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Season 1
Ep 1 - First, the Weather Changed Toggle seen
Snowpiercer, the great ark train, circles a frozen earth keeping humanity's last survivors until a murder onboard threatens the established order.
Ep 2 - Prepare to Brace Toggle seen
Layton investigates the murder while gathering intel for his revolution. Melanie faces a resource crisis that could impact everyone.
Ep 3 - Access Is Power Toggle seen
Layton descends into the black market, while Melanie stages a prize fight to defuse class tension.
Ep 4 - Without Their Maker Toggle seen
A twist in the murder investigation brings Layton face to face with the murderer, and dangerously close to Melanie's secret.
Ep 5 - Justice Never Boarded Toggle seen
Tension between Third Class and First Class comes to a head at the trial of the Snowpiercer killer.
Ep 6 - Trouble Comes Sideways Toggle seen
Layton lays track for revolution while Melanie faces an engineering emergency that threatens every soul on Snowpiercer.
Ep 7 - The Universe Is Indifferent Toggle seen
Melanie intensifies her search for Layton as he plots to weaponize her secret.
Ep 8 - These Are His Revolutions Toggle seen
Revolution has finally come. As Layton leads the lower classes forward in armed rebellion, Melanie's house of cards collapses.
Ep 9 - The Train Demanded Blood Toggle seen
The rebel forces are on their heels when a dangerous foe joins them. A plan is hatched to take the train, but it may destroy them all.
Ep 10 - 994 Cars Long Toggle seen
In the revolution's aftermath, Layton and Melanie realize the greatest threat to their survival is right over their shoulder.
Season 2
Ep 1 - The Time of Two Engines Toggle seen
Mr. Wilford has arrived. As this new threat rattles Snowpiercer to its core, Melanie makes a move that can't be undone.
Ep 2 - Smolder to Life Toggle seen
An exchange is made between the two trains, but a far greater revelation might be just over the horizon.
Ep 3 - A Great Odyssey Toggle seen
Melanie embarks on her most dangerous mission yet. Layton reckons with his personal choices.
Ep 4 - A Single Trade Toggle seen
The Big Alice crew are granted shore leave on Snowpiercer. Layton and Wilford have differing opinions on the future.
Ep 5 - Keep Hope Alive Toggle seen
Layton and Miss Audrey make a risky play for Big Alice, but Wilford has his own plans.
Ep 6 - Many Miles from Snowpiercer Toggle seen
Melanie fights for survival in treacherous conditions, vying to do what others before her could not.
Ep 7 - Our Answer for Everything Toggle seen
Layton and Till investigate the murders. Wilford leads Miss Audrey down a dark path.
Ep 8 - The Eternal Engineer Toggle seen
An engineering catastrophe on Snowpiercer forces Layton to make a difficult choice, one that might cost him everything.
Ep 9 - The Show Must Go On Toggle seen
Wilford presses forward on his endgame, as Layton sinks to new lows.
Ep 10 - Into the White Toggle seen
Hope is a powerful motivator. As things hit their darkest point, Layton hatches a plan.
Earth has frozen over and the last surviving humans live on a giant train circling the globe, struggling to coexist amid the delicate balance onboard.
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Current episode: The Show Must Go On 2x09 (2021-03-29)
Wilford presses forward on his endgame, as Layton sinks to new lows.
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