ray Kurzweil says man and machine are becoming one.
Ep 51 - Morgan Spurlock Toggle seen
Unilever creates armpit insecurity among women, and Morgan Spurlock addresses product placement.
Ep 52 - Caroline Kennedy Toggle seen
Trevor Potter helps Stephen fill out super PAC forms, and Caroline Kennedy recites poetry.
Ep 53 - Ron Paul Toggle seen
n this episode, Stephen recovers from a Catholic bender, and Donald Trump leads in the potential Republican candidate polls. Masturbation cures restless leg syndrome, and Ron Paul criticizes the Federal Reserve.
Ep 54 - A.C. Grayling Toggle seen
The climate change debate continues, and A.C. Grayling writes a secular Bible.
Ep 55 - Ice-T Toggle seen
The new danger in air travel comes with a $25 fee, and Ice-T talks about his memoir.
Ep 56 - Wade Graham Toggle seen
Stephen travels to England for the royal wedding, and asks Wade Graham about Covent Garden.
Ep 57 - Francis Fukuyama Toggle seen
Stephen throws a "We Got Bin Laden" party, and Francis Fukuyama warns of the Chinese threat.
Ep 58 - Rex Ryan Toggle seen
Stephen covers new details in the hunt for Bin Laden and talks to Rex Ryan for six minutes.
Ep 59 - Amy Farrell Toggle seen
"Atlas Shrugged" comes to the big screen, and Amy Farrell wants to end the persecution of fat people.
Ep 60 - Bill James Toggle seen
Donald Trump applies his wisdom to same-sex marriage, and Bill James discusses true crime.
Ep 61 - Lupe Fiasco Toggle seen
Stephen looks at a unique solution to the debt crisis in Michigan, and Lupe Fiasco performs.
Ep 62 - Geoffrey Rush Toggle seen
A billboard predicts the end of the world, and Geoffrey Rush explains why he's not a method actor.
Ep 63 - Eric Greitens Toggle seen
Stephen receives an unexpected honor, and Eric Greitens talks about being a Navy Seal.
Ep 64 - John Bradshaw Toggle seen
Stephen warns of a new government intrusion and talks to John Bradshaw about dog behavior.
Ep 65 - Alison Klayman Toggle seen
Stephen files his super PAC request, and Alison Klayman talks about Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.
Ep 66 - Amy Kremer Toggle seen
Stephen covers tax breaks for oil companies and talks to Amy Kremer dressed as an American patriot.
Ep 67 - Austan Goolsbee Toggle seen
Newt Gingrich struggles to stay on message, and Austan Goolsbee talks about the debt ceiling.
Ep 68 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Toggle seen
John Lithgow performs Gingrich's press release, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar discusses the Harlem Rens.
Ep 69 - James Stewart Toggle seen
Stephen wonders if the world ended and lies about reading James Stewart's book.
Ep 70 - Robert Kennedy, Jr. Toggle seen
Stephen examines the Weiner scandal, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. makes a mountain out of a molehill.
Ep 71 - Salman Khan Toggle seen
Congress rejects raising the debt ceiling, and Salman Khan teaches over 53 million students.
Ep 72 - Werner Herzog Toggle seen
Sarah Palin describes Paul Revere's midnight ride, and Werner Herzog talks about cave paintings.
Ep 73 - Sugar Ray Leonard Toggle seen
Rand Paul identifies terrorists, and Stephen thumb wrestles Sugar Ray Leonard.
Ep 74 - Bre Pettis Toggle seen
Anthony Weiner captures the manscaping vote, and Bre Pettis print a 3-D copy of Stephen's head.
Ep 75 - Tom Ridge Toggle seen
Andrew Breitbart shows a photo of Anthony Weiner's penis, and Tom Ridge talks about natural gas.
Ep 76 - Henry Kissinger Toggle seen
Freestyle canoe dancing heats up, and Henry Kissinger discusses America's relationship with China.
Ep 77 - Janny Scott Toggle seen
Stephen explores "Sesame Street" corruption and talks to Janny Scott about Barack Obama's mother.
Ep 78 - Keith Olbermann Toggle seen
Seniors face a shocking new threat, and Keith Olbermann returns to television.
Ep 79 - Bon Iver Toggle seen
Stephen looks at new developments in technology, and Bon Iver performs.
Ep 80 - Florence And The Machine Toggle seen
Jack White helps Stephen revive his music career, and Florence and the Machine perform.
Ep 81 - Talib Kweli Toggle seen
Stephen comes clean with Jack White, Obama defends actions in Libya, and Talib Kweli performs.
Ep 82 - The Black Belles Toggle seen
Jack White presents "Charlene II (I'm Over You)," and Stephen performs with the Black Belles.
Ep 83 - Grover Norquist Toggle seen
Ted Nugent writes an Op-ed, and Stephen wants to claim Grover Norquist as a dependent.
Ep 84 - Alexandra Pelosi Toggle seen
The Supreme Court throws out a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart, and Alexandra Pelosi discusses her documentary on immigrant naturalization in the U.S.
Ep 85 - Gary Sinise Toggle seen
The FEC makes a decision about Stephen's Super PAC, and Gary Sinise entertains American troops.
Ep 86 - Timothy Garton Ash Toggle seen
The FEC allows Stephen to form his Super PAC, and Timothy Garton Ash discusses subversive facts.
Ep 87 - Michael Shermer Toggle seen
The natural gas industry tries to counter bad press, and Michael Shermer discusses "Skeptic Magazine."
Ep 88 - Dan Savage Toggle seen
Michele Bachmann signs a controversial pledge, and Dan Savage talks about marriage and monogamy.
Ep 89 - David McCullough Toggle seen
The Republican Party has a fresh young face that's only 235 years old, and David McCullough has a new book about Americans in Paris.
Ep 90 - Jose Antonio Vargas Toggle seen
The Rupert Murdoch scandal deepens, and Jose Antonio Vargas comes out of the border-gay closet.
Ep 91 - John Prendergast Toggle seen
Fox News blows the lid back onto the Murdoch story, and John Prendergast discusses South Sudan.
Ep 92 - David Carr Toggle seen
Newt Gingrich drowns in debt, and David Carr feels like the tallest leprechaun in "Page One."
Ep 93 - Michael Sandel Toggle seen
A pie attack makes Rupert Murdoch sympathetic, Republicans limit who can vote, and Michael Sandel examines the ethical issue of sailor cannibalism.
Ep 94 - David Eagleman Toggle seen
California passes a law requiring public schools to teach gay history, NBC loves breasts, and neuroscientist David Eagleman discusses the secret lives of the brain.
Ep 95 - Brian Cox Toggle seen
The media assumes Norway's native gunman is Muslim, Summer's Eve uses vaginal puppetry to market their product to vaginas, and Brian Cox reveals the mysteries of space.
Ep 96 - Brooke Gladstone Toggle seen
Herman Cain breaks Stephen's heart, Peter Edelman talks "poors," and Brooke Gladstone reflects on the media's influence.
Ep 97 - Mary (Missy) Cummings Toggle seen
Home-owning vampire Patrick Rodgers turns the tables on Wells Fargo, electric car drivers face a critical deadline, and Missy Cummings develops a new breed of flying robots.
Ep 98 - Buddy Roemer Toggle seen
John McCain enrages Tea Partiers by calling them "Hobbits," and Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer won't take special-interest donations.
Ep 99 - Tony Hsieh Toggle seen
Stephen tells the "Billy Goats Gruff" debt ceiling story, an Alabama company turns ashes into bullets, and Zappos' C.E.O. Tony Hsieh talks about delivering happiness.
Ep 100 - Al Hunt Toggle seen
Scandal rocks Newt Gingrich's Twitterverse, David Leonhardt knows how to save America's credit rating, and Al Hunt thinks everyone lost the debt ceiling deal.
Ep 101 - Robert Wittman Toggle seen
A half-Hispanic teenager steals Spider-Man's job, Monopoly gets a makeover, and Robert Wittman solves art crimes.
Ep 102 - Anthony Bourdain Toggle seen
Wisconsin Democrats get bad absentee ballot applications, Stephen takes over MLB's Twitter feed, and Anthony Bourdain describes the grossest things he's ever eaten.
Ep 103 - Nassir Ghaemi Toggle seen
America's credit rating plummets, Prescott Group has a cheap doomsday solution, and Nassir Ghaemi thinks madness creates first-rate leaders.
Ep 104 - The Cars Toggle seen
The liberal media's hot-airheads have started indoctrinating America's kids.
Ep 105 - Elliot Ackerman Toggle seen
Father Jim Martin discusses God's job performance, political junkies donate money for a fix, and Elliot Ackerman lets voters directly nominate a president.
Ep 106 - Gloria Steinem Toggle seen
Mitt Romney thinks corporations are people too, Stephen reveals his super PAC ad, and Gloria Steinem discusses gender equality.
Ep 107 - Ambassador Susan Rice Toggle seen
Stephen apologizes to WOI in Des Moines, Michele Bachmann wins the Iowa straw poll, and Ambassador Susan Rice discusses the role of the United Nations.
Ep 108 - STS-135 astronauts Toggle seen
Barack Obama spins "Obamacare," Frank Luntz transforms the Colbert Super PAC, and Atlantis' crewmembers talk about their final space mission.
Ep 109 - Jeff Bridges Toggle seen
Rick Perry hires Colbert Super PAC's treasurer, Rick Santorum puts gay marriage into everyday napkin terms, and Jeff Bridges looks good by having fun.
Ep 110 - Kevin Mitnick Toggle seen
America wants a badass president, WOI reports on the "Rick Parry" write-in scandal, and hacker Kevin Mitnick is the ghost in the wires.
Ep 111 - Gov. Tim Pawlenty Toggle seen
People enjoy a story more when they know how it ends, Prescott Group unveils its toning shoes, and Tim Pawlenty explains why he pulled out of the presidential race.
Ep 112 - Robin Wright Toggle seen
The TSA makes changes to airport security, controversy surrounds Martin Luther King Jr.'s memorial, and Robin Wright discusses the cultural impact of the Arab Spring.
Ep 113 - Tom Brokaw Toggle seen
The GOP debate drives Stephen to watch MSNBC, Rick Perry calls Social Security a Ponzi scheme, and Tom Brokaw follows the progress of 9/11 victims' family members.
Ep 114 - Diane Sawyer Toggle seen
Stephen reports on an old-school reporter, America profits from grief, and Diane Sawyer discusses "Jacqueline Kennedy: In Her Own Words."
Ep 115 - Al Gore Toggle seen
Barack Obama unveils his jobs plan, Paul Krugman discusses the Lesser Depression, and Al Gore focuses on climate reality.
Ep 116 - Michael Moore Toggle seen
Fox News objects to Barack Obama's jobs bill binder clip, Stephen unveils his postal solution, and Michael Moore talks about his memoir "Here Comes Trouble."
Ep 117 - David Copperfield Toggle seen
Swiss banking giant UBS reports a $2 billion loss, Jimmy Fallon loves Stephen, and David Copperfield discusses the mind-bending science of perception.
Ep 118 - Jeffrey Kluger Toggle seen
Barack Obama unveils his deficit reduction plan; the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" changes everything; and Jeffrey Kluger examines the bond between siblings.
Ep 119 - Daniel Yergin Toggle seen
Reuters' Chrystia Freeland discusses Europe's financial crisis, protestors occupy Wall Street, and Daniel Yergin discusses the world's quest for energy.
Ep 120 - Jeremy Ben-Ami Toggle seen
A defunct satellite threatens the earth, the Marine Corps limits troops to silent farts in Afghanistan, and Jeremy Ben-Ami discusses the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
Ep 121 - Radiohead Toggle seen
America reaches a milestone in corporate civil rights, Thom Yorke and Ed O'Brien discuss global warming, and rock legend Radiohead performs.
Ep 122 - Melinda Gates Toggle seen
Rick Perry owns his horrific debate performance, the NFL tightens stadium security, and Melinda Gates works on improving America's public schools.
Ep 123 - Ken Burns Toggle seen
Rick Perry talks immigration, America gets tough on pregnant Mexicans, John Lithgow calls the Atone Phone, and Ken Burns discusses his Prohibition documentary.
Ep 124 - Mark Cuban Toggle seen
Karl Rove's fundraising takes a turn, Trevor Potter arms Stephen with a 501(c)(4), Kevin Kline hosts The Donating Game, and Mark Cuban talks billionaires.
Season 8
Ep 1 - Jerome Groopman Toggle seen
Rick Perry's hunting camp once bore a racially charged name, Obamacare heads to the Supreme Court, and Jerome Groopman discusses medical decision-making.
Ep 2 - John Lithgow Toggle seen
Rick Davis weighs in on Chris Christie fever, ESPN pulls Hank Williams Jr.'s song, and John Lithgow talks drama.
Ep 3 - Black Star Toggle seen
Herman Cain gives his take on homosexuality, Mexico City proposes two-year marriage licenses, and Black Star performs.
Ep 4 - Jason Amerine Toggle seen
Sarah Palin bows out of the presidential race, Stephen apologizes to Karl Rove, and Lieutenant Colonel Jason Amerine discusses the early days of the Afghanistan War.
Ep 5 - Harry Belafonte Toggle seen
The Occupy Wall Street movement goes global, Stephen unveils Colbert Super PAC's NBA lockout ad, and Harry Belafonte talks political activism.
Ep 6 - Steven Pinker Toggle seen
Herman Cain may or may not be joking about an electrified border fence, schools take potatoes off their menus, and Steven Pinker discusses the decline of human violence.
Ep 7 - Ali Soufan Toggle seen
Herman Cain blames the unemployed, Republican candidates want to end EPA regulations, and Ali Soufan provides an inside look at the war on terror.
Ep 8 - Coldplay Toggle seen
Libyan rebels kill Muammar al-Gaddafi, Tea Party Nation demands a hiring freeze from its members, and Coldplay perform from "Mylo Xyloto."
Ep 9 - Jon Huntsman Toggle seen
Stephen unveils Colbert Super PAC's message, Frank Luntz conducts a focus group, and GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman talks about fixing America.
Ep 10 - Susan Saladoff Toggle seen
Herman Cain's campaign ad gets buzz, Ben & Jerry's endorses Occupy Wall Street, and Susan Saladoff explores the myth of frivolous lawsuits.
Ep 11 - Taylor Branch Toggle seen
PETA files a lawsuit to free captive whales, immigrant farm workers flee Alabama, and Taylor Branch discusses the multi-billion dollar college sports industry.
Ep 12 - Toby Keith Toggle seen
Occupy Wall Street wears out its welcome, Stephen unveils his second NBA lockout Super PAC ad, and Toby Keith performs.
Ep 13 - Neil MacGregor Toggle seen
Stephen joins Occupy Wall Street, Wisconsin allows concealed weapons in its Capitol, and Neil MacGregor tells the history of the world with 100 objects.
Ep 14 - Yo-Yo Ma Toggle seen
Herman Cain's sexual harassment controversy unfolds; Stephen returns to Wall Street; and Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile perform.
Ep 15 - Michael Pollan Toggle seen
Herman Cain discusses the Chinese nuclear threat, the government releases information on Muffingate, and Michael Pollan talks food.
Ep 16 - Nathan Wolfe Toggle seen
Hans Beinholtz hawks Europe to investors, Colbert Super PAC adopts Herman Cain's fundraising strategy, and Nathan Wolfe examines viral pandemics.
Ep 17 - Niall Ferguson Toggle seen
Make Us Great Again airs its Rick Perry ad, Colbert Super PAC takes on issue advocacy, and Niall Ferguson discusses the end of western dominance.
Ep 18 - Seth Meyers Toggle seen
Herman Cain holds a press conference to address sexual harassment charges, Stephen saves Christmas, and Seth Meyers talks "Saturday Night Live."
Ep 19 - Father James Martin Toggle seen
Herman Cain blames Democrats for his troubles, Michigan Senate Republicans amend an anti-bullying bill, and Father James Martin explores the role of comedy in religion.
Ep 20 - Brian Eno Toggle seen
Barack Obama plans to station U.S. troops in Australia, Rick Perry bungles another debate, and Brian Eno sings a cappella with Michael Stipe and Stephen.
Ep 21 - Thomas Thwaites Toggle seen
Michele Bachmann gets an e-mail snub, Bill McKibben opposes construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, and Thomas Thwaites talks toasters.
Ep 22 - Elijah Wood Toggle seen
The NYPD dismantles Occupy Wall Street, investors accuse Goldline International of theft, and Elijah Wood talks Middle-earth and penguins.
Ep 23 - Chris Matthews Toggle seen
Newt Gingrich defends his Greek cruise, Ron Paul supporters publish a pin-up calendar, and Chris Matthews discusses John F. Kennedy's elusive heroism.
Ep 24 - Susan Orlean Toggle seen
People Magazine picks its sexiest man, the congressional super committee eyes veterans' healthcare benefits, and Susan Orlean discusses the life of Rin Tin Tin.
Ep 25 - Siddhartha Mukherjee Toggle seen
Barack Obama omits God from his online Thanksgiving address, CNN lays off staffers in favor of user-generated content, and Siddhartha Mukherjee researches cancer.
Ep 26 - Tinariwen Toggle seen
Herman Cain rethinks his candidacy, Pope Benedict XVI gets caught breaking the law, and Malian musical group Tinariwen performs.
Ep 27 - Stephen Sondheim Toggle seen
Newt Gingrich denies lobbying, conservatives bid Barney Frank farewell, and Stephen Sondheim ponders the artist life.
Ep 28 - Richard Branson Toggle seen
Senator Lori Klein defends Herman Cain, Bret Baier grills Mitt Romney, and Richard Branson explains why he wants to screw business as usual.
Ep 29 - Jimmie Johnson Toggle seen
Herman Cain abandons his campaign, William Tapley studies apocalyptic signs, and Jimmie Johnson reveals NASCAR racing details.
Ep 30 - The Black Keys Toggle seen
Iran claims to have captured an American drone, Donald Trump organizes his own GOP debate, and The Black Keys perform.
Ep 31 - David Hallberg Toggle seen
Stephen sets the date for his GOP debate, Dick Harpootlian helps Colbert Super PAC with its referendum, and ballet dancer David Hallberg performs.
Ep 32 - Jack Abramoff Toggle seen
Rick Perry puts out a controversial ad, doctors perform fecal transplants, and Jack Abramoff exposes the truth about Washington corruption.
Ep 33 - Samuel L. Jackson Toggle seen
Newt Gingrich alerts America to electromagnetic threats, Norway faces a butter crisis, and Samuel L. Jackson considers Martin Luther King Jr.'s personal life.
Ep 34 - Mark Whitaker Toggle seen
Donald Trump backs out of his debate, Madison charges protesters for the right to protest, and Mark Whitaker pays tribute to his parents with his memoir.
Ep 35 - Raymond Odierno Toggle seen
Christine O'Donnell backs Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann frets over military bestiality, and Ray Odierno celebrates the troops homecoming from Iraq.
Ep 36 - Daniel Craig Toggle seen
Nat Geo Wild pulls out their lion humping footage and Animal Planet sends honeydew melons to get in on Stephen's debate. Megyn Kelly clarifies that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are not the same person. Daniel Craig reveals his technique for staying sexy and arm-wrestles Stephen.
Ep 37 - Sen. Bernie Sanders Toggle seen
Rick Santorum rises in the polls, Stephen remembers the late Kim Jong-il, and Bernie Sanders strives to overturn the Citizens United decision.
Ep 38 - John Heilemann Toggle seen
Mitt Romney qualifies his Iowa caucus victory with a familiar speech, Newt Gingrich calls Mitt Romney a liar, and John Heilemann weighs in on the GOP frontrunners.
Ep 39 - Steve Case Toggle seen
George Will thinks that Rick Santorum is fun, Pat Robertson gets a message from God, and Steve Case explores the benefits of sharing.
Ep 40 - Melissa Harris-Perry Toggle seen
Back-to-back New Hampshire GOP debates unfold, Rick Santorum offends African Americans, and Melissa Harris-Perry considers American history from a black female perspective.
Ep 41 - Bill Moyers Toggle seen
Mitt Romney takes heat for a firing gaffe, conservative pundits attack White House celebrations, and Bill Moyers considers corporate personhood a threat to democracy.
Ep 42 - George Stephanopoulos Toggle seen
Mitt Romney wins in New Hampshire, a Russian spacecraft threatens the Earth, and George Stephanopoulos weighs in on the GOP frontrunners.
Ep 43 - Mike Allen Toggle seen
Jon Stewart adopts the Colbert Super PAC, Stephen makes a monumental announcement, and Mike Allen anticipates Stephen's possible South Carolina results.
Ep 44 - Scott Douglas Toggle seen
Jon Stewart puts out an attack ad, Jon Huntsman withdraws from the presidential race, and Scott Douglas takes a stand against Alabama's anti-immigrant law.
Ep 45 - Jennifer Granholm Toggle seen
A controversial Colbert Super PAC ad surfaces, pastor Ed Young leads a sexperimental crusade, and Jennifer Granholm confesses secrets from her past.
Ep 46 - David Frum Toggle seen
Mitt Romney faces questions about his tax rate, Stephen announces his South Carolina rally, and David Frum shares his hopes for the Republican Party.
Ep 47 - Carrie Rebora Barratt Toggle seen
Rick Perry drops out of the GOP race, Newt Gingrich's ex-wife exposes his controversial marital request, and Carrie Rebora Barratt discusses historical American art.
Ep 48 - Bruce Bueno De Mesquita Toggle seen
Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina, Stephen recalls the South Cain-olina Primary Rally with Herman Cain, and Bruce Bueno de Mesquita explores the applications of game theory.
Ep 49 - Andrew Sullivan Toggle seen
Rick Santorum panders to the elderly, Maurice Sendak discusses his literary work, and Andrew Sullivan praises Barack Obama's greatest accomplishments.
Ep 50 - Terry Gross Toggle seen
Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address, Maurice Sendak gives Stephen a storybook ending, and Terry Gross provides a fresh perspective on Bill O'Reilly.
Ep 51 - Drew Barrymore Toggle seen
Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney woo Florida; John Harwood, Katrina vanden Heuvel and David Cassidy answer hard-hitting questions; and Drew Barrymore considers an "E.T." prequel.
Ep 52 - Laurence H. Tribe Toggle seen
Stephen repossesses the Colbert Super PAC, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney compete for the Hispanic vote in Florida, and Laurence Tribe explores constitutional law.
Ep 53 - Björk Toggle seen
Sarah Palin spitefully endorses Newt Gingrich, Tennessee Tea Partiers strive to remove slavery from school textbooks, and Björk explores new methods for creating music.
Ep 54 - Ameena Matthews Toggle seen
Mitt Romney beats Newt Gingrich in Florida, Stephen announces Americone Dream's 2012 election edition packaging, and Ameena Matthews strives to end gang violence.
Ep 55 - Christiane Amanpour Toggle seen
Stephen unveils GOP super PACs' biggest donors, Newt Gingrich faces a copyright infringement lawsuit, and Christiane Amanpour examines Iran's political environment.
Ep 56 - Bill McKibben Toggle seen
The New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin seduces America, Stephen writes a love letter to Jimmy Fallon, and Bill McKibben fights the Keystone XL pipeline.
Ep 57 - William J. Broad Toggle seen
Catholics oppose the Obama administration's birth control mandate, a Seattle woman marries a building, and William Broad considers the effects of yoga on the mind and body.
Ep 58 - Ann Patchett Toggle seen
Mitt Romney deploys Donald Trump in Michigan, Rick Santorum attacks environmentalists, and Ann Patchett fights to revive bookstores.
Ep 59 - Robert Kagan Toggle seen
Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco sustains a beating, Nancy Pelosi slams Colbert Super PAC, and Robert Kagan examines Iran's potential nuclear threat.
Ep 60 - Nancy Pelosi Toggle seen
Stephen gives up something he truly enjoys for Lent, Target knows when customers miss their periods, and Nancy Pelosi objects to super PACs.
Ep 61 - Placido Domingo Toggle seen
Mitt Romney wins the Arizona GOP debate, Elie Wiesel protests the Mormon conversion of dead Jews, and Placido Domingo discusses his operatic performances.
Ep 62 - Peggielene Bartels Toggle seen
The Oscars' liberal clusterfarce unfolds, Rick Santorum criticizes Barack Obama's promotion of higher learning, and Peggielene Bartels talks about her kingship.
Ep 63 - Ross Eisenbrey Toggle seen
The Colbert Report airs its 1000th episode, rising oil prices threaten Barack Obama's approval rating, and Ross Eisenbrey examines the problem of unpaid labor.
Ep 64 - William Shatner Toggle seen
Mitt Romney takes Michigan, researchers develop a male birth control pill, and William Shatner revels in his own beauty.
Ep 65 - Claire Danes Toggle seen
Republicans eye Jeb Bush as a potential GOP candidate, researchers discover a 3500-year-old "Yo Mama" joke, and Claire Danes discusses mental health.
Ep 66 - Audra McDonald Toggle seen
Host Stephen Colbert interviews Audra McDonald and discusses the day's news and important topics.
Ep 67 - Jonathan Safran Foer Toggle seen
Stephen prepares a Super Tuesday tailgating party, Attorney General Holder redefines due process, candy bars shrink, and Jonathan Safran Foer talks Passover traditions.
Ep 68 - Willem Dafoe Toggle seen
Stephen prepares for Super Tuesday results, CNN visits a virtual Republican National Convention, Iran poses a new threat, and Willem Dafoe goes Martian for "John Carter."
Ep 69 - Don Fleming, Elvis Costello, & Emmylou Harris Toggle seen
Stephen prank calls Eric Bolling, is inspired by Herman Cain's avant-garde ad, and talks folk music with Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris and Don Fleming.
Ep 70 - Katherine Boo Toggle seen
The Republican Southern primary leads to blue collar pandering, Dave "Mudcat" Saunders talks Southern strategy, and Katherine Boo discusses poverty and Mumbai's slums.
Ep 71 - Andrew Bird Toggle seen
Seattle's Pop Conference overlooks Stephen's dissertation; Pat Robertson and Muslim-American reality shows pose threats; and Andrew Bird performs "Eyeoneye."
Ep 72 - Mark McKinnon Toggle seen
Greg Smith is a "Banker-dict Arnold," Rick Santorum condemns teleprompters, Kermit the Frog weighs in on the GOP primary race, and Mark McKinnon talks about reforming Congress.
Ep 73 - Dexter Filkins Toggle seen
Stephen is suspicious of geriatric jihadists, Rick Santorum speaks from his heart, and Dexter Filkins tells Stephen why we need other countries.
Ep 74 - David Page Toggle seen
Geraldo Rivera blames the Trayvon Martin shooting on hoodies, Mitt Romney boosts Etch a Sketch sales, and biomedical researcher Dr. David Page defends the Y chromosome.
Ep 75 - Charles Murray Toggle seen
Host Stephen Colbert interviews Charles Murray and discusses the day's news and important topics.
Ep 76 - Mark Ruffalo Toggle seen
The Supreme Court weighs in on Obamacare, a new magazine targets conservative teens, and Mark Ruffalo discusses the dangers of fracking.
Ep 77 - Peter Beinart Toggle seen
Stephen involves college students with Colbert Super PAC, Mitt Romney tries comedy, and Peter Beinart discusses Israel.
Ep 78 - Gary Johnson Toggle seen
College students order up Colbert Super PAC's Super Fun Pack, beef state governors defend pink slime, and Governor Gary Johnson runs as the 2012 Libertarian candidate.
Ep 79 - Nikki Haley Toggle seen
Colbert Super PAC Super Fun Pack adds not-legal advice, Colbert Super PAC SHH! faces scrutiny, Rick Santorum speaks from his heart, and Governor Nikki Haley challenges Stephen.
Ep 80 - Robert Ballard Toggle seen
Colbert Super PAC segments earn a Peabody award, Mitt Romney must appeal to Latino voters, Quaker Oats gets a facelift, and deep sea explorer Robert Ballard talks Titanic.
Ep 81 - Anne Rice Toggle seen
Unemployment drops, Colbert's Very Wanted tracks a mailbox mutilator, a biker brightens Stephen's commute, and Anne Rice deals with werewolf psychology in "The Wolf Gift."
Ep 82 - Bob Lutz Toggle seen
The Easter Bunny meets competition down under, Mitt Romney reaps a potential running mate, Germany's elderly gymnast depresses Stephen, and Bob Lutz talks car business.
Ep 83 - Richard Hersh Toggle seen
Rick Santorum drops his presidential campaign, the EPA sets coal industry regulations, Stephen honors male "Lady Heroes," and Richard Hersh examines higher education.
Ep 84 - Michelle Obama Toggle seen
Troops and their families face unique economic challenges, Stephen trains a Marine to be a pundit, and Michelle Obama voices support for military families.
Ep 85 - James Cameron Toggle seen
Mitt Romney flips the "war on women" script with the help of Hilary Rosen, survivalist singles embrace online dating, and director James Cameron talks "Titanic 3D."
Ep 86 - Bonnie Raitt Toggle seen
The Secret Service commits a sex scandal, Newt Gingrich endorses global gun rights, and blues performer Bonnie Raitt sings from her album "Slipstream."
Ep 87 - Jonah Lehrer Toggle seen
Mitt Romney reveals his prankster side, insects add color to Starbucks drinks, GSA spending sparks outrage, and Jonah Lehrer explores creativity.
Ep 88 - Arianna Huffington Toggle seen
Mitt Romney seeks a bland running mate, Tennessee outlaws "gateway sexual activity" education, survivalists plan for the unthinkable, and Arianna Huffington talks journalism.
Ep 89 - Tavis Smiley & Cornel West Toggle seen
Cory Booker saves one of his constituents, bologna smuggling is on the rise, Time Magazine honors Stephen, and guests Tavis Smiley and Cornel West talk poverty in America.
Ep 90 - Don McLeroy Toggle seen
Steve Doocy reports on Barack Obama's subtext, Arizona redefines pregnancy, Mitt Romney insults a Pittsburgh bakery, and Don McLeroy discusses textbook standards.
Ep 91 - Magnus Carlsen Toggle seen
Super Tuesday II goes live, Stephen plugs his children's book, Julie Andrews discusses fairy tales, Canada creates a bioluminescent coin, and Magnus Carlsen talks chess.
Ep 92 - Michael Sandel Toggle seen
NASA shuts down its "Spacebook" site, some blame immigrants for global warming, feeding tube diets gain popularity, and Michael Sandel considers market ethics.
Ep 93 - Jack White Toggle seen
Republicans attack Barack Obama's slow jam, Stephen releases the first Super Fun Pack treasure hunt clue, and Jack White discusses his solo album and rare marketing ploy.
Ep 94 - Diane Keaton Toggle seen
Chen Guangcheng escapes house arrest, Missouri wants to outlaw sexuality dialogue in schools, companies offer "concealed carry" clothing, and Diane Keaton promotes her memoir.
Ep 95 - Carne Ross Toggle seen
Barack Obama makes an Osama bin Laden ad, Paul Ryan plans cuts to poor people, Rev. Thomas Reese contests Paul Ryan's budget, and Carne Ross recommends leaderless democracy.
Ep 96 - Jonathan Haidt Toggle seen
Designers craft a Richard Branson ice mold, debt collectors infiltrate hospitals, Germany censures Kermit the Frog, and Jonathan Haidt discusses conflict and politics.
Ep 97 - Lena Dunham Toggle seen
Newt Gingrich suspends his campaign and backs Mitt Romney, Stephen tracks a Super PAC rival, Buzz Aldrin presents a space award, and writer Lena Dunham talks "Girls."
Ep 98 - Andy Cohen Toggle seen
L.A. teens drink Purell, Joe Biden supports same-sex marriage, Eric McCormack plays a straight man, bears hijack broadcasting, and TV host Andy Cohen talks entertainment.
Ep 99 - Michelle Alexander Toggle seen
Billionaires need donor anonymity, Claire McCaskill opposes secret money, Stephen honors the late Maurice Sendak, and Michelle Alexander examines racial inequality.
Ep 100 - Anna Wintour Toggle seen
An ex-Playmate jolts Mexico's debate, North Carolina snubs gay marriage as Barack Obama backs it, Jon McNaughton paints socialist America, and Anna Wintour talks fashion.
Ep 101 - Dr. Francis Collins Toggle seen
Stephen salutes Mother's Day, Barack Obama rejects Jesus, gay strokes and monkeys threaten America, Republicans forge identities, and Francis Collins examines obesit
Ep 102 - Charlize Theron Toggle seen
Donald Trump makes a contentious claim, Egypt kicks off its presidential elections, and Charlize Theron discusses her film "Snow White and the Huntsman."
Ep 103 - Alan Alda Toggle seen
A Mexican cartel burns down PepsiCo, gay bars target bachelorettes, Mitt Romney breaks into iPhone apps, Robert Mugabe heads global tourism, and Alan Alda talks science.
Ep 104 - Jack Hitt Toggle seen
"I Am a Pole (And So Can You!)" gains Best Seller status, the Obama administration redefines "combatants," Michael Bloomberg confronts soda, and Jack Hitt talks amateurism.
Ep 105 - John Lewis Toggle seen
America's leaders talk like teens, North Carolina bans climate change models, Represent-O-Map 6000 fuels BKAD bookings, and John Lewis describes the civil rights movement.
Ep 106 - Jill Biden Toggle seen
The CDC denies the zombie apocalypse, America exports the most sperm, a North Dakota woman marries herself, and Dr. Jill Biden reflects on teaching and troops.
Ep 107 - Neil Patrick Harris Toggle seen
The private sector plans Mars reality TV, Scott Walker prevails in Wisconsin, an Arkansas town bans bingo, Neil Patrick Harris talks theater, and Stephen honors Ray Bradbury.
Ep 108 - Regina Spektor Toggle seen
Pakistan's "Sesame Street" faces corruption, Mitt Romney's house meets critique, a pig divides America, and singer Regina Spektor talks about music and Russia.
Ep 109 - Martin Sheen Toggle seen
Neil deGrasse Tyson wrecks movies, the Church scorns a nun's sex book, Simone Campbell explores service, the Banana Bunker prevents bruising, and Martin Sheen talks acting.
Ep 110 - Will Allen Toggle seen
Mitt Romney owns a competition horse, the U.S. leaks anti-terror info, Barack Obama blunders, Stephen seeks Sweden's Twitter, and Will Allen talks urban farms.
Ep 111 - Greg Allman Toggle seen
Niagara Falls welcomes a stuntman, cafeteria workers demand expired food, orangutans operate iPads, and Gregg Allman recalls his rock 'n' roll past.
Ep 112 - Steve Coll Toggle seen
Marijuana legalization can win elections, Super PACs raise more money than ad space, Xiaflex treatment corrects curved penises, and Steve Coll examines ExxonMobil.
Ep 113 - Paul Krugman Toggle seen
Barack Obama changes immigration policy, Neil Munro interrupts the president, Sweden confronts Stephen's Twitter-control crusade, and Paul Krugman talks economic strategy.
Ep 114 - Olivia Wilde Toggle seen
John Kerry plays Mitt Romney in practice debates, Stephen invents a dressage tradition, PooPrints tracks suburban dog waste, and Olivia Wilde talks Maxim and politics.
Ep 115 - Daniel Klaidman Toggle seen
Asians outnumber Mexican immigrants, the "Fast and Furious" scandal proves complex, a gun control ad causes controversy, and Daniel Klaidman examines the war on terror.
Ep 116 - Lawrence Krauss Toggle seen
Officials delay Egypt's presidential election, penguins engage in erotic sex, Stephen sings to Sweden's Twitter executives, and Lawrence Krauss discusses the universe.
Ep 117 - Frank Deford Toggle seen
The Supreme Court postpones Obamacare rulings, Mitt Romney asks Florida to limit good jobs news, teens abuse drugs to study better, and Frank Deford explores sports writing.
Ep 118 - Richard Ford Toggle seen
Arizona pursues state immigration laws, Pixar flaunts its gay agenda, Dish Network's AutoHop removes all TV ads, and writer Richard Ford talks about his novel "Canada."
Ep 119 - Melinda Gates Toggle seen
Democrats lack money for the national convention, Mike Turzai sparks Voter ID controversy, Oreo cookies come out of the closet, and Melinda Gates explores family planning.
Ep 120 - Aaron Sorkin Toggle seen
Obamacare passes as constitutional, Republicans slam John Roberts, Emily Bazelon explains the Obamacare tax, and Aaron Sorkin romanticizes TV journalism in "The Newsroom."
Ep 121 - Anne-Marie Slaughter Toggle seen
Katie Holmes divorces Tom Cruise, Mitt Romney retroactively retires from Bain Capital, Starbucks hits funeral homes, and Anne-Marie Slaughter talks career choice and family.
Ep 122 - Nas Toggle seen
Nevada's presidential ballot threatens Mitt Romney, Texas Republicans reject critical thinking education, the Rosenbach Museum honors Stephen, and Nas talks hip-hop.
Ep 123 - Mayor Annise D. Parker Toggle seen
Mitt Romney spotlights struggling waiters, tablet computers go Christian, Def Leppard covers its songs, and Houston Mayor Annise Parker talks business and gay marriage.
Ep 124 - Lisa Jackson Toggle seen
Police bust Fred Willard for lewd conduct, Dave Leonhardt explores the Libor scandal, Canadians out-earn Americans, and Lisa Jackson talks green standards.
Ep 125 - Vikram Gandhi Toggle seen
Mike Tyson bails on The Report, liberal shills love Shepard Smith, pundits speculate about James Holmes' political ties, and filmmaker Vikram Gandhi explores made-up philosophy.
Ep 126 - James Fallows Toggle seen
Late night television causes depression, America faces a disastrous drought, NASA schedules vegan meals, and James Fallows explores China's aerospace business.
Ep 127 - Dan Gross Toggle seen
Mitt Romney values his Anglo-Saxon heritage, Barack Obama discusses entrepreneurship, "Fifty Shades of Grey" reaches hotels, and Dan Gross shares his gun control campaign.
Ep 128 - Peter Westmacott Toggle seen
Engineers enhance Olympic sounds, Mitt Romney offends England, Chick-Fil-A opposes gay marriage, and Peter Westmacott discusses the summer Olympic games.
Ep 129 - Joan Rivers Toggle seen
Danny Boyle directs the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, Mitt Romney lacks dressage expertise, Tony Robbins' fire stunt burns participants, and Joan Rivers shares her memoir.
Ep 130 - Jeff Koons Toggle seen
Mitt Romney's press secretary lashes out, Rafalca delays Mitt's VP announcement, Colbert Nation plans for StePhest Colbchella '012, and Jeff Koons explores arts education.
Ep 131 - John Grunsfeld Toggle seen
Obamacare mandates birth control coverage, Democrats pass a Democratic tax bill, U.S.women's gymnastics wins Olympic gold, and John Grunsfeld shares NASA's plan for Mars.
Ep 132 - Chris Hayes Toggle seen
Rafalca finishes one round of Olympic dressage, Russ Carnahan touts Missouri's redistricted district, plants talk to each other, and Chris Hayes describesbe U.S. elitism.
Ep 133 - Pete Seeger Toggle seen
NASA's Curiosity rover reaches Mars, Mike Huckabee's "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" boosts sales, and activist Pete Seeger discusses his music career and upbringing.
Ep 134 - Mark Shriver Toggle seen
Alisyn Camerota criticizes U.S. patriotism, Wikipedia writers sway elections, Steve King defends dogfighting, and Mark Shriver highlights his father's civic influence.
Ep 135 - Liza Mundy Toggle seen
Obamacare increases Papa John's pizza rates, digital pills hold seniors accountable, General Mills backs same-sex marriage, and Liza Mundy examines women in the workforce.
Ep 136 - Woody Harrelson Toggle seen
Michele Bachmann dabbles in McCarthyism, Representative Keith Ellison turns down Mitt Romney, scientists analyze truthiness, and Woody Harrelson talks theater.
Ep 137 - fun. Toggle seen
StePhest Colbchella '012 gets underway, Mitt Romney picks Paul Ryan as his running mate, and fun. reviews their history and hygiene.
Ep 138 - Grizzly Bear Toggle seen
Colbchella '012 launches into night two, Mitt Romney's foreign experience comes into question, celebrities simulate soldiers, and Grizzly Bear describes their indie style.
Ep 139 - Santigold Toggle seen
StePhest Colbchella '012 embarks on night three, U.S. gymnastics' Fierce Five stops by The Report, Stephen visits the USS Intrepid, and Santigold discusses her music.
Ep 140 - The Flaming Lips Toggle seen
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan connect over policy, GOP Senate candidates challenge the 17th Amendment, and The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne shares his latest album.
Ep 141 - Andrew Sullivan Toggle seen
Hurricane Isaac hits the 2012 GOP convention, Stephen hosts Colbert Super PAC's Convention, Rep. Todd Akin blunders on rape pregnancy, and Andrew Sullivan talks U.S. politics.
Ep 142 - Jennifer Burns Toggle seen
The "Mitt Romney story" storms the GOP convention, Ann Romney tries to reach women voters, Paul Ryan breaks from Ayn Rand, and Jennifer Burns explores Ayn Rand's objectivism.
Ep 143 - Jon Huntsman Toggle seen
Mitt Romney struggles to attract African American voters, Paul Ryan lies in his GOP convention speech, and Jon Huntsman examines campaign finance and the Republican Party.
Ep 144 - James Carville Toggle seen
Mitt Romney wraps up the GOP convention, Clint Eastwood's empty chair joins Stephen, Neil Armstrong passes away, and James Carville talks about the middle class.
Ep 145 - Reihan Salam Toggle seen
The DNC convention begins, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke praises Brooklyn's diversity, Paul Ryan lies about marathon times, and Reihan Salam explores election politics.
Ep 146 - Michael Grunwald Toggle seen
Brit Hume critiques the DNC convention noise level, Michelle Obama rakes in record tweet numbers during her speech, and Michael Grunwald explores the Recovery Act.
Ep 147 - Bill Richardson Toggle seen
Storms disrupt the Democratic National Convention, Bill Clinton delivers a charming speech, Democrats reinstate "God" language, and Bill Richardson talks Hispanic outreach.
Ep 148 - Ed Rendell Toggle seen
A catchy message indulges young voters, Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination, Stephen analyzes both conventions, and Ed Rendell examines government leadership.
Ep 149 - Drew Faust Toggle seen
Rick Santorum errs at a conservative summit, Mitt Romney misconstrues Obama's handling of Libya, Ira Glass calls the Atone Phone, and Drew Faust reviews Civil War history.
Ep 150 - Jeffrey Toobin Toggle seen
USA Today redesigns its logo, Mitt Romney responds to secret fundraiser footage, Apple wins a patent lawsuit, and Jeffrey Toobin details Supreme Court cases.
Ep 151 - Itzhak Perlman Toggle seen
Fox News slams Barack Obama's secret video, Mitt Romney explains what he won't do in office, a papyrus scrap mentions Jesus' wife, and violinist Itzhak Perlman performs live.
Ep 152 - Errol Morris Toggle seen
Vladimir Putin glides with cranes, Mitt Romney tries to sway Hispanics, an amateur painter botches Jesus, and Errol Morris talks Jeffrey MacDonald and filmmaking.
Ep 153 - Claressa Shields Toggle seen
Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in the polls, Peggy Noonan gives Mitt advice, the NFL lockout bumps up ratings, and boxer Claressa Shields describes a satisfying punch.
Ep 154 - Jim Holt Toggle seen
The world faces an unavoidable bacon shortage, President Obama restores the Ottoman Empire, churchgoers pray for Mitt Romney, and Jim Holt ponders the universe.
Ep 155 - Vince Gilligan Toggle seen
Stephen promotes "America Again," Mitt Romney ignores discouraging polls, Fox News doubts the election forecast, and Vince Gilligan explores his series "Breaking Bad."
Season 9
Ep 1 - Ben Folds Five Toggle seen
Paul Ryan tiptoes around tax plan costs, U.S. prison labor threatens small business, Iran's presidential aides visit Costco, and Ben Folds Five explains their album title.
Ep 2 - Jorge Ramos Toggle seen
Stephen releases "America Again," pastors endorse politicians on Pulpit Freedom Sunday, the Romney camp praises Obama's rhetoric, and Jorge Ramos talks immigration policy.
Ep 3 - Kenny Rogers Toggle seen
America meets Mitt Romney for the first time, George Will points out Obama's racial advantage, doctors treat low testosterone, and Kenny Rogers recounts his music career.
Ep 4 - Dr George Church Toggle seen
Mitt Romney pledges to defund PBS, Chris Matthews berates Barack Obama, Pennsylvania rules against voter ID laws, and Harvard geneticist George Church explores DNA.
Ep 5 - Mark Kelly Toggle seen
Lower unemployment rates prompt GOP conspiracy theories, rich Americans want Obama's respect, World of Warcraft shapes a state campaign, and Mark Kelly talks mice in space.
Ep 6 - Morrissey Toggle seen
Barack Obama seeks "obsessive" supporters, the Russian Church blesses the North Pole, Mitt Romney vaguely bullies four countries, and Morrissey slams the British Royal Family.
Ep 7 - Naomi Wolf Toggle seen
7-Eleven and Pizza Hut participate in politics, doctors prescribe Adderall for bad test scores, bears invade America's malls, and Naomi Wolf sheds light on female anatomy.
Ep 8 - Chrystia Freeland Toggle seen
Joe Biden debates Paul Ryan, Martian Obama rumors surface, Stephen argues with Stephen over Mitt Romney's conservative credentials, and Chrystia Freeland talks "Plutocrats".
Ep 9 - Evan Thomas Toggle seen
Red Bull sponsors a record sky dive, the EU receives the Nobel Peace Prize, Florida deals with a marauding monkey, and Evan Thomas reveals President Eisenhower's views on war.
Ep 10 - Cory Booker Toggle seen
CNN enhances debate viewing, Emily Bazelon talks affirmative action, Paul Ryan pretends to volunteer, and Mayor Cory Booker explores party platforms and social media.
Ep 11 - Tyler Perry Toggle seen
Mitt Romney's Benghazi accusations backfire, two-parent households fix gun problems, Congressman Scott DesJarlais flip-flops on abortion, and Tyler Perry talks "Madea".
Ep 12 - The Killers Toggle seen
A squirrel votes for Mitt Romney, a farmer puts candy in cow feed, Stephen reports on the world's only Corn Palace, and The Killers discuss their clean-cut reputation.
Ep 13 - Donald Sadoway Toggle seen
Colin Small trashes voter registrations, CEOs threaten personnel over the election, Andrew Cuomo seeks to decriminalize pot, and Donald Sadoway shares his battery brainchild.
Ep 14 - John Grisham Toggle seen
Mitt Romney's presidential smile wins out, undecided voters skip the debates, Lance Armstrong's doping taints his charity, and John Grisham writes about crooked lawyers.
Ep 15 - Anthony Everitt Toggle seen
Donald Trump wants Barack Obama's passport papers, Fox News rehashes the Benghazi attacks, Richard Mourdock justifies rape pregnancies, and Anthony Everitt talks Rome.
Ep 16 - Mitch Daniels Toggle seen
Ovulation cycles sway female voting, Tom Hanks concocts neutral Halloween costumes, and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels talks about his book, "Keeping the Republic".
Ep 17 - Lilly Ledbetter Toggle seen
Hurricane Sandy wreaks havoc on New Jersey, Mitt Romney hosts a relief rally, Donald Trump cuts Obama some slack, and Lilly Ledbetter explores gender pay discrimination.
Ep 18 - David Byrne & St. Vincent Toggle seen
Michael Bloomberg issues post-Sandy travel mandates, Mitt Romney sways Billy Graham on Mormonism, and music marvel David Byrne teams up with St. Vincent.
Ep 19 - Nate Silver Toggle seen
Colbert Super PAC inspires Mitt Romney, Sasha Issenberg talks data-driven politics, Joe Scarborough doubts liberal math models, and Nate Silver reviews election statistics.
Ep 20 - Election 2012: A Nation Votes, Ohio Decides; The R Toggle seen
America snubs the nice Romney boy and picks Obama, Andrew Sullivan sheds light on the election, and Joe Donnelly beats Richard Mourdock in Indiana.
Ep 21 - Doris Kearns Goodwin Toggle seen
Liberals and conservatives taint the election, Bill O'Reilly blames Romney's loss on non-whites, wind turbines affect mental health, and Doris Kearns Goodwin recites history.
Ep 22 - Rachel Maddow Toggle seen
New York experiences a nor'easter, an Albany strip club claims to sell art, platonic friends learn the scientific truth, and Rachel Maddow talks election night.
Ep 23 - Ken Burns Toggle seen
CIA Director David Petraeus steps down after an affair, Karl Rove faces angry benefactors, Jon Stewart assists Colbert Super PAC, and Ken Burns shares "The Central Park Five".
Ep 24 - Newt Gingrich Toggle seen
The media weighs presidential nominees for 2016, Sonia Sotomayor crushes girlish pipe dreams, and Newt Gingrich admits he guessed wrong about the election.
Ep 25 - Tony Kushner Toggle seen
"America Again" offends Canadians, Wall Street chucks its weakest link, Christopher Steiner reviews computer trading, and screenwriter Tony Kushner talks "Lincoln".
Ep 26 - Chris Stringer Toggle seen
Campbell's promotes soups for millennials, the Petraeus scandal escalates, meth protects against influenza, and Chris Stringer talks primitive humans.
Ep 27 - Jake Tapper Toggle seen
Shoppers break Black Friday records, the Supreme Court deliberates copyright law, Pope Benedict XVI modifies the nativity, and Jake Tapper discusses the Afghanistan War.
Ep 28 - Dolly Parton Toggle seen
Police bust a Canadian for lying about Santa, congressional Republicans abandon Grover Norquist, Reihan Salam describes Reagan's tax plan, and Dolly Parton promotes literacy.
Ep 29 - Frank Oz Toggle seen
Powerball sales skyrocket, Fox News explains why women can't get married, Harry Reid tries to curb filibusters, and Frank Oz talks Muppets.
Ep 30 - Sean Carroll Toggle seen
America foregoes a nuclear moon missile, Boeing blocks pension benefits to gay couples, Stephen pushes "America Again," and Sean Carroll explains the Higgs field.
Ep 31 - Ian McKellen Toggle seen
The Report hosts Hobbit Week, safer streets weaken a Republican wedge issue, medical grade sheds replace nursing homes, and Sir Ian McKellen prefers Gandalf the Grey.
Ep 32 - Martin Freeman Toggle seen
Hobbit Week continues with Bilbo Baggins, testosterone gels trigger family hair growth, morning sickness socks Kate Middleton, and Martin Freeman talks TV roles and Tolkien.
Ep 33 - Andy Serkis Toggle seen
Hobbit Week honors Denny's, the Senate votes down universal disability rights, and Andy Serkis compares "The Lord of the Rings" Gollum to "The Hobbit" Gollum.
Ep 34 - Peter Jackson Toggle seen
Hobbit Week ends, Stephen gets the Madame Tussauds treatment, and Peter Jackson receives clarification on Tolkien lore.
Ep 35 - Diana Krall Toggle seen
Fans lobby for Stephen's Senate appointment, David Petraeus declines a presidential proposal from Roger Ailes, and Diana Krall resists jazz standards.
Ep 36 - Malcolm Gladwell Toggle seen
Budget deal talks hit a wall, North Korea unearths a unicorn lair, California's ex-gay therapy ban meets resistance, and Malcolm Gladwell chats about man's best friend.
Ep 37 - Mandy Patinkin Toggle seen
"America Again" defeats Papa Bear's bestseller, Jeff Bingaman gives Stephen a Senate how-to, Fox News attacks the 9/11 site mosque, and Mandy Patinkin talks national security.
Ep 38 - Simone Campbell Toggle seen
Rockers raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims, Vince Gilligan leaks "Breaking Bad" footage, Colbert Super PAC money finds a home, and Simone Campbell talks social justice.
Ep 39 - Jimmy Wales Toggle seen
Republicans agree to tax the wealthy, a coin solves the debt ceiling debate, Bill O'Reilly insults Asians, and Jimmy Wales shares Wikipedia's next steps.
Ep 40 - Chris Kluwe Toggle seen
The Forever Stamp skyrockets in value, blood transfers boost health, the Senate looks into "Zero Dark Thirty," and Chris Kluwe defends same-sex marriage.
Ep 41 - Neil Shubin Toggle seen
Idaho builds a firearms village, the NRA solves gun violence with more guns, wheat addiction spirals, and Neil Shubin explores humans' shared history with rocks.
Ep 42 - Ben Gibbard Toggle seen
A man makes love to a couch, Obama flaunts his testosterone-filled Cabinet, Kevin Garnett hassles Carmelo Anthony, and musician Ben Gibbard grows up.
Ep 43 - Piers Morgan Toggle seen
Joe Biden develops gun law recommendations, Ted Nugent references Rosa Parks, a nonprofit disputes Vitaminwater, and Piers Morgan talks gun control.
Ep 44 - Jared Diamond Toggle seen
Lance Armstrong spends hours with Oprah, Stephen runs an Extra Special Report on Florida's mystery monkey, and Jared Diamond examines traditional New Guinea culture.
Ep 45 - Tom Brokaw Toggle seen
HSBC launders cartel money, Matt Taibbi chews out big banks, Pat Robertson educates "slatternly" wives, and Tom Brokaw tells the plight of second presidential terms.
Ep 46 - Akhil Reed Amar Toggle seen
Subway cons consumers, President Obama tightens gun control, Megyn Kelly reveals her porn name, and Akhil Reed Amar shares his book, "America's Unwritten Constitution".
Ep 47 - Ta-Nehisi Coates Toggle seen
Obama launches the Presidential Pride Parade, Kate Middleton contaminates America, and Ta-Nehisi Coates reflects on Obama's second inauguration.
Ep 48 - Kathryn Bigelow Toggle seen
Obama obscures America's hopelessness in his speech, Republicans pursue advanced redistricting, Dustin Hoffman shrinks his cast, and Kathryn Bigelow talks "Zero Dark Thirty".
Ep 49 - Sally Field Toggle seen
Beyonce-Gate riles the media, Ayn Rand admirers find love, Virginia Republicans surprise Democrats with new districts, and Sally Field describes her character in "Lincoln".
Ep 50 - Tavi Gevinson Toggle seen
France sends troops into Mali, Edward Berenson outlines French martial history, Hillary Clinton answers questions about Benghazi, and Tavi Gevinson chats about "Rookie".
Ep 51 - Michael Shellenberger Toggle seen
The TSA abandons nude scanners, Australia and conservatives cope with climate change, North Korea goes after America, and Michael Shellenberger debates energy sources.
Ep 52 - George Saunders Toggle seen
Iran launches a monkey into space, states work to nullify Obama's gun grab, Cliff Sloan explains supreme law, Gitmo stays open, and George Saunders boasts about short stories.
Ep 53 - Bill Gates Toggle seen
Gay men stress less, Paul Clement defends DOMA in court, the KKK drops its racist message, and Bill Gates shares global health updates.
Ep 54 - Matthew Guerrieri Toggle seen
Super Bowl ads release teasers, Gatorade does away with BVO, a clever crow uses utensils, and Matthew Guerrieri explores Beethoven's cultural impact.
Ep 55 - Sonia Sotomayor Toggle seen
A blackout stalls the Super Bowl, Senate members tackle immigration reform, Obama claims to enjoy skeet shooting, and Justice Sonia Sotomayor details "My Beloved World".
Ep 56 - Julie Andrews Toggle seen
A parking lot covers up royal remains, CBS brings unemployment to reality TV, Californians thank a hatchet-armed hitchhiker, and Julie Andrews responds to kids' book critics.
Ep 57 - Lawrence Wright Toggle seen
Lobbyists try to save the penny, Elizabeth Colbert Busch takes on 16 GOP candidates, and Lawrence Wright confirms abuse within the Church of Scientology.
Ep 58 - Benh Zeitlin Toggle seen
A snowstorm slams the Northeast, Senator Stacey Campfield homes in on kids' sexuality, Facebook promotes hookups, and Benh Zeitlin explores Louisiana's Bathtub country.
Ep 59 - Garry Wills Toggle seen
The Bush family gets hacked, Pope Benedict becomes the first pope to resign in 717 years, Father Jim Martin details papal appointment, and Garry Wills talks priests.
Ep 60 - Roger Hodge Toggle seen
The GOP holds a conference to self-reflect, Karl Rove targets Tea Partiers, Steven Seagal trains volunteer gun posses, and Roger Hodge touts Southern literature.
Ep 61 - Dave Grohl Toggle seen
President Obama focuses on the middle class and infrastructure, Marc Rubio suffers from dry mouth, and Dave Grohl relives rock 'n' roll history.
Ep 62 - Gavin Newsom Toggle seen
A fertility feast leads to Valentine's Day, the Obama administration targets S&P, and "Citizenville" author Gavin Newsom brings government into the digital age.
Ep 63 - Emily Bazelon Toggle seen
A meteor streaks over Russia, Detroit gleans a libertarian investor, Obama goes golfing with Tiger Woods, and Emily Bazelon explores the culture of bullying.
Ep 64 - David Goldhill Toggle seen
The U.K. responds to a horse meat scare, Alexi Lalas assesses soccer match fixing, Norway celebrates firewood, and David Goldhill critiques health insurance.
Ep 65 - Lil Buck Toggle seen
A rumor links Chuck Hagel to a made-up Islamic group, for-profit incarceration teams up with football, MTV cons BET Twitter fans, and Lil Buck explains jookin.
Ep 66 - Simon Garfield Toggle seen
Michelle Obama crashes the Oscars, the CDC researches gun violence, sex scandal gossip plagues the Vatican, and Simon Garfield endorses handmade maps.
Ep 67 - Dr. Michio Kaku Toggle seen
Pope Benedict shares the Vatican with his successor, Jeremy Bird disrupts the natural order in Texas, Al Qaeda evades drone attacks, and Michio Kaku tracks asteroid paths.
Ep 68 - Paola Antonelli Toggle seen
Stephen endorses Halls cough drops, the government bugs Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's trial, John Kerry makes a case for dimwits, and Paola Antonelli shares the future of design.
Ep 69 - Jon Favreau Toggle seen
Pat Robertson confirms that demons occupy garments, shops sell Pope Benedict XVI memorabilia, federal spending cuts loom, and Jon Favreau describes speechwriting methods.
Ep 70 - Kirk Bloodsworth Toggle seen
Obama confuses "Star Wars" with "Star Trek," Stephen investigates scallop gonad research, Texas reconsiders gun training, and Kirk Bloodsworth opposes the death penalty.
Ep 71 - James Franco Toggle seen
Hugo Chavez passes away, Obama travels to Israel, Michael Oren discusses Iran, married couples retreat to Mars, and James Franco talks "Oz".
Ep 72 - Brendan O'Connell Toggle seen
The media introduces "Snowquester," Alabama calls the Voting Rights Act into question, Michael Bloomberg bans soda deliveries, and Wal-Mart inspires Brendan O'Connell.
Ep 73 - John Sexton Toggle seen
Rand Paul talks for 13 hours, North Korea creates an ominous music video, "The Bachelor" incites emotionally-charged staring, and John Sexton compares baseball and religion.
Ep 74 - Junot Diaz Toggle seen
The Vatican welcomes Pope Francis, Roma Downey stars in "The Bible," Trevor Potter memorializes Ham Rove, and Junot Diaz shares the Freedom University project.
Ep 75 - Eric Topol Toggle seen
Republicans contemplate a Celebrity Task Force, Senator Rob Portman flip-flops on gay marriage, and Eric Topol shares his book, "The Creative Destruction of Medicine".
Ep 76 - Carl Edgar Blake II Toggle seen
Papa Bear reassess gay marriage, scientists study Facebook "Likes," Tennessee lawmakers mistrust a mop sink, and Carl Edgar Blake II shows off his pigs.
Ep 77 - Robert Lustig Toggle seen
Same-sex marriage divides the Supreme Court, Emily Bazelon explains Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, and Robert Lustig warns against sugar.
Ep 78 - Sigourney Weaver Toggle seen
Google pays tribute to Cesar Chavez, Pope Francis breaks a New Testament tradition, Tennessee uses a health care lottery, and Sigourney Weaver talks theater.
Ep 79 - Jim McGreevey Toggle seen
Sue Everhart warns of gay marriage fraud, Victor Cha dissects North Korea's bomb threats, Florida plans to outlaw bongs, and Jim McGreevey advocates in-prison rehab.
Ep 80 - A.C. Grayling Toggle seen
Mark Sanford runs against Elizabeth Colbert Busch, Louie Gohmert compares gun control to bestiality, the GOP surveys young people, and A.C. Grayling talks God and reason.
Ep 81 - Francis Collins Toggle seen
An Exxon pipeline bursts in Arkansas, Jeremy Irons compares gay marriage to incest, and NIH Director Francis Collins explains Obama's BRAIN Initiative.
Ep 82 - Bill Clinton Toggle seen
At the Clinton Global Initiative University Meeting, President Bill Clinton discusses foreign aid, poverty, TED Talks, Twitter and the Colbert Galactic Initiative.
Ep 83 - Charlie LeDuff Toggle seen
Stephen attends the Clinton Global Initiative University Exchange, Exxon sweeps oil into storm drains, and Charlie LeDuff shares his book, "Detroit: An American Autopsy".
Ep 84 - Shane Smith Toggle seen
The Navy builds a laser missile, Senate Republicans give in to gun control, Anthony Weiner ponders the mayoral race, and VICE cofounder Shane Smith talks storytelling.
Ep 85 - Cass Sunstein Toggle seen
NASA develops an asteroid lasso, Nick Gillespie talks about pot legalization, New York City targets filthy Times Square mascots, and Cass Sunstein slams the food pyramid.
Ep 86 - Caroline Kennedy Toggle seen
Terrorists attack the Boston Marathon, Canada manufactures Sexcereal, the Rollie Eggmaster cooks up gelatinous egg rods, and Caroline Kennedy recites poetry with Stephen.
Ep 87 - Alan Cumming Toggle seen
The media dreams up Boston bombing suspects, Adam Davidson explains Bitcoin, Brad Paisley makes a sucky song about racism, and Alan Cumming tackles an almost one-man play.
Ep 88 - Richard Engel Toggle seen
The New York Post misidentifies Boston Marathon suspects, Stephen debuts the Bucket, the Senate opposes gun background checks, and Richard Engel describes Syrian militias.
Ep 89 - Michael Pollan Toggle seen
The Boston manhunt ends, Canadian police expose an Al Qaeda plot, America's infrastructure earns a bad grade, and Michael Pollan describes the four ways of cooking.
Ep 90 - Eric Schmidt Toggle seen
Chris Christie is full of Scooby-Doo-doo, Thomas Herndon takes down Reinhart and Rogoff, and Google's Eric Schmidt talks digital identities.
Ep 91 - Danica Patrick Toggle seen
Twitter hackers trigger a market crash, Bill Clinton picks a dignified Twitter name, the Mars rover draws a penis in the sand, and NASCAR's Danica Patrick manages her rage.
Ep 92 - Gene Robinson Toggle seen
Stephen starts an "O" Book Club, Matt Cartwright speaks Spanish, Fox & Friends gets the word out about a guy singing like a canary, and Gene Robinson advocates gay rights.
Ep 93 - Iggy & the Stooges Toggle seen
Jason Collins comes out as gay, New Zealand sanctions same-sex marriage, conservatives get defensive, criminals turn to Yelp, and Iggy Pop performs shirtless.
Ep 94 - Evan Spiegel & Bobby Murphy Toggle seen
Congress disregards the Army's wishes, Iowa cracks illegal immigration, Budweiser encourages Facebook friendships, and Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy make photos disappear.
Ep 95 - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Toggle seen
A Newtown victim's daughter confronts Senator Kelly Ayotte, pro-gun senators lose voters' support, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis share their album, "The Heist".
Ep 96 - Ben Kingsley Toggle seen
The Feds identify three accomplices in the Boston bombings, President Obama addresses the Gitmo hunger strike, and Sir Ben Kingsley chats about "Iron Man 3".
Ep 97 - Robert Caro Toggle seen
Stephen plugs cOlbert's Book Club, conspiracy theorists explain the government's ammo purchases, dogs ride the Mary Jane train, and Robert Caro scares Republicans.
Ep 98 - Douglas Rushkoff Toggle seen
Fox News prepares for the Benghazi whistleblowers, Rep. Donna Edwards deals with a senile senior, teens amp up their promposals, and Douglas Rushkoff pinpoints the present.
Ep 99 - Richard Besser Toggle seen
Stephen's sister loses her run for Congress, Republicans spite Obama, parents forego diapers, and Richard Besser shares his book, "Tell Me the Truth, Doctor".
Ep 100 - Baz Luhrmann Toggle seen
Carey Mulligan divulges a dark secret, Jennifer Egan discusses "The Great Gatsby"'s place in American letters, and Baz Luhrmann pays homage to F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Ep 101 - Jessica Buchanan & Erik Landemalm Toggle seen
The Obama administration lies about Benghazi talking points, the IRS inspects Tea Party groups, and Jessica Buchanan and Erik Landemalm share their book, "Impossible Odds".
Ep 102 - Dan Brown Toggle seen
The House tries to repeal Obamacare again, an immigration study slams Hispanics, Maxim honors Miley Cyrus, and Dan Brown takes inspiration from Dante.
Ep 103 - Cyndi Lauper Toggle seen
The UN describes bugs as "mini-livestock," Congresswoman Gwen Moore rides shotgun, and Cyndi Lauper outlines her Broadway musical, "Kinky Boots".
Ep 104 - Daniel Lieberman Toggle seen
Congress peppers and grills Eric Holder, China seeks peace in the Middle East, a nonprofit provides access to printable guns, and Daniel Lieberman endorses toe shoes.
Ep 105 - David Sassoon Toggle seen
ABC's Jonathan Karl lies about the Benghazi scandal, Stephen applies for Tea Party tax exemption, and David Sassoon shares his e-book, "The Dilbit Disaster".
Ep 106 - Noah Feldman Toggle seen
Scientists solve the Irish potato famine mystery, pot boosts metabolism, Rep. Jeff Duncan plans to ban the census, and Noah Feldman describes the Cool War with China.
Ep 107 - The National Toggle seen
Lois Lerner won't spill the IRS scandal beans, Mitch McConnell endorses hemp, PBS appeases David Koch, and The National shares their album "Trouble Will Find Me".
Ep 108 - Christopher Chivers Toggle seen
Barack Obama addresses his usage of drones, Andrew Bacevich thinks war is bad, Pope Francis embraces atheists, and C.J. Chivers reports on Syrian rebels.
Ep 109 - John Dingell Toggle seen
Mark Pocan tempts Stephen with divorce, precision-guided guns promote skill-free killing, and John Dingell wants Congress to learn how to compromise.
Ep 110 - Alex Gibney Toggle seen
The Report pays tribute to Michele Bachmann, NASA researches printable food, the IRS invests in line dancing, and Alex Gibney explores WikiLeaks.
Ep 111 - Jonathan Alter Toggle seen
Superman gets a makeover, Laurie Garrett reviews Monsanto's wheat incident, the Chicago Sun-Times scraps photojournalism, and Jonathan Alter dissects the 2012 election.
Ep 112 - Stephen King, John Mellencamp & T-Bone Burnett Toggle seen
The Obama administration snoops on Verizon customers, Stephen becomes a spy, and Stephen King writes a musical with John Mellencamp and T Bone Burnett.
Ep 113 - Dan Savage Toggle seen
The NSA whistleblower explains himself, violent protests break out in Turkey, missile launch officers dislike their jobs, and Dan Savage criticizes DOMA.
Ep 114 - Daniel Bergner Toggle seen
NSA Wiretapping Scandal, Jeffrey Rosen on the Fourth Amendment, TSA Detains Chewbacca, Daniel Bergner, "What Do Women Want?".
Ep 115 - Paul McCartney Toggle seen
The NSA builds a data compound, Paul McCartney describes his music career with The Beatles and Wings, and Michael Bloomberg's bike share "begrimes" New York.
Ep 116 - The Postal Service Toggle seen
Stephen honors his late mother, Cap'n Crunch lies about his rank, house flipping makes a comeback, and the Postal Service discusses their electronic music.
Ep 117 - Joss Whedon Toggle seen
Iran replaces outgoing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Rep. Steve King opposes chicken cage laws, Nestle markets to higher-income women, and Joss Whedon talks Shakespeare.
Ep 118 - Andrew Solomon Toggle seen
NSA leaker Edward Snowden goes missing, Darrell Issa probes the IRS, news becomes truthinews, the KKK engineers a laser, and Andrew Solomon defines "exceptional" children.
Ep 119 - Peniel Joseph Toggle seen
The Supreme Court guts part of the Voting Rights Act, Brazilians protest government spending, and Peniel Joseph criticizes the Supreme Court's decision.
Ep 120 - Bill Moyers Toggle seen
Gay marriage gets a legal boost, Emily Bazelon analyzes the Supreme Court's decisions, and Bill Moyers chronicles the slow death of the American middle class.
Ep 121 - Chuck Schumer Toggle seen
Mayor Michael Bloomberg declares war on the 4th of July, the Senate enacts immigration reform, and Senator Chuck Schumer talks tattoos and gang signs.
Ep 122 - Jeremy Scahill Toggle seen
A Florida jury acquits George Zimmerman, Stephen inspects a SkyMiles scandal, Asiana Airlines sues KTVU over made-up pilot names, and Jeremy Scahill criticizes drone strikes.
Ep 123 - David Karp Toggle seen
Britain prepares for the royal baby, George Zimmerman protestors sing instead of riot, NPR critiques multitaskers, and David Karp promises not to police Tumblr.
Ep 124 - Jerry Seinfeld Toggle seen
Rolling Stone features the Boston bombing suspect, Congress removes food stamps from the farm bill, and Jerry Seinfeld shares his series, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee".
Ep 125 - Jeff Bridges Toggle seen
Edward Snowden seeks asylum in Russia, San Diego's mayor faces sexual harassment charges, Eliot Spitzer runs for NYC comptroller, and Jeff Bridges shares his film, "R.I.P.D.".
Ep 126 - Kjerstin Gruys Toggle seen
Kate Middleton delivers her baby, Geraldo Rivera tweets a naked selfie, fast food workers protest the minimum wage, and Kjerstin Gruys examines body image issues.
Ep 127 - Kenneth Goldsmith Toggle seen
The Prince of Wails is born, George Zimmerman helps a family in need, Barack Obama empathizes with black men, and poet Kenneth Goldsmith revisits seven U.S. tragedies.
Ep 128 - Anant Agarwal Toggle seen
The royal couple name their baby George, Anthony Weiner apologizes for his latest sexts, Kanye West designs a blank t-shirt, and Anant Agarwal discusses his nonprofit, edX.
Ep 129 - Olympia Snowe Toggle seen
An MC crashes the royal birth, Detroit files for bankruptcy, Steve King incites Jorge Ramos, and Olympia Snowe shares her book, "Fighting for Common Ground".
Ep 130 - The Lumineers Toggle seen
FreedomWorks burns fake Obama insurance cards, North Carolina allows concealed weapons in bars, and the Lumineers share their self-titled debut album.
Ep 131 - Atul Gawande Toggle seen
The North Pole becomes a lake, Tea Partiers criticize Mitch McConnell, lawmakers brainstorm tax reform in secret, and Atul Gawande shares his article, "Slow Ideas".
Ep 132 - Emily Matchar Toggle seen
Bradley Manning is found not guilty, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have lunch, Chris Christie and Rand Paul feud, and Emily Matchar shares the "new domesticity".
Ep 133 - Bryan Cranston Toggle seen
Russia protects Edward Snowden, Mayor Bob Filner blames San Diego for his sexual misconduct, Gitmo prisoners read erotic romance, and Bryan Cranston talks meth and Malcolm.
Ep 134 - Hugh Laurie Toggle seen
The U.S. government warns of a looming terror threat somewhere, Alex Rodriguez gets suspended for doping, and Hugh Laurie shares his blues album, "Didn't It Rain".
Ep 135 - Robin Thicke Toggle seen
Daft Punk abandons StePhest Colbchella '013, Stephen angers his Hyundai sponsors, and "Blurred Lines" singer Robin Thicke saves Stephen's career.
Ep 136 - Ashton Kutcher Toggle seen
Online critics bash StePhest Colbchella '013, union activist Mary Kay Henry supports fast-food strikers, the SEC comes down on a trader, and Ashton Kutcher talks "Jobs".
Ep 137 - Colum McCann Toggle seen
CNN's doctor switches his position on pot, Matt Damon comes to Stephen's rescue, Darrell Issa wants ocean waters named after Reagan, and Colum McCann talks "TransAtlantic".
Ep 138 - Sheldon Whitehouse Toggle seen
The Today Show features twerking, Senator Rush Holt champions public education, and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse chats about his book, "On Virtues".
Ep 139 - John Lewis Toggle seen
Mayor Mike Bloomberg defends New York's stop-and-frisk, the TSA expands its duties, and Congressman John Lewis chats about his graphic novel, "March".
Ep 140 - Kevin Spacey Toggle seen
Russia's anti-gay laws affect Olympic athletes, Obama hires psychologists to "nudge" public opinion, and Kevin Spacey talks "House of Cards".
Ep 141 - Richard Brodhead Toggle seen
A rodeo clown wears an Obama mask, fracking companies put gag orders on families, Obama talks NSA transparency, and Professor Richard Brodhead promotes the humanities.
Ep 142 - Timothy Cardinal Dolan Toggle seen
Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad employs chemical weapons, The Daily Show gets Jon back, Rep. Dan Kildee promotes sugar beets, and Timothy Cardinal Dolan examines the papacy.
Ep 143 - Gary England Toggle seen
Barack Obama endorses military action in Syria, The New Yorker's Steve Coll unpacks the president's decision, and meteorologist Gary England talks twisters.
Ep 144 - John Prine Toggle seen
Ariel Castro commits suicide, kittens close down the NYC subway, Stephen assigns reading for cOlbert's Book Club, and John Prine shares his folk album, "The Missing Years."
Ep 145 - Billie Jean King Toggle seen
Americans oppose military action in Syria, Fox News dreams up "Super Reagan," Iowa grants gun permits to blind people, and Billie Jean King recalls the "Battle of the Sexes."
Ep 146 - Shane Salerno Toggle seen
JD Salinger releases "The Catcher in the Rye" in 1951, Tobias Wolff debates Salinger's short stories, and Shane Salerno co-authors Salinger's biography
Ep 147 - Sheryl Crow Toggle seen
New York City holds the mayoral primary, Syria agrees to surrender its chemical weapons, Rand Paul flip-flops, and Sheryl Crow discusses her album, "Feels Like Home."
Ep 148 - Philip Mudd Toggle seen
The New York Times prints Vladimir Putin's op-ed on Syria, Rep. Jim McDermott defends gay rights, and Philip Mudd shares his book, "Takedown: Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda."
Ep 149 - Andrew Bacevich Toggle seen
Stephen honors the Lehman Brothers, pundits criticize government "moochers," Miss America receives racist comments, and Andrew Bacevich shares his book, "Breach of Trust."
Ep 150 - Arne Duncan Toggle seen
Billionaires get left behind, Kanye West performs for Kazakhstan's controversial leader, Cheerios cashes in on death, and Arne Duncan endorses early education.
Ep 151 - Nicholson Baker Toggle seen
Andrew Sullivan supports U.N. intervention in Syria, conservatives attack gun violence in video games, and Nicholson Baker shares his book, "Traveling Sprinkler."
Ep 152 - Jack Johnson Toggle seen
Michelle Obama promotes H2O, Republicans regulate Obamacare navigators, Jihawg Ammo makes bacon bullets, and Jack Johnson shares his album, "From Here to Now to You."
Ep 153 - Metallica Toggle seen
Jon Stewart congratulates Stephen on his Emmys, Pope Francis speaks out on Catholic teachings, and Metallica presents its film, "Metallica: Through the Never."
Ep 154 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt Toggle seen
Google cracks down on YouTube, Fox News assesses the "war on football," Ted Cruz gives a 21-hour anti-Obamacare speech, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt describes his film, "Don Jon."
Ep 155 - Chris Fischer Toggle seen
Americone Dream is made with meth, CNN's "Crossfire" encourages incoherent yelling, Rush Limbaugh writes for kids, and Chris Fischer talks about his nonprofit, OCEARCH.
Season 10
Ep 1 - Vince Gilligan Toggle seen
Congress shuts down the government, Butterball appeases male cooks, and "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan discusses the final season.
Ep 2 - Daniel Radcliffe Toggle seen
The government shuts down, Americans flood the Affordable Care Act website, anti-Obamacare groups target youth, and Daniel Radcliffe describes his film, "Kill Your Darlings".
Ep 3 - Chris Matthews Toggle seen
Barack Obama meets with congressional leaders about the government "slim down", Bill O'Reilly talks divine inspiration, and Chris Matthews compares Obama and Reagan.
Ep 4 - David Finkel Toggle seen
Congressional leaders fail to compromise on the government shutdown, Stephen officiates a wedding, and David Finkel examines post-war trauma in "Thank You for Your Service".
Ep 5 - James Spithill Toggle seen
Republicans hold Obama responsible for the government shutdown, Emily Bazelon reviews McCutcheon v. F.E.C., and James Spithill shares some history of the America's Cup.
Ep 6 - Paul Giamatti Toggle seen
The debt ceiling looms, Eric Holder permits pro-pot laws, and Paul Giamatti talks "Parkland".
Ep 7 - Tom Hanks Toggle seen
Truckers organize "Ride for the Constitution", and Tom Hanks talks about Somali pirates.
Ep 8 - Reed Albergotti & Vanessa O'Connell Toggle seen
Hanksy dolls up Stephen's studio, and Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O'Connell discuss Lance Armstrong.
Ep 9 - The Reflektors Toggle seen
The government reopens, New Jersey allows gay marriage, and The Reflektors (a.k.a. Arcade Fire) perform "Normal People".
Ep 10 - A. Scott Berg Toggle seen
Stephen weighs in on lions and tigers, KFC invents the "Go Cup" and A. Scott Berg discusses his book, "Wilson".
Ep 11 - Gwen Ifill & Judy Woodruff Toggle seen
Stephen enrolls in Obamacare, and Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill discuss fact-based reporting.
Ep 12 - Stephen Fry Toggle seen
Girly hats could emasculate the Marines, and Stephen Fry discusses his role in "Twelfth Night".
Ep 13 - Orlando Bloom Toggle seen
Stuffed animals go sightseeing, and Orlando Bloom discusses his Broadway turn in "Romeo and Juliet".
Ep 14 - Billy Collins Toggle seen
Americans resort to harvesting their bodies, and Billy Collins talks about his book, "Aimless Love".
Ep 15 - Jack Andraka Toggle seen
Shepard Smith battles digital addiction, and Jack Andraka shares his passion for science.
Ep 16 - Zach Sims Toggle seen
The NSA spying scandal reaches the Vatican, and Codecademy's Zach Sims talks computer programming.
Ep 17 - David Folkenflik Toggle seen
Corporations find religion, and author David Folkenflik discusses "Murdoch's World".
Ep 18 - Julius Erving Toggle seen
A bong-shaped mascot upsets a Canadian town, and Julius Erving discusses "Dr. J: The Autobiography".
Ep 19 - Brian Lehrer Toggle seen
Toys "R" Us mocks nature, and the host of "The Brian Lehrer Show" discusses New York City politics.
Ep 20 - Daniel Lieberman Toggle seen
The Senate cracks down on sexual discrimination in the workplace, Stephen is nominated for a People's Choice Award, and author Daniel Lieberman discusses "The Story of the Human Body".
Ep 21 - Peter Baker Toggle seen
"60 Minutes" anchor Lara Logan apologizes for her flawed Benghazi story, and "Days of Fire" author Peter Baker discusses George W. Bush's rocky relationship with Dick Cheney.
Ep 22 - David Christian Toggle seen glitches lead to low enrollment, France rejects a nuke deal with Iran, a luxury hotel offers poverty-themed vacations, and David Christian talks "Big History".
Ep 23 - Blind Boys of Alabama Toggle seen
Human Rights groups protest U.S. drone attacks, Richard Cohen faces backlash over race comments, and the Blind Boys of Alabama perform a song from "I'll Find a Way".
Ep 24 - Alexis Ohanian Toggle seen
Stephen calls for aid to the Philippines, The Today Show airs live prostate exams, and Alexis Ohanian discusses online democracy and his book, "Without Their Permission".
Ep 25 - Steve McQueen Toggle seen
The Colbert Nation helps the Philippines, conservatives gloat over Obamacare, Chip Wilson defends his yoga pants, and Steve McQueen talks "12 Years a Slave".
Ep 26 - Rick Santorum Toggle seen
Wal-Mart hosts a food drive for its own employees, Robert Reich argues for better income equality, and Rick Santorum discusses his movie, "The Christmas Candle".
Ep 27 - M.I.A. Toggle seen
Congressman Trey Radel pleads guilty to cocaine possession, Russia cracks down on "gay propaganda", and guest M.I.A. performs a song from her album "Matangi".
Ep 28 - J.J. Abrams Toggle seen
Senate Democrats go nuclear, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin blocks same-sex benefits, Stephen invites himself to Thanksgiving dinner, and J.J. Abrams discusses his novel, "S".
Ep 29 - Daniel Goleman Toggle seen relaunches, turkeys compete for Obama's pardon, Amazon embraces drones, a Christmas tree saves Christmas, and Daniel Goleman discusses his book, "Focus".
Ep 30 - Ed Stone Toggle seen
The pope might lead a secret life, the FDA targets trans fat, the McRib is scrutinized, a tech firm invents an office robot, and Ed Stone discusses the Voyager missions.
Ep 31 - Bryan Stevenson Toggle seen
Congress's productivity hits a record low, the rich get a floating tax shelter, Common Core threatens cursive, and Bryan Stevenson argues for an equitable justice system.
Ep 32 - Alan Mulally Toggle seen
Stephen weighs flight against invisibility, Colorado legalizes pot, the GOP learns how to talk to women, and Alan Mulally discusses the Ford Mustang's 50-year legacy.
Ep 33 - David Keith Toggle seen
Stephen honors Mandela, Bill O'Reilly & John Stossel discourage giving, "America Again" vies for a Grammy, and author David Keith discusses "A Case For Climate Engineering ".
Ep 34 - Alex Blumberg Toggle seen
Walmart becomes an elite institution, Virginia Postrel examines the value of television, Venezuela starts Christmas early, and Alex Blumberg discusses "The T-Shirt Project".
Ep 35 - Elizabeth Gilbert Toggle seen
Festivus comes to the Florida Capitol, Obama's handshake causes outrage, Mike Huckabee fights Obamacare with music, and Elizabeth Gilbert talks "The Signature of All Things ".
Ep 36 - George Packer Toggle seen
Congress agrees on a budget, a sleeping aid has terrifying side effects, Megyn Kelly argues that Santa is white, and author George Packer discusses "The Unwinding".
Ep 37 - Jonah Peretti Toggle seen
Google buys a robotics company, the NSA infiltrates online games, Stephen and Billy Crystal compete for a Grammy, and Jonah Peretti discusses BuzzFeed's journalism initiative.
Ep 38 - Garry Trudeau Toggle seen
Edward Snowden seeks political asylum in Brazil, China embraces pollution, Ted Cruz gets his own coloring book, and Garry Trudeau discusses his show, "Alpha House."
Ep 39 - Keanu Reeves Toggle seen
Customer satisfaction is worthless, Germany joins the debate over Santa's ethnicity, Keanu Reeves talks "47 Ronin", and Aaron Neville performs with members of MusiCorps. Christmas Carol: Aaron Neville and MusicCorps.
Ep 40 - Ben Stiller Toggle seen
Jamie Dimon flaunts his wealth with a decadent Christmas card, A&E suspends Phil Robertson for anti-gay remarks, and Ben Stiller talks "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". Christmas Carol: The Blind Boys of Alabama.
Ep 41 - Ken Roth Toggle seen
America endures a polar vortex, the FDA targets antibiotics in livestock, recreational weed goes on sale in Colorado, and Ken Roth discusses Human Rights Watch.
Ep 42 - John Seigenthaler Toggle seen
Donald Trump takes on global warming, Pope Francis criticizes wealth disparity, scientists look for time travelers online, and John Seigenthaler discusses Al Jazeera America.
Ep 43 - Ishmael Beah Toggle seen
Scandal engulfs Chris Christie, the media explains the concept of cold weather, and Ishmael Beah talks being a child soldier and his book, "Radiance of Tomorrow".
Ep 44 - Jeff Skoll Toggle seen
Chris Christie's bridge scandal deepens, Robert Gates's "Duty" has harsh words for Obama, and Jeff Skoll discusses his film company, Participant Media.
Ep 45 - David Fanning Toggle seen
A chemical spill threatens West Virginia's water supply, Obama's Iraq policy comes under fire, a company provides retroactive advertising, and David Fanning talks Frontline.
Ep 46 - Deborah Solomon Toggle seen
A-Rod is suspended for drug use, Pat Buchanan supports Russia's anti-gay laws, Billie Jean King is a U.S. Olympic delegate, and Deborah Solomon talks "American Mirror".
Ep 47 - Gabriel Sherman Toggle seen
America gets its own commercial, college athletes struggle with literacy, a sex scandal rocks France, and Gabriel Sherman talks "The Loudest Voice in the Room".
Ep 48 - Naquasia LeGrand Toggle seen
The NSA infects personal computers, a jewelry company sells diamond pacifiers, Carol Burnett gets sarcastic, and Naquasia LeGrand talks "Fast Food Forward."
Ep 49 - Scott Stossel Toggle seen
Peyton Manning chants for Omaha, a drug shortage threatens the death penalty, Pope Francis encourages breastfeeding in church, and Scott Stossel talks "My Age of Anxiety."
Ep 50 - Michael Chabon & Mariel Hemingway Toggle seen
cOlbert's Book Club begins with a primer on Ernest Hemingway, Michael Chabon talks "A Farewell to Arms," and Mariel Hemingway discusses her grandfather's romantic side.
Ep 51 - Charles Duhigg Toggle seen
NASA discovers a Martian doughnut, U.S. nuclear officers cheat on proficiency tests, the Westminster Dog Show allows mutts, and Charles Duhigg talks "The Power of Habit."
Ep 52 - Patricia Churchland Toggle seen
Riots break out in the Ukraine, Tim Wu weighs in on net neutrality, China bootlegs The Report, and Patricia Churchland discusses "Touching a Nerve."
Ep 53 - Nate Silver Toggle seen
The NFL prohibits mention of the Super Bowl, Richard Sherman unleashes a post-game rant, the Grammys embrace gay marriage, and FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver discusses sports.
Ep 54 - Justin Tuck Toggle seen
The NFL cracks down on extra points, Stephen trains to be a quarterback, spotted owls fight for survival, and Justin Tuck describes the thrill of football.
Ep 55 - Cris Carter Toggle seen
Stephen trains for Super Bowl greatness, the Puppy Bowl gets a new player, Joe Biden distracts at the State of the Union, and Cris Carter discusses football and "Going Deep."
Ep 56 - Drew Brees Toggle seen
The NFL rethinks their marijuana policy, football might cause brain damage, the mayors of Denver and Seattle root for their home team, and Drew Brees talks "Playoff Face Off."
Ep 57 - Jennifer Senior Toggle seen
Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad sparks outrage, cheerleaders sue the Oakland Raiders, J.K. Rowling regrets pairing Hermione and Ron, and Jennifer Senior talks "All Joy and No Fun."
Ep 58 - Pussy Riot Toggle seen
Black History Month coincides with Children's Dental Health Month, Chris Christie's bridge scandal worsens, and Pussy Riot discusses human rights and the Putin regime.
Ep 59 - Lake Street Dive Toggle seen
Critics argue that Obamacare will destroy jobs, Mort Zuckerman weighs in on Tom Perkins' Nazi analogy, and Lake Street Dive performs a song from "Bad Self Portraits."
Ep 60 - Paul Krugman Toggle seen
Obama faces pressure to approve the Keystone Pipeline, Olympic journalists share Sochi horror stories, TSA agents gawk at body scan images, and Paul Krugman talks Obamacare.
Ep 61 - Patrick Kennedy Toggle seen
The Sochi Olympics open with a technical glitch, Buddy Cole investigates Russia's anti-gay laws, the Taliban captures a spy dog, and Patrick Kennedy discusses Project SAM.
Ep 62 - Charlie Crist Toggle seen
Stephen launches a fundraiser for the U.S. speedskating team, Buddy Cole helps athletes appear straight, Michael Sam comes out, and Charlie Crist discusses "The Party's Over."
Ep 63 - Godfrey Reggio Toggle seen
Stephen attends the White House State Dinner, Bill O'Reilly gloats over his Obama interview, Shepard Smith recites the White House menu, and Godfrey Reggio talks "Visitors."
Ep 64 - Brian Greene Toggle seen
Stephen welcomes Jimmy Fallon to The Tonight Show, Piers Morgan offends the trans community, Janet Mock explores gender identity, and Brian Greene discusses World Science U.
Ep 65 - Alexander Payne Toggle seen
U.S. ice dancers nab a gold medal, Buddy Cole investigates gay propaganda in Sochi, Al Qaeda members accidentally kill themselves, and Alexander Payne talks "Nebraska."
Ep 66 - Stanley McChrystal Toggle seen
Bill O'Reilly accuses Stephen of mockery, Bode Miller discusses his Olympic win, Buddy Cole goes undercover in Sochi, and Stanley McChrystal talks "My Share of the Task."
Ep 67 - Darlene Love Toggle seen
A Dutch Olympics coach slams the U.S. speedskating team, protesters oust the Ukrainian president, and Darlene Love talks "20 Feet From Stardom."
Ep 68 - St. Vincent Toggle seen
Huffington Post asks parents if their kid is Hitler, critics fume over military budget cuts, a lobby fights for paper, and St. Vincent performs "Digital Witness."
Ep 69 - Meryl Davis & Charlie White Toggle seen
Michelle Obama tackles child obesity, a Gumby thief terrorizes a small town, critics target Hillary Clinton's age, and Meryl Davis & Charlie White bask in Olympic glory.
Ep 70 - Jeff Goldblum Toggle seen
Jan Brewer vetoes anti-gay legislation, a study suggests that race is subjective, the KKK embraces sci-fi technology, and Jeff Goldblum discusses "The Grand Budapest Hotel."
Ep 71 - Caitlin Flanagan Toggle seen
Slavery makes history at the Oscars, an anti-Obamacare ad spreads falsehoods, Barbie poses for Sports Illustrated, and Caitlin Flanagan talks "The Dark Power of Fraternities."
Ep 72 - Jaron Lanier Toggle seen
Stephen gives a primer on Crimea, Republicans blame Obama for the Ukraine crisis, Steve King defends Arizona's anti-gay bill, and Jaron Lanier talks "Who Owns the Future?"
Ep 73 - Beau Willimon Toggle seen
Bill O'Reilly cites the "downside" of woman presidents, Chevron delivers pizza, Headline News targets the social media generation, and Beau Willimon talks "House of Cards."
Ep 74 - Theaster Gates Toggle seen
Massachusetts allows upskirt photography, teens pursue the "thigh gap," Warner Music holds "Happy Birthday" hostage, and Theaster Gates uses art to revitalize urban spaces.
Ep 75 - Neil deGrasse Tyson Toggle seen
Atheists protest a cross displayed at the 9/11 memorial, a Kentucky church group hosts a gun giveaway, and Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses his Fox series, "Cosmos."
Ep 76 - Ronan Farrow Toggle seen
The pope gets his own magazine, the Huffington Post investigates anal sex, the government sues Sprint over wiretapping fees, and Ronan Farrow discusses "Ronan Farrow Daily."
Ep 77 - Maria Shriver Toggle seen
Obama appears on "Between Two Ferns," Liz Wahl discusses her resignation from Russia Today, the NSA hires an advice columnist, and Maria Shriver talks "Paycheck to Paycheck."
Ep 78 - Simon Schama Toggle seen
Recreational marijuana sales skyrocket in Colorado, Obama expands overtime pay for millions of Americans, and Simon Schama talks "The Story of the Jews."
Ep 79 - Bryan Cranston Toggle seen
G.K. Butterfield gives a primer on North Carolina, cable news pundits embrace wild theories about Malaysia's missing plane, and Bryan Cranston discusses LBJ and "All the Way."
Ep 80 - Jimmy Carter Toggle seen
Former president Jimmy Carter visits The Report to discuss his lifelong passion for human rights and his book "A Call to Action."
Ep 81 - Errol Morris Toggle seen
Secret Service agents go on a bender, a Belgian baby gets a soccer contract, the Washington Redskins reach out to Native Americans, and Errol Morris talks "The Known Unknown."
Ep 82 - Darren Aronofsky Toggle seen
Russia seizes Ukraine's dolphin army, morning news shows pander to millennials, Hawaii's cops lose the right to have sex with prostitutes, and Darren Aronofsky talks "Noah."
Ep 83 - Biz Stone Toggle seen
Apple announces ethnically-diverse emoticons, Stephen responds to the #CancelColbert Twitter fiasco, and Biz Storm discusses his Jelly app and "Things a Little Bird Told Me."
Ep 84 - John Malkovich Toggle seen
Obamacare enrollment hits a major milestone, college athletes seek union rights, and John Malkovich chats about his movie "Cesar Chavez."
Ep 85 - Dan Harris Toggle seen
A U.N. report warns of devastating climate change, Tennessee seeks new death penalty drugs, aging tech workers resort to plastic surgery, and Dan Harris talks "10% Happier."
Ep 86 - Mark Mazzetti Toggle seen
Experts claim to have found the Holy Grail, Emily Bazelon weighs in on money in politics, Bill O'Reilly embraces inequality, and Mark Mazzetti talks "The Way of the Knife."
Ep 87 - Edward Frenkel Toggle seen
Jeb Bush defends illegal immigrants, Alaska outlaws drone-assisted hunting, a GOP candidate speaks at a cockfighting rally, and Edward Frenkel talks "Love and Math."
Ep 88 - Jane Goodall Toggle seen
A Senate report reveals that the CIA made false claims about enhanced interrogation, Common Core math tests create mass confusion, and Jane Goodall talks "Seeds of Hope.
Ep 89 - Sheryl Sandberg Toggle seen
An Internet bug causes panic, Andrew Sullivan weighs in on Brendan Eich's resignation from Mozilla, Obama pushes for equal pay, and Sheryl Sandberg talks "Lean In."
Ep 90 - Sting Toggle seen
David Letterman announces his retirement, Botox helps treat depression, Bill O'Reilly fights the grievance-industrial complex, and Sting performs "The Last Ship."
Ep 91 - Ken Burns Toggle seen
An Al Qaeda video tips off U.S. forces, critics advance conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton, a church embraces mixed martial arts, and Ken Burns talks "The Address."
Ep 92 - George Will Toggle seen
The U.S. Postal Service honors gay activist Harvey Milk, Stephen examines California's 29th district, and George Will talks "A Nice Little Place on the North Side."
Ep 93 - John Calipari Toggle seen
Canada's middle class surges, college athletes get unlimited snacks, a senator defends cockfighting, America faces a lime shortage, and John Calipari talks "Players First."
Ep 94 - George Saunders Toggle seen
The Supreme Court upholds a ban on affirmative action, a cattle rancher battles the federal government, and author George Saunders discusses "Congratulations, by the Way."
Ep 95 - Michael McFaul Toggle seen
Pope Francis grants sainthood to his predecessors, Dr. Paul Offit makes the case for vaccination, and Michael McFaul expands on Russia's complex relationship with the U.S.
Ep 96 - Robert Rodriguez Toggle seen
Donald Sterling lands in hot water over his racist remarks, Congress names a mountain after Reagan, Obama pushes for prisoner clemency, and Robert Rodriguez talks El Rey.
Ep 97 - Audra McDonald Toggle seen
Syria's president runs for reelection, Clay Aiken discusses his bid for Congress, a lesbian trio gets married, and Audra McDonald talks "Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill."
Ep 98 - Saul Williams Toggle seen
Jesse Watters mocks America's youth, CNN waits endlessly for news on Flight 370, and poet Saul Williams talks about his role in Broadway's "Holla If Ya Hear Me."
Ep 99 - Edward O. Wilson Toggle seen
Stephen examines Virginia's 3rd District, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar weighs in on racism in America, and renowned biologist Edward O. Wilson talks "A Window on Eternity."
Ep 100 - Bette Midler Toggle seen
Rand Paul courts Rupert Murdoch at the Kentucky Derby, Georgia allows guns in public, Satanists build a statue in Oklahoma, and Bette Midler discusses "A View From a Broad."
Ep 101 - David Remnick Toggle seen
A vibrating pill fights constipation, scientists discover the world's first female penis, violence escalates in Ukraine, and The New Yorker's David Remnick talks "The 40s."
Ep 102 - Ellen Page Toggle seen
Stephen interviews a role-playing congressional candidate, Fox Business anchor Stu Varney gushes about his popular appeal, and Ellen Page talks "X-Men: Days of Future Past."
Ep 103 - Glenn Greenwald Toggle seen
Michael Sam becomes the NFL's first openly gay draft pick, conspiracy theories swirl around Monica Lewinsky's Vanity Fair essay, and Glenn Greenwald talks "No Place to Hide."
Ep 104 - The Black Keys Toggle seen
Pope Francis embraces socialism, Rosemary Nyirumbe talks #BringBackOurGirls, the Koch brothers target the Columbus Zoo, and The Black Keys perform a song from "Turn Blue."
Ep 105 - Keri Russell Toggle seen
The pope declares that he would baptize Martians, climate change reaches the point of no return, Amazon secures a questionable patent, and Keri Russell talks "The Americans."
Ep 106 - Tom Friedman Toggle seen
Russia kicks the U.S. out of the International Space Station, robots get lessons in morality, and Thomas Friedman talks "Years of Living Dangerously."
Ep 107 - Elizabeth Warren Toggle seen
Scientists embrace gender equality for lab rats, a product revolutionizes beef jerky, and Elizabeth Warren discusses the banking industry and her memoir, "A Fighting Chance."
Ep 108 - Matthew Weiner Toggle seen
The U.S. accuses China of cyber spying, Republicans take ferocious aim at Hillary Clinton, the E.U. offers people a clean slate on Google, and Matthew Weiner talks "Mad Men."
Ep 109 - Patrick Stewart Toggle seen
Eccentric candidates dominate Idaho's gubernatorial debate, a Middle Eastern virus migrates to the U.S., and Patrick Stewart chats about "X-Men: Days of Future Past."
Ep 110 - Ray Mabus Toggle seen
Paul Rieckhoff weighs in on a growing Veterans Affairs scandal, Marco Rubio dodges a question about his marijuana use, and Ray Mabus sheds light on the U.S. Navy.
Ep 111 - Thomas Piketty Toggle seen
Obama negotiates a prisoner swap with the Taliban, a Florida man installs a firing range in his yard, and Thomas Piketty discusses "Capital in the Twenty-First Century."
Ep 112 - Morgan Freeman Toggle seen
Open-carry gun advocates make the NRA uncomfortable, Dan Esty weighs in on Obama's climate change initiative, and Morgan Freeman talks "Through the Wormhole."
Ep 113 - Jonah Hill Toggle seen
Female hurricanes cause more deaths than male ones, Sherman Alexie discusses the Amazon-Hachette feud, The Report educates the public, and Jonah Hill talks "22 Jump Street."
Ep 114 - Chrissie Hynde Toggle seen
Conservatives scrutinize Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, North Korea invents a mushroom sports drink, football players sue the NFL, and Chrissie Hynde performs songs from "Stockholm."
Ep 115 - Esther Perel Toggle seen
A GOP candidate changes his name in order to win Hispanic votes, Vincent van Gogh's ear finds new life at an art museum, and Esther Perel talks "Mating in Captivity."
Ep 116 - John Waters Toggle seen
A computer passes for a human being, a robot demands civil rights, the Jacksonville Jaguars install swimming pools in their stadium, and John Waters talks "Carsick."
Ep 117 - Rob Rhinehart Toggle seen
Tea Party challenger David Brat defeats Eric Cantor, debtors' prison makes a comeback in the U.S., and Rob Rhinehart discusses his food substitute, Soylent.
Ep 118 - James Webb Toggle seen
Ted Cruz drops his Canadian citizenship, Led Zeppelin faces a plagiarism lawsuit, Hans Beinholtz discusses the World Cup, and James Webb talks "I Heard My Country Calling."
Ep 119 - Ta-Nehisi Coates Toggle seen
Ben Van Heuvelen discusses the ISIS threat in Iraq, a study finds that financial hardship can lead to racist attitudes, and Ta-Nehisi Coates talks "The Case for Reparations."
Ep 120 - David Boies & Theodore B. Olson Toggle seen
Team USA defeats Ghana at the World Cup, Hispanics prove that being white is a choice, and David Boies and Theodore B. Olson discuss "Redeeming the Dream."
Ep 121 - Katty Kay & Claire Shipman Toggle seen
The RNC sends a giant squirrel after Hillary Clinton, Thad Cochran reminisces about indecent acts with animals, and Katty Kay and Claire Shipman discuss "The Confidence Code."
Ep 122 - Jay Carney Toggle seen
Dick Cheney slams Obama over Iraq, Doritos unveils experimental flavors, an app reduces all messages to "yo," and Jay Carney chats about being White House press secretary.
Ep 123 - John Green Toggle seen
Team USA ties Portugal in the World Cup, Mark Mazzetti discusses U.S. military advisers in Iraq, a handsome mug shot goes viral, and John Green talks "The Fault in Our Stars."
Ep 124 - Edie Falco Toggle seen
ISIS militants invade the Twittersphere, Ben & Jerry's becomes GMO-free, New York lawmakers ban tiger selfies, and Edie Falco talks about Showtime's "Nurse Jackie."
Ep 125 - Eleanor Holmes Norton Toggle seen
Obama breaches Chipotle etiquette, John Burnett discusses America's child immigrant crisis, and Eleanor Holmes Norton reflects on Mississippi's Freedom Summer.
Ep 126 - Paul Rudd Toggle seen
Fox News's Dr. Keith Ablow floats a conspiracy theory about the World Cup, North Carolina upholds a possum-dropping tradition, and Paul Rudd chats about "They Both Came."
Ep 127 - Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich Toggle seen
The World Cup comes to an end, John Boehner sues President Obama, a company invents a beverage-identifying cup, and Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich discuss "Radiolab."
Ep 128 - Vint Cerf Toggle seen
Obama develops a case of senioritis, bears continue to threaten America, and Google's Vint Cerf describes his role in co-creating the Internet.
Ep 129 - Bill de Blasio Toggle seen
Rick Perry faces criticism over his fashion choices, Joe Quesada discusses Captain America's replacement, and Bill de Blasio weighs in on the challenges facing New Yorkers.
Ep 130 - Steven Wise Toggle seen
A Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in Ukraine, conservatives react to the child immigrant crisis, coal rollers embrace pollution, and Steven M. Wise talks "Rattling the Cage."
Ep 131 - Nancy Pelosi Toggle seen
Tensions rise over the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Edan Lepucki's "California" becomes a best seller, and Nancy Pelosi discusses the "Middle Class Jumpstart" plan.
Ep 132 - Julia Ioffe Toggle seen
Rep. Steve Pearce investigates the child immigrant crisis, P.K. Winsome offers advice on impeaching Obama, and Julia Ioffe discusses the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
Ep 133 - Mary Mazzio & Oscar Vazquez Toggle seen
Tim Draper discusses his Six Californias initiative, Lowe's employees deliver top-notch health care to a veteran, and Mary Mazzio and Oscar Vazquez talk "Underwater Dreams."
Ep 134 - Elon Musk Toggle seen
Darth Vader polls higher than all 2016 presidential candidates, "True Blood" slams conservatives, a typo threatens Obamacare, and Elon Musk shares his visionary technology.
Ep 135 - Beck Toggle seen
Stephen hosts "The Hobbit" panel at Comic-Con, a luxury apartment complex includes a "poor door," and Beck performs a song off his album "Morning Phase."
Ep 136 - Jon Batiste & Stay Human Toggle seen
A week's worth of horrible news weighs on Stephen, Sarah Palin launches her own web channel, and Jon Batiste & Stay Human perform a song off their album "Social Music."
Ep 137 - James Franco Toggle seen
Orlando Bloom throws a punch at Justin Bieber, Allan Sloan discusses corporate tax dodgers, nudity becomes a big hit on reality TV, and James Franco talks "Child of God."
Ep 138 - Campbell Brown Toggle seen
Obama supports putting women on U.S. currency, controversy swirls around coverage of the Gaza crisis, Satan sends text messages, and Campbell Brown talks education reform.
Ep 139 - Pat Buchanan & John W. Dean Toggle seen
Stephen commemorates the 40th anniversary of President Nixon's resignation, Pat Buchanan discusses "The Greatest Comeback," and John W. Dean talks "The Nixon Defense."
Ep 140 - James Cameron Toggle seen
Open-carry gun supporters publish a children's book, Hillary Clinton discusses "Hard Choices," and James Cameron talks about "DeepSea Challenge 3D."
Ep 141 - Michael Fassbender Toggle seen
Kim Jong-un tours a lube factory, Rand Paul runs away from immigration activists, a five-year-old gives a stellar TV interview, and Michael Fassbender chats about "Frank."
Ep 142 - Brian Chesky Toggle seen
Ebola panic spreads across America, Vladimir Putin bans food from the West, Stephen takes sides in a sandwich showdown, and Brian Chesky chats about his company, Airbnb.
Ep 143 - Jeff Bridges & Lois Lowry Toggle seen
The Report wins the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Series, Stephen chats with Rep. Marcia Fudge about Ohio's 11th District, and Jeff Bridges and Lois Lowry talk "The Giver."
Ep 144 - Michael Sheen Toggle seen
Protests erupt over the shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Scrabble adds thousands of trendy words to its dictionary, and Michael Sheen talks about "Masters of Sex."
Ep 145 - JR Toggle seen
Critics blast Obama as ISIS advances in Syria, a company provides a convenient way to inhale alcohol, and street artist JR shares his award-winning work.
Ep 146 - Mandy Patinkin Toggle seen
Hackers post nude photos of female celebrities, Norm Stamper discusses the implications of militarizing the police, and Mandy Patinkin talks "Homeland."
Ep 147 - Randall Munroe Toggle seen
Critics demand that Obama go to war with ISIS, Frank Underwood from "House of Cards" offers leadership advice, and Randall Munroe discusses his book "What If?"
Ep 148 - Doris Kearns Goodwin Toggle seen
New York City's St. Patrick's Day Parade welcomes gays, Cosmopolitan covers the midterms, Al Qaeda expands into India, and Doris Kearns Goodwin discusses "The Bully Pulpit."
Ep 149 - John Lithgow Toggle seen
Pundits rejoice over a royal pregnancy, immigration reform remains in limbo, a fitness bracelet shocks people into exercising, and John Lithgow discusses "Love Is Strange."
Ep 150 - Jason Segel Toggle seen
Apple unveils its smartwatch, Detroit firefighters manage to innovate despite a lack of resources, and Jason Segel discusses his children's book, "Nightmares!"
Ep 151 - Henry Kissinger Toggle seen
President Obama plans to destroy ISIS, Donald Trump tries to protect his name, the BuyPartisan app helps people shop politically, and Henry Kissinger discusses "World Order."
Ep 152 - Lonn Taylor Toggle seen
President Obama declares military action against ISIS, global warming threatens birds, and Lonn Taylor discusses "The Star-Spangled Banner: The Making of an American Icon."
Ep 153 - Mindy Kaling Toggle seen
A new Miss America reigns, The Guardian editor Matt Wells weighs in on Scottish independence, think tanks accept foreign money, and Mindy Kaling discusses "The Mindy Project."
Ep 154 - Unlocking the Truth Toggle seen
President Obama draws on Bush-era policies to battle ISIS, an detailed report insults the Olive Garden's menu, and Unlocking the Truth performs from "Monster."
Ep 155 - Viggo Mortensen Toggle seen
Stephen dresses up as Prince Hawkcat at Comic-Con, California school districts receive armored military vehicles, and Viggo Mortensen chats about "The Two Faces of January."
Ep 156 - Terry Gilliam Toggle seen
A new app helps people cut down on their smartphone usage, Sean Hannity reminisces about being spanked, and Terry Gilliam discusses his film "The Zero Theorem."
Ep 157 - Tweedy Toggle seen
Afghan soldiers go missing from Cape Cod, climate change protesters descend on Manhattan, Charles Krauthammer psychoanalyzes Obama, and Tweedy performs a song from "Sukierae."
Ep 158 - Naomi Klein Toggle seen
The U.S. launches airstrikes in Syria, Jared Huffman chats about California's 2nd district, a Russian brewer acquires Pabst, and Naomi Klein talks "This Changes Everything."
Ep 159 - Bill Cosby Toggle seen
Jeff Tweedy calls the Atone Phone hotline, President Obama comes under fire for saluting with a coffee cup, and Bill Cosby sits down with Stephen.
Ep 160 - Walter Mischel Toggle seen
Attorney General Eric Holder resigns, Staten Island's famous groundhog dies under suspicious circumstances, and Walter Mischel discusses "The Marshmallow Test."
Season 11
Ep 1 - Jamie Oliver Toggle seen
Pundits imply that Obama is mimicking George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton becomes a grandmother, Kim Jong-un battles a cheese addiction, and Jamie Oliver talks "Comfort Food."
Ep 2 - Jeffrey Tambor Toggle seen
A Muslim NFL player gets punished for praying, Bobby Jindal rethinks his pro-knowledge agenda, Hans Beinholtz accentuates the negative, and Jeffrey Tambor talks "Transparent."
Ep 3 - Mike Mullen Toggle seen
Author Louisa Lim discusses civil unrest in Hong Kong, Stephen offends Bill O'Reilly, and retired Navy Admiral Mike Mullen discusses ISIS and the Middle East.
Ep 4 - Lynn Sherr Toggle seen
Dr. Kent Sepkowitz discusses America's first Ebola case, rich Americans develop new ways to exclude others, and Lynn Sherr talks "Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space."
Ep 5 - James M. McPherson Toggle seen
Gay marriage becomes legal in 30 states, Allison Orr Larsen explains amicus briefs, the CDC attempts to quell Ebola fears, and James M. McPherson talks "Embattled Rebel."
Ep 6 - Leon Wieseltier Toggle seen
CNN compares Ebola to ISIS, Rep. Tammy Duckworth talks about Illinois's 8th district, and The New Republic's Leon Wieseltier discusses "Insurrections of the Mind."
Ep 7 - Carol Burnett Toggle seen
John Boehner raises money for an openly gay politician, Obama faces pressure to name the war against ISIS, and Carol Burnett talks about her role in "Love Letters."
Ep 8 - Robert Plant Toggle seen
Seattle puts an end to Columbus Day, two toddlers argue about rain, political ads humanize Republicans, and Robert Plant shares songs from "lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar."
Ep 9 - Walter Isaacson Toggle seen
Michelle Obama flubs a candidate's name, South Dakota's Senate race heats up, Stephen prepares for his final 32 episodes, and Walter Isaacson discusses "The Innovators."
Ep 10 - Neil Young Toggle seen
The Vatican promotes acceptance of gays, a Republican ad compares Governor Rick Scott to a wedding dress, and "Special Deluxe" author Neil Young performs a duet with Stephen.
Ep 11 - Justin Simien Toggle seen
Google botches Stephen's height, Stan Lee creates an Indian superhero, Sean Hannity shares his fitness secrets, and writer-director Justin Simien talks "Dear White People."
Ep 12 - William Deresiewicz Toggle seen
C.J. Chivers weighs in on abandoned WMDs found in Iraq, Rick Scott and Charlie Crist face off in an unusual debate, and author William Deresiewicz discusses "Excellent Sheep."
Ep 13 - Meredith Vieira Toggle seen
The Ebola virus arrives in New York City, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert argues against gays in the military, and Meredith Vieira discusses "The Meredith Vieira Show."
Ep 14 - Michael Lewis Toggle seen
The government takes the fun out of Halloween, the NRA defeats a bill against pet eating, Gov. Tom Corbett gets caught using Photoshop, and Michael Lewis talks "Liar's Poker."
Ep 15 - Jill Lepore Toggle seen
Anita Sarkeesian discusses Gamergate, Kevin Vickers stops a shooting spree in Canada's parliament building, and Jill Lepore talks "The Secret History of Wonder Woman."
Ep 16 - David Miliband Toggle seen
Stephen unveils the paperback edition of "America Again," George Takei defends democracy, and David Miliband discusses the International Rescue Committee.
Ep 17 - Chuck Todd Toggle seen
Voters receive shame-inducing flyers, Hitler's face appears on Swiss coffee creamers, Disney offers animated cakes, and Chuck Todd talks "Meet the Press" and "The Stranger."
Ep 18 - Andrew Sullivan Toggle seen
MIDTERMS ‘014: DETOUR TO GRIDLOCK... Stephen provides live coverage of the midterms, cable news pundits flaunt high-tech gadgets, and "The Dish" blogger Andrew Sullivan weighs in on the election results.
Ep 19 - Kirsten Gillibrand Toggle seen
Rep. Barbara Lee talks about California's 13th district, voters legalize marijuana in Washington, D.C., and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand discusses "Off the Sidelines."
Ep 20 - Steven Johnson Toggle seen
Police arrest an elderly man for feeding the homeless, conservative leaders embrace their lack of scientific knowledge, and Steven Johnson talks "How We Got To Now."
Ep 21 - Andy Cohen Toggle seen
North Korea releases two American prisoners, Rush Limbaugh warns the GOP against governing, snack technology leaps forward, and Andy Cohen discusses "The Andy Cohen Diaries."
Ep 22 - Diane von Furstenberg Toggle seen
The U.S. targets the leader of ISIS, President Obama faces criticism after visiting China, and Diane von Furstenberg chats about "The Woman I Wanted to Be."
Ep 23 - Terence Tao Toggle seen
A drone is used to film people having sex, a Colorado lawmaker claims that President Obama is possessed by demons, and Terence Tao discusses his passion for math.
Ep 24 - Jennifer Lawrence Toggle seen
Emily Bazelon discusses a Supreme Court challenge to Obamacare, gay marriage spreads to South Carolina, and Jennifer Lawrence talks "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1."
Ep 25 - Bernie Sanders Toggle seen
U2's Bono loses his luggage in midair, "Good Morning America" offers sensational survival tips, and Senator Bernie Sanders discusses health care and his plans for 2016.
Ep 26 - Eva Longoria Toggle seen
Freezing temperatures grip the nation, Esteban Colberto talks immigration reform, salvage stores sell expired food to the poor, and Eva Longoria discusses "Food Chains."
Ep 27 - Toni Morrison Toggle seen
A police drill causes panic at a Florida school, activists in New Hampshire target meter maids, Black Friday gets an early start, and Toni Morrison discusses her writing.
Ep 28 - Jon Stewart Toggle seen
President Obama's amnesty plan outrages Republicans, the world's chocolate supply drops to catastrophic levels, and Jon Stewart discusses his movie "Rosewater."
Ep 29 - John McCain Toggle seen
"Star Wars" fans react to a new lightsaber design, members of the St. Louis Rams protest the Ferguson decision, and Senator John McCain discusses "Thirteen Soldiers."
Ep 30 - Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Toggle seen
Stephen announces an upcoming special in Washington, D.C., T.G.I. Friday's deploys mistletoe drones, and Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga talk about their album, "Cheek to Cheek."
Ep 31 - Christopher Nolan Toggle seen
Congress bans Social Security benefits for Nazis, Pizza Hut introduces a mind-reading menu, Amy Sedaris pays a surprise visit, and Christopher Nolan talks "Interstellar."
Ep 32 - Paul Farmer Toggle seen
Stephen lands an interview with President Obama, a grand jury decision sparks outrage, a soap opera producer becomes an ambassador, and Paul Farmer talks Partners In Health.
Ep 33 - President Barack Obama Toggle seen
In his Mr. Colbert Goes to Washington special, Stephen broadcasts from George Washington University and discusses job creation and immigration with President Barack Obama.
Ep 34 - James Corden Toggle seen
A Discovery Channel special sparks outrage, Rep. Jack Kingston joins Stephen for the final installment of Better Know a District, and James Corden discusses "Into the Woods."
Ep 35 - Sarah Koenig Toggle seen
Pundits react to a scathing Senate report on torture, Tom Blanton discusses CIA interrogation tactics, and Sarah Koenig talks about her investigative podcast, "Serial."
Ep 36 - Smaug Toggle seen
Gov. Scott Walker botches a Jewish phrase, Ridley Scott casts white actors to play Egyptians, Stephen raffles off set pieces from The Report, and Smaug discusses "The Hobbit."
Ep 37 - Seth Rogen Toggle seen
Michele Bachmann shares an explosive holiday wish with President Obama, Stephen argues with Stephen about torture, hackers attack Sony, and Seth Rogen talks "The Interview."
Ep 38 - Kendrick Lamar Toggle seen
Jeb Bush eyes a presidential run, Jason Bordoff discusses OPEC's oil price war, Stephen lets a sponsor rebrand The Report, and Kendrick Lamar debuts an untitled track.
Ep 39 - Phil Klay Toggle seen
The Report's set lives on in cyberspace, Stephen holds a yard sale to clear out his studio, the U.S. lifts its Cuban embargo, and author Phil Klay discusses "Redeployment."
Ep 40 - Grimmy Toggle seen
Stephen weighs in on his impressive legacy, Grimmy resorts to violence, friends of the show join a massive sing-along, and The Report draws to a spectacular close.
Tune in to The Colbert Report, as Stephen Colbert gives his own take on the issues of the day, and more importantly, to tell you why everyone else's take is just plain wrong. The series is a variety/news show revolving around Colbert's TV persona, a parody of opinionated cable news personalities like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Joe Scarborough.
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Stephen weighs in on his impressive legacy, Grimmy resorts to violence, friends of the show join a massive sing-along, and The Report draws to a spectacular close.
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