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Season 1
Ep 1 - The Crocodile's Dilemma Toggle seen
A ruthless, manipulative man meets a small town insurance salesman and sets him on a path of destruction.
Ep 2 - The Rooster Prince Toggle seen
Molly begins to suspect that Lester is involved in the murders, but her new boss points her in a different direction. Meanwhile, Malvo investigates the blackmail plot against a man known as the 'Supermarket King'.
Ep 3 - A Muddy Road Toggle seen
Malvo flips the script on the blackmail operation, Molly sets a trap and Gus debates whether he should come clean. Lester's return to work has complicated repercussions.
Ep 4 - Eating the Blame Toggle seen
When Gus tries to right a wrong, Malvo embraces his alter ego. Lester finds himself in a surprising situation and Molly uncovers a promising lead.
Ep 5 - The Six Ungraspables Toggle seen
When Lester has a close call, Molly makes an unorthodox decision. Gus weighs some neighborly advice and Malvo gets what he wants.
Ep 6 - Buridan's Ass Toggle seen
Malvo executes his master plan, while Lester attempts to craft one of his own. Gus and Molly team up in Duluth.
Ep 7 - Who Shaves the Barber? Toggle seen
Malvo seeks answers, while Lester finagles a few of his own. Molly and Gus try to get past a setback in the investigation.
Ep 8 - The Heap Toggle seen
Molly faces pressure to close the case, while Lester starts to feel like a new man.
Ep 9 - A Fox, a Rabbit and a Cabbage Toggle seen
Lester has an unexpected encounter, Malvo changes course and a new investigation leads Molly down a familiar path.
Ep 10 - Morton's Fork Toggle seen
Molly takes the lead, while Gus pursues a hunch. Lester manipulates a situation and Malvo finds a new target.
Season 2
Ep 1 - Waiting for Dutch Toggle seen
In 1979, an unexpected turn of events at a diner disrupts the lives of the citizens in a small Minnesota town.
Ep 2 - Before the Law Toggle seen
The Gerhardts get a surprising offer, and two unlikely murderers do their best to clean up their mess.
Ep 3 - The Myth of Sisyphus Toggle seen
The Gerhardts' search for Rye intensifies. Lou takes a trip to Fargo. Peggy overhears a new theory about the Waffle Hut shooter.
Ep 4 - Fear and Trembling Toggle seen
Floyd responds to Kansas City’s proposal, Hanzee takes a road trip, and Lou has a realization.
Ep 5 - The Gift of the Magi Toggle seen
Floyd takes action, and Charlie tries to prove himself. Peggy and Ed disagree about what to do next, while Lou finds himself sidelined during Ronald Reagan’s campaign tour.
Ep 6 - Rhinoceros Toggle seen
Lou and Hank try to prevent an altercation, Peggy and Ed defend their choices and the Gerhardt clan attempts to get back one of their own.
Ep 7 - Did You Do This? No, You Did It! Toggle seen
Lou and Hank investigate in Fargo, The King of Breakfast visits Betsy and Molly, Floyd is summoned away and Bear questions a family member’s loyalty.
Ep 8 - Loplop Toggle seen
Hanzee searches for Peggy and Ed. Dodd ends up in unfamiliar territory.
Ep 9 - The Castle Toggle seen
Peggy and Ed agree to follow through with their plan at the Motor Motel, Lou faces jurisdictional politics and Hanzee reports back to the Gerhardts.
Ep 10 - Palindrome Toggle seen
Peggy and Ed make a run for it.
Season 3
Ep 1 - The Law of Vacant Places Toggle seen
A petty sibling rivalry between two brothers escalates and brings chaos to a small Minnesotan community.
Ep 2 - The Principle of Restricted Choice Toggle seen
Gloria deals with the aftermath of a crime, Vargas makes a move, and Ray and Nikki move on to Plan B.
Ep 3 - The Law of Non-Contradiction Toggle seen
Gloria revisits her stepfather's past to try and find some answers.
Ep 4 - The Narrow Escape Problem Toggle seen
Emmit and Sy try to figure out what they've gotten themselves into, Nikki and Ray track down some collateral, and Gloria learns more about Maurice.
Ep 5 - The House of Special Purpose Toggle seen
Nikki and Ray’s retaliation has consequences for Emmit. Gloria and Winnie start connecting the dots.
Ep 6 - The Lord of No Mercy Toggle seen
Gloria and Winnie get closer to the truth. Emmit tries to make things right. Nikki and Ray prepare for payback. Varga cleans up a mess.
Ep 7 - The Law of Inevitability Toggle seen
Gloria tries to work around the system. Nikki finds herself in a familiar place. Varga comes up with an alternative plan. Emmit goes to dinner.
Ep 8 - Who Rules the Land of Denial? Toggle seen
Nikki struggles to survive. Emmit gets spooked. Sy joins Varga for tea.
Ep 9 - Aporia Toggle seen
Emmit sits down with Gloria while Nikki negotiates a deal.
Ep 10 - Somebody to Love Toggle seen
In the season finale, Gloria follows the money, Nikki plays a game and Emmit learns a lesson about progress from Varga.
Season 4
Ep 1 - Welcome to the Alternate Economy Toggle seen
An uneasy peace between two Kansas City crime syndicates is threatened by an untimely death. The Smutny family is caught between a rock and a hard place.
Ep 2 - The Land of Talking and Killing Toggle seen
The Smutnys receive unexpected guests. Josto and Gaetano reunite. Loy challenges the status quo. Oraetta is caught.
Ep 3 - Raddoppiarlo Toggle seen
Deafy and Odis join forces. Josto seeks revenge. Oraetta finds new employment. Gaetano makes a move. Zelmare and Swanee help the Smutnys with their debt.
Ep 4 - The Pretend War Toggle seen
Loy retaliates. Josto asserts his leadership. Ethelrida makes a disturbing discovery. The walls begin to close in on Odis.
Ep 5 - The Birthplace of Civilization Toggle seen
Josto strikes back. Ethelrida does the right thing. Loy finds himself against the ropes. Deafy shakes the tree.
Ep 6 - Camp Elegance Toggle seen
Loy goes on the attack, Gaetano pays the piper, Oraetta goes off the deep end, Josto challenges orders and Rabbi puts his life on the line.
Ep 7 - Lay Away Toggle seen
Josto makes a bold move, Loy battles his demons and Oraetta silences her critics.
Ep 8 - The Nadir Toggle seen
Loy plays with fire, Josto wears his heart on his sleeve, Oraetta makes a surprising discovery and Deafy closes in on Zelmare and Swanee.
Ep 9 - East/West Toggle seen
Rabbi and Satchel hit the road.
Ep 10 - Happy Toggle seen
Loy forms an uneasy alliance, Odis finds peace, Josto settles the score, Ethelrida takes a risk and Oraetta gets spooked.
Ep 11 - Storia Americana Toggle seen
Josto gets revenge, Oraetta comes clean and Ebal teaches Loy a lesson about business.
Over the course of several decades, murder and mayhem is visited across the residents of small rural towns in the Midwest, proving that organized crime can infiltrate even the sleepiest areas of America.
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Current episode: Storia Americana 4x11 (2020-11-29)
Josto gets revenge, Oraetta comes clean and Ebal teaches Loy a lesson about business.
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