This is a Frequently Asked Questions page, also known as FAQ

Q: Why cant I choose to stay logged in?
A: Because the site is really new and its being added in a bit !

Q: Why is this other feature not added?
A: Because the site is really new and its being added in a bit ! Hopefully. Maybe. We'll see.

Q: I've forgotten my password !!
A: Thats not really a question, but if you click here you will be re-directed to a page where you can reset your password.

Q: Why are the shows showing up on the wrong date?
A: The shows are added with the original airdate of the show, if they show on the wrong day you might wanna change your timezone under Settings > Change your settings

Q: Where do you get your data from?
A: I get my show data from thetvdb.com

Q: There seems to be different view modes, whats the difference?
A: It should be pretty straight forward /day will only show one day, /week will only show one week and /month only one month.
As for kaical.com without a selector, it will scale depending on the width of your browser, so if you're on a phone you get day view. PC you get week view.
You can always add /week,/day,/month after kaical.com to make sure you always show the view you want.

Q: Why is it called kaical?
A: Because its a calendar made by kai !

Q: Why is there an empty Q&A below this one?
A: So that I can easily copy/paste in another question, obviously !


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